One of the best way to humbly beg one’s pardon
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Added: 06 Nov 14
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Description: It's high time to beg your partner's pardon if you were wrong, and here's the best way to do it, on your knees. Your lover may turn his back on you, but you can still do everything right, at least this time. The receiver assumes a standing position slightly bending forward and placing his hands on a couch or a sofa. The performing partner kneels down and tries to reach for his lover's boner from behind. While sucking the cock, don't forget to pay attention to the balls too. A rimjob may be a bonus going along with your humble blowjob and a big mouthful in the end will mean forgiveness.
A kinky face-sitting position for the best rimjob ever
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Added: 05 Nov 14
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Description: This face-sitting position puts the receiver in control of his partner for once. It also leaves plenty of room for maneuvers letting him control the intensity of anal stimulation. Just try not to smother your lover. So the giver simply lies down on the bed with the receiver getting on top of him and covering his face with his buttocks while facing away from him. If the giving guy tongue polishes his lover's ass crack really well, he may be rewarded with a nice handjob too. This oral-anal position is simply perfect for all analingus fans out there!