Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 19 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:06:07
Tags: Slate Steele (Seargent Slate) Porn Star

Description: The gradually building climax is almost too much to handle as these rough and tough men of the Armed makes release their full pipes and blast that delicious jizz all over eagerly awaiting mouths. Load after load canons from beautiful cocks of many colors and sizes, all for your pleasure. Try to pick your favorite and you may be up all night only to greet the dawn's early light STILL indecisive and with a sore wrist. This seed-soaked video is saturated with everyone's favorite part of every scene... the sweaty, grunting, primal unloading of the hot, sexy men who keep this country safe. God bless America!
Raw and Very Rough (Part 1)
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 07 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:05:10
Tags: bareback fetish bondage verbal pissing muscle jockstraps

Description: A cub caught Miles with another SIR and ratted him out to SIR Gavin. Gavin drags Miles by the scruff of the neck and trusses the cheating little fuck up.
Cum Cabins, Part 1
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 04 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:05:10
Tags: bareback breeding black big cocks muscle

Description: CUM CABINS is a rough and raw epic shot entirely on location in the about Man Country! This full length feature was originally slated to be a DVD release but we decided to make this a BlackBreeders exclusive!
r161: Dirty Tricks
Category: Blowjob
Added: 04 Oct 14
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Duration: 0:02:42
Tags: straight gay for pay hazing blowjobs handjobs spanking humiliation

Description: Gage and Blake B. play the Bowl of Tricks for the first time, and since Blake is into BDSM, there are some especially rough cards to draw. It's an afternoon of sneakers to the face, belt to the ass and the two guys' own dirty tricks.