Str8 Ric Beats Off
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Added: 08 Aug 14
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Description: Getting ready to stroke one out, straight boy Ric grabs some lube, a towel and a porn magazine. After he pulls his hard cock out and looks at the naked girl pics a helping hand reaches in to give him an assist. The pages turn as Ric works furiously on his cock and soon he shoots his warm cum load onto the towel.
Ricky Nova and Mojo Starr
Category: Bareback
Added: 27 May 14
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Duration: 0:01:08
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Description: Man, San Diego is the place to be, to be inside Ricky Nova. When Mojo Starr takes a shower with you, he not only scrubs you down, he fucks you up. In this SDBoys video, Ricky and Mojo flip-flop, and make some magic; wait until you see what cums out of Mojo's "hat." Starting in the shower, Mojo has Ricky moaning for more from the first penetration. Moving to the bed, Ricky rides on Mojo and then goes into a missionary passion; Mojo's rhythm and pace is perfect as Ricky only catches his breathe long enough to moans and pant for more. The boys then stand and Mojo gives it from behind; as the camera angles below, we can see Ricky is getting Mojo's full attention, and loving it. Sliding his beautiful cock in and out of Ricky, Mojo has taken Ricky to a whole new level of delight. "That feels so good," is about the only thing Ricky can say. As Mojo thrusts away, Ricky moans and sucks on Mojo's thumb. Mojo really has got the positioning and rhythm down; he is inside Ric
Tarek, Ric and Toby
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 15 May 14
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Duration: 0:01:40
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Description: A horny young lad from the south wearing TNs, grey trackies, a leather jacket, a Picaldi sweater and a balaclava gets his sneakers, sox and feet licked in his bedroom by Toby, a submissive little bastard. Tarek pins Toby down to the floor, gobs at him and smears the spit all over his face with his shoes. Then he lets his thick, stinky knob out of his pants and kindly lets Toby sniff, lick and suck. A bit later Ric steps in with his gorgeous black Shox, gets his cock sucked and sticks his sweaty sox into Toby's face, who gets fucked by Tarek real hard until all three of them shoot their load.
3 Easy Pieces
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 18 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:04:57
Tags: TitanMen Austin Masters Michael Vincenzo Ric Hunter Brice Patton Paul Morgan Van Darkholm Peter Wilder Dean Maxwell Tim MacKenzie

Description: San Francisco is the stage for 3 Easy Pieces, with the City by the Bay's majestic, rugged scenery as the backdrop for 3 episodes of non-stop, sexy action between 3 different trios of hot TITAN men.
Dirty afternoon bareback fun
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Added: 18 Oct 11
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Description: Horny latin lovers kiss and suck their monster cock, He pulls out Ric's fat cock and swallows it whole in preparation for a deep bareback fuck and grabs his hips and drives his cock deep into the eager bare hole.
Tight hole rider
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Description: Ric was very excited to finally get a crack at Cole and his hot tight asshole, Ric sits down on Cole and begs for a good, hard fuck.
Fantastic fucking session
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Description: Ric and Cole Grant team up this week for a fantastic fucking session. This hot guys are very sensual and have great asses bending him over and doing him ***gy.