Tall ink'd top destroys small latino
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Description: Zach pops his huge schlong into Joeys face again and demands a sucking. He then feeds his hard cock to Joey while chastising him in a deep dirty voice. With his cock good and lubed with spit, Zach really starts the throat fucking and insult hurling to make sure Joey won't crack. To Zach's content, the mouth fucking brings a few te*rs to Joey's eyes. After Zach roughs up Joey's pink mouth a little more, he takes a knee and shows Joey how real men suck dick. Hard and fast, Zach seems almost mad at the big brown meat in his mouth. Now that Joey has had a proper lesson, Zach continues the tonsil ab*se until he sh*ots his fat load on to Joey's cheek and turns his head to watch the gooey goodness drip down his ear.
Bad Boy with Massive Meat
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Description: During the interview Justice was pulling at his baggy pants and I assumed he was just nervous. Then he whipped his pants off and released the huge delinquent cock hiding under all that fabric. There was nine inches of eager cock trying to escape its denim prison! Justice wasn't kidding when he said he liked it rough. He tugged at his shaft so hard I could have sworn he was punishing it for something. Justice's feet curled up into fists, his muscular hips rocked to and fro, and his upper lip came up into a slight curl. Then the frenzied tugging came to an end when his huge load shot straight up into the air and man-ropes found their home all over his rock hard lap.