Muscled poofter Diesel O Green in orgy
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Description: Muscled poofter Diesel O Green in orgy with Harley Everett and Jay Roberts and Rogan Richards and Ryan Stokes
Robert Drtina & David Skabeta
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Description: Please welcome William Higgins' Robert Drtina & David Skabeta to Badpuppy! Str8 boy David Skabeta has never messed around with another guy before, and Robert Drtina is ready to remedy that. After a brief make-out session, David's shorts come off, and his uncut cock is already standing at attention. Robert's shorts come off momentarily, and he, too, is raring to go. It doesn't take long for Robert to easily slide down David's throbbing cock & show this str8 boy what a tight, hot manhole is all about. Enjoy!
Bareback 8
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Description: Jackson Reid, Nick Roberts, Jake Wetmore and David Edge take turns fucking hot Boy Fillmore in the backyard sling.
Long Black Uncut Cock
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Description: Private Robert spent his time in the Marines fulfilling orders for the front line troops medical supply needs. He loved the camaraderie and *********hood of serving in the toughest branch of the military. He loved every bit of it, except waking up at 4 a.m. every day. Robert is tall and lean, with cool dark skin. He's already shirtless and starts to rub his cock as soon as he's given marching orders. He whips out the long black uncut meat and strokes gently. He decides to stretch out on the couch and really rub one out. As he gets more comfortable, he decides to get the camouflage pants all the way down to his combat boots. Popping up on his knees for a good stretch, Robert shows off his round ass. Pulling at the cheeks, a glimpse of the dark hole in between appears. He's ready to blow it now, and starts to jerk furiously. Beautiful thick white globs bounce onto his abs, creating a perfect contrast to his black skin.
Hot Studs Fuck
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Description: After a lot of cock sucking and learning how much Robert's mouth could take, Mikey flings up his legs to see how deep his thick shaft could get into that delicious manhole. Mikey's dick slides in perfectly, Robert taking it all the way up in his ass, enjoying every second of it. The firefighter's manly hairy pecs look great towering above Robert's equally hirsute chest. Mikey pounds that hot ass until he finally shoots a load all over Robert's adorable face. After pleasing his firefighter and getting fucked, Robert cums leaving a creamy white load all over his furry torso with a smile on his face.
Getting Fucked Relentlessly
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Description: Getting fucked relentlessly, Robert soon collapsed on the bed with his ass in the air. Taking advantage of the tired hunk, Sam pounds his cock even further into his new toy occasionally pinning Robert back down onto the bed. Finally giving Robert a break, Sam pulls out of Robert's sore ass and cums all over Robert's sweaty face. Sam shoots globs of steamy, white jizz with each stroke of his cock. Robert seems almost a bit deaf after having a huge puddle of creamy, sticky ooze that filled his ear like a deep pool of cum.
Tanner Takes Rob's Rod
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Description: Robert orders Tanner to straddle his hot tool and ride it like a fucking ******. Without hesitation, Tanner throws one leg over like he was straddling the world's largest mustang and slides right on down his new friend's member. Fucking till the sun went down, Robert decides to flip Tanner on his back, and spread his legs to better drill his raging rock, hard cock into Tanner's gaping hole. Barely holding out, Robert pulls out of Tanner and shoots right down Tanner's throat. Good thing Robert is a bit sloppy, not all of his creamy, white cum was swallowed by Tanner's abyssal throat, his first shot of sticky ooze went clear across Tanner's face with only a streak of white cum behind. Every other ounce of thick, warm, juicy jizz was swallowed by Tanner, leaving both men out of breath and satisfied.
Mark and Robert - Cock Sucking
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Description: When he finally pulls out the huge shaft, Robert's eyes light up with an excitement that reflects every gay man's wish to suck a nice, big penis. He slowly puts his hand on Mark's cock, jerking him off right before he leans down to put his warm mouth over the awaiting monster's head. Mark moans as his dick is getting worked over by Robert's insatiable cock-sucking skills. Robert gets down on all-fours, while slurping down Mark's hot rod, showing off his hairy, muscular ass for all to see. Mark is finally ready to explode and unleashes a complete facial all over Robert, which turns him on even more. Robert then fingers himself and strokes his cock, making it burst with hot, juicy cum streaking onto his big, furry chest. This is definitely one HOT blowjob video!
Return of the Night Stick - MEN.COM
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Description: Johnny Rapid shoots his mouth off to the wrong muscle daddy and gets his twink ass fucked. Not only does he get pounded by Robert Van Damme's huge cock, but it's a DP with a night stick made famous in a scene called Prison Shower!
Seth Deepthroats
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Description: Tired of talk, Seth the romantic dives in head-first into Roberts lap and starts blowing like there is no tomorrow. Robert wants to show what he is made of and gives Seth a good throat fucking; bringing tears of joy to Seth's eyes. Robert does not stop there, he has quite a bit of pent up aggression that is only released by burying Seth's face deep into the couch cushions. Who says that nice guys never finish first?
Robert Gets a Face Fucking
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Description: Robert told me he didn't mind a finger or a toy in the ass while he was getting down to business, with an ass as great as his, how could I pass this one up? He protests that he is strictly for the ladies, but we all know what happens when the studio door closes. He also said that he didn't mind that I was going to be in the room while he was jerking off. You will just have to watch to see what else Robert doesn't mind me doing to him! lets just say that Robert leaves with an extra wide smile for a guy that said he would never do anything with another man. Did I mention thats its good to be back...very, very good.
Old Hairy Robert
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Description: OK, so he's old, and he's definitely not purdy (in fact, he's pretty ugly), but I find something very sexy about this man - starting with that furry body. I've always been attracted to ragged men who don't fit the "handsome" mold but still exude masculinity and an wild kind of male sexiness. He's a remodel expert and a friend of Harvey's, and a nice fellow. Please, no "are you crazy" emails!
Breno Lopez & Jay Roberts
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Description: Punk rat Bruno shows Jay where his place is, namely as a slave at his side. With relish Jay blows Bruno's stiff rod. The greedy slut just can't get enough of Jay's tight butt and demands to lick his ass. Bruno takes his victim and pushes him to fuck position. He rams that hole hard until the rosette glows. But this is a well seasoned pig that withstand a lot. Jay really deserves the cum shower to the at the end of Bruno's piston! |