robert and cole
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Added: 23 May 12
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Description: Robert Axel and Cole Streets are lending a hand in our shipping department. Robert asks Cole if he's ever worked with Jake Cruise. Cole says yes and shows Robert the DVD of his servicing scene with Jake. Seeing Cole naked, Robert immediately says he wants a piece of that. Robert drops to his knees and Cole gives him a piece alright; all the way down his throat! When Robert's pants come down, Cole attacks his piece of meat like his life depends on it. Cole eats Robert out and then plants his cock firmly in Robert's ass. Robert swats a pile of DVD's to the floor as he braces himself from Cole's hard fucking. After getting it from behind, Robert lays back on the table for Cole to give him every inch. The guys flip, and now it's Robert who's plowing Cole's tight hole with his thick pipe. Robert continues to fuck away until he sprays his load onto Cole's rock hard cock. Cole jerks out a big load of his own onto his furry stomach. Fun in the workplace!
CBT Jim Robers balls bashed and 56lbs hung on those very swollen balls.
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Description: Jim Roberts is tied spread-eagle, face down, and his nuts are ******** whacked while he endures 56lbs of weight on his nuts. Then I shoot spontaneously past his screams of ecstasy.
Spencer Wrecks Robert's Ass
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Description: Robert is an extrovert comedian and likes to talk about everything and anything. Quiet Spencer likes the outdoors, working out, and doing porn, much more of a do-er than a talker. The two hot boys take a little time to get to know each other on my couch. Robert talks about stuff, checks out Spence's tattoos, and has a few laughs. Spencer made it more obvious he wasn't here to talk, he was here to fuck. I must admit I like his style; more action, less words. That'ss what you get to do when you are concealing a monster-cock. Spencer reveals some more of his hidden gifts as he expertly un-belts Robert with one hand. Those pants slid off so easily you would have thought they had been lubed. Robert really does look handsome with his lips wrapped around a man's cock. Robert takes a mouthful of Spencer's dick (and then some), gives his all and does not disappoint. I swear those are tears of joy in his eyes. But the joy really starts to flow when Spence jams his huge dick balls deep into Rober