Roommate Wanted Episode 1: Beautiful End Unit
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Description: Rent in San Francisco is skyrocketing, and the boys of San Francisco are desperate! In the premiere episode of Roommates Wanted, Rey Luis shows up at an open house, and finds that he's the one taking the deposit. So what if it's not the right apartment — when he cracks the door and finds Boomer Banks stroking his huge cock, he's ready to move in. And so is Boomer! After stuffing Rey's face, he bends over the smooth bottom and splits him like a utility bill. If this is what the new economy is like, bring it on!
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Description: Today I received an email from a guy who lived quite far away. He answered to one of our online ads. But as he attached a face picture I agreed to visit him. It was a quite long way to the north of Bohemia. I arrived a bit later than expected but when he opened the door I realized that he looked even better than on the picture which he sent me. He lived in a quite nice apartment. It was clean and the boy wore nice clothes as well. We talked long about his problems. Nothing special. Rent, cellphone bill, some friends who lend him money and want it back right now. I liked him a lot as he looked naive and innocent. First he rejected my conditions. But I certainly wouldn't give up so easy after such a long ride.
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Description: Another client who couldn't even welcome me at his home. So I invited him to a small restaurant. We talked about all. His debts, his work, his problems and so on. Even I was a little bit nervous as I noticed that the guests around started to listen to our small conversation. I don't know why but when that boy called me before I had the feeling that he would be a save catch. He was too desperate already on the phone to reject my offer. So I have rented a nice apartment already before. And he didn't disappoint me. He agreed to my offer and we went to a nice place which even had a whirlpool. I insisted that he had to strip, to pose and to swim in „my“ tiny, little whirlpool. And to be my bitch for one hour.
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Description: Our General taught me to „live“ my fetishes. He taught me to even be an asshole sometimes when it comes to enjoy my life. Those boys who call us want money. And they get it. A lot of it. We pay all their debts so it is just fair to get something in return. And as they are straight (at least most of them) he told me to try not to fall in love. „Get what you can get.“ Nothing more. I think I have learned fast. My client today was so cute. It was hard for me not to fall in love. He had a lot of debts. The usual debts a young guy has. Cell phone, rent etc... I was eager to help. And he agreed to be „my slave for one hour.“ And as I am a good student I insisted that he should kiss my feet. But that was just the beginning.
Me And My Buddy
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Description: Buddy Mason, 24, is gay and he likes straight guys, “you know guys with an edge.” Up for a blowjob, Kurt is “behind door number 1,” to help a fella out. Starting with his nipples and hairy chest, both agree that Kurt being naked is a good way to begin. Straight Rent Boys is all about the dick today, Kurt's dick, with Buddy's eager swallowing. Soon, Kurt's package is up and ready, ready for more of his “buddy's” throat. As Kurt gives some tips like, “lick the head,” they reposition so that Buddy can be face fucked; what a pal. Proving a mouth is a mouth, Kurt starts to play with his own nipples and enjoy all the sensations. Lubing up Kurt's dick, Buddy tugs away on that nice piece of meat. Getting close, Kurt moans,” keep going.” Taking over, he then tugs on himself, while Buddy “nipples up.” With a, “here I cum,” Kurt oozes out a hell of a glob of “man juice.” Kurt admits, “having a guy suck my dick was, different, but good.”
Tylers Sexual Adventure Part3
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Description: Tyler Evans and Chad Alexander do what they do best, one another. These two hotties are on a bed, and mission, to get up and off. For Straight Rent Boys, this is the “Tyler's Sexual Adventures #3” video. Filmed years ago, it still is a hot talked about video of armature boys and their toys. I had fun taping these two in the studio; the same studio we rented years ago, and have just returned to. Wait, I can still smell the jizz of past models, or maybe it's the futon. Enjoy guys and gals. Chad is on Tyler's cock as fast as he can open his mouth; “oh yeah” moans Tyler. Thrusting up to meet Chad's wet mouth, Tyler decides to switch things up and goes down on Chad's dick. Chad was up from the start; “oh yeah” whines Tyler. This is in response to Chad asking Tyler to, “suck that dick.” The boys change to a 69 as both taste the flavor of each other; “oh fuck yeah, nice big cock” says Chad as he “chokes on Tyler's chicken.” As Chad gags, Tyler shows his excitement, ora
Rico Zaas Travels Back
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Description: Back, way back in 2002, Rico Zaas was here. He never did any guy on guy stuff for us, so when I ask him today, he says, “we'll see.” Now at 34, this Straight Rent Boy has the same build and size he did years ago; even his cut cock looks no worse for the wear. A “traveling man,” he's up for a “girl in every port.” Rico sits back and lets his hands do the work. Up fairly fast, he rocks himself on the edge of the couch then leans back; his tight balls and hairy hole present themselves for the camera. “Twerking” his cock, Rico has a snug grip on things and then stops to admire his member; “he” is a beauty. In the zone, Rico glances at the camera, as he keeps his hands busy. Stretching out, this boy's not what I would call “hairy,” but he does have some great tufts of the stuff. With a bit of nipple play, Rico gets closer and moans softly. Right before he shoots, the abs stiffen. Adding to his “travel money,” Rico seems up to the guy on guy stuff and I have just the
18 Year Old Cuban Virgin buys his First Rent Boy
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Description: Jonny Gonzales is a boy, 18, and Cuban. He has been here for a year and contacted me. Apparently, in Cuba, the difficulties of having premarital sex are unreal. Now, let's add to the fact that this Latino is gay. Jonny is understandably a virgin and has never touched another dick in his life; “I live with my family and they are very strict” he laments. For Straight Rent Boys, this “Cubano” is about to go “downtown” for the first time and learn some “mano a mano” skills.
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Description: Jose' Camacho is 19, straight, with a girl, and “getting into the industry.” He's been web-camming for a couple of years and thinks he's “willing to experiment.” This Straight Rent Boy is going to start with a tug today, and as “a freak,” he'll be back for more. At 5'11”, 150 lbs. and tight, he's a mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican; checking out his fat cock and nice ass, I'd agree. As he grows, Jose' says he's 7”, but I'm think that's just on a slow day. Looking at the camera, Jose' asks, “who wants to suck this fucking fat cock?” Shit, line forms behind me, people. His freak is starting to flow and this “daddy” wants you to cum too. Pulling on his ball sack, Jose' sits down and spreads his legs; he is close, but it won't be much longer. Then, Jose' says he's going to cum, and cum he does; thick streams of “crema” shoot all over. Sitting back, flaccid and relaxed, Jose' will cum again, “getting my nut on;” lube up guys, I think we've got a world-Cup cock on our
Cum See The Magic Of Willy And Jacob
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Description: Jacob's back, “awkward.” He's here with Willy and neither are going to be blown by a girl today. Look, for $300 each, they can imagine boobs and long hair. Down for doing one another, I put on some porn; Willy says he needs “some pussy in my face.” Stripped down, Jacob goes first and swallows Willy; okay, maybe not fully, but this is all new to him. Damn, Willy's got a nice long one, but he must be bad with names; he just keeps calling Jacob, “deeper.” Oh shit, Jacob's tongue ring has things up and going. Getting comfortable takes a bit, but I just keep filming; yep, Straight Rent Boys. Squatting, Willy continues to give direction as to what he wants. I see him tugging at something in Jacob's underwear; this is where “the magic happens.” All it ever really takes is guys that are horny, “easy peasy.” Now if Jacob can just focus on using his tongue ring, Willy's going to be “off” in no time; he just needs more practice. Willy takes over tugging while Jacob does a
Jay Sinister NYC
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Description: Damn, this “dirty little whore,” is definitely a Brooklyn boy with that thick accent. Jay Sinister is very up front about how he spends his time as a male escort. Serving mostly straight guys, Jay's main goal is discretion;” they like to explore sucking and fucking, but discretely.” He also does a lot of role playing and fantasy play. As a Straight Rent Boy, he is up for some fun and willing to do a solo today, to advertise just how “dirty” he can be. Jay starts to strip and reveal his love for tattoos, as well as a body that is built to please. Sitting back and getting hard, Jay has some “big ass balls;” he says, “thank you,” and keeps on stroking. He does know what he likes and is not shy about showing it; for a bit of money, he's also willing to share it. Legs spread, he jerks and fingers himself; Jay's hairy hole really could use a “companion.” I can tell he's close as he starts pumping his hips while he tugs. Once the “lava” starts flowing, he does go for a
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Description: We've got these two straight boys here to, as Geo puts it, “once the money is there, everything is negotiable.” Telling Jimmy he's bottoming today, he looks at me and freezes; seems that, for today, he's happy doing just enough to pay half his rent. Geo's down for a $400 play date and the two strip down to their underwear. With a little side-by-side measurement, Geo is not only taller, he's a few inches more than Jimmy, who does seem to like looking and touching another dick. After a bit of “swordplay,” Jimmy lies down to accommodate Geo's mouth. With his warm, wet mouth, Geo latches onto Jimmy's dick and licks away; Jimmy responds with some moaning and excitement. Licking Jimmy's balls, Geo doesn't “miss an inch” of fun. Shit, I can't tell if Jimmy's really horned up by another guy, or just doing his best “porn voice;” either way, once Jimmy starts squirming and thrusting his hips, Geo jerks until Jimmy blows.
Barebacking Submissive Bottom
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Description: Mariano and Luiciano rent a hotel room for some barebacking and light BDSM. Our top is uncut, slightly chubby with ear piercings and he doesn't hesitate to slap around his dark haired and tattooed boy toy.
fuck loving criminals 3
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Description: Putting an ex-lover in charge of security is a bad move; at least when the ex-lover is Josh; he's not so bright, lazy and a walking hard-on, so his mind isn't really on the job - especially when he sneaks rent boys onto the premises and spends an hour or so up to his nuts in a heavenly arse. Josh's appointments with ecstasy are so regular you could set your watch by them, which leaves a big, gaping hole in site security, waiting to be used. Tall, blond, blue-eyed and hung, with a personality to match, Josh Charters is fairly new to porn and loving every minute of it. Riley Tess is becoming a UKNM regular and has an appetite for cock to rival any performer we've met. Riley just loves to be fucked in any position, long and hard, and Josh gives him all he wants in this scene
Josh Charteris and Riley Tess
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Description: Putting an ex-lover in charge of security is a bad move; at least when the ex-lover is Josh; he's not so bright, lazy and a walking hard-on, so his mind isn't really on the job - especially when he sneaks rent boys onto the premises and spends an hour or so up to his nuts in a heavenly arse. Josh's appointments with ecstasy are so regular you could set your watch by them, which leaves a big, gaping hole in site security, waiting to be used. Tall, blond, blue-eyed and hung, with a personality to match, Josh Charters is fairly new to porn and loving every minute of it. Riley Tess is becoming a UKNM regular and has an appetite for cock to rival any performer we've met. Riley just loves to be fucked in any position, long and hard, and Josh gives him all he wants in this scene.
Love-Hotel, rent a room and a guy at the same time
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Description: Ricardo Heytero visits one of the better known Brothel's in Paris. Ricardo is directed to a room where Kevin Archer awaits him laying on the bed with only his sneakers and tshirt. Just what Ricardo wanted having a sneaker/foot fetish. First things first, Ricardo starts off with some cock sucking before sniffing and licking Kevin's sneakers and the balls of his socked feet. Kevin delivers the goods with his rock hard cock and trimmed pubes standing up on the bed to face fuck Ricardo while holding a sneaker to his face to sniff. Kevin massages Ricardo's back and ass with his socked foot before slipping on a condom to deliver a "deep soothing massage" to his Ricardo's ass. The cameraman gives us a great shot of the action from behind and our first glimpse of Kevin's nice smooth ass... yep, it's "rump roast" for dinner tonight boys! While laying on his stomach, Ricardo sniffs a sneaker while getting his ass plowed as we listen... "fwap, fwap, fwap" as the action gets harder, faster and mor
18yo Cuban Virgin Jonny Buys His 1st Rent Boy
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Description: Jonny Gonzales is a boy, 18, and Cuban. He has been here for a year and contacted me. Apparently, in Cuba, the difficulties of having premarital sex are unreal. Now, let's add to the fact that this Latino is gay. Jonny is understandably a virgin and has never touched another dick in his life; "I live with my family and they are very strict" he laments. For Straight Rent Boys, this "Cubano" is about to go "downtown" for the first time and learn some "mano a mano" skills. With his new phone, Jonny has used an App to contact an escort, who will help "release his inner beast." Jonny wants me to be a go between to make sure everything is safe; I guess I just have one of those faces (hehe). "Remembering when," I know how it is, as most of us do, being young, gay and wanting to express our desires, without the retribution. I have Jonny contact the guy to set up a meeting then he, Eddie and I set off on this "once in a lifetime" rendezvous. Making sure that the boy, Diego Reyes, is okay filmin
Tony Bucks
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Description: Well, look who "friended" me on Facebook, Tony Bucks. This 22 year old bisexual guy is looking for my help to find him a boy that can "take it." Now, a lot of times I do get guys wanting to be models claiming a "big package," but most cannot deliver. So when Tony gets on the futon, I ask him to show me "the goods," to see if he is really that big. As he pulls down his pants, he says he is cut and thinks he's 9" or 10"; as his underwear go down, out comes this cock that is beyond impressive. Straight Rent Boys has for you Tony, a cock that could tame the biggest bottom; by the way, if you want to rent this "behemoth," just let me know. Download this video and more here!
Travis Cooper Fucks Justin Cross
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Description: The boys are back, ready to fuck. Travis is not in a chatty mood, he'd rather use his cock to talk. Straight Rent Boys has Travis Cooper and Justin Cross on the futon to "do the deed." Indeed, Travis' hot body and well defined muscular build is in contrast to Justin, a slim twink with a great smile; and a hole that will be gauged by Travis' boner. These two have already blown each other and their chemistry is great. I really want to see Justin do Travis, but it's a "no go" for that. I do offer up an option of being “Roto-Rootered” by one of our newest models, he keeps an "anaconda" in his pants; pity, they both decline. Stripping, they are down to their tighty whities, my favorite. Harry52 will be receiving these "cum rags" as a bonus for setting up this scene. As Travis comments, "I got there first bitch" I remark that Harry is one of our beloved members, with quick hands. Download this video and more here!
Travis Cooper & Scott Sommers
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Description: Well, look who's returned, Scott Sommers! He's been away for a couple of years but, "the futon called him back." Travis Cooper is also here with Scott and they're going to do some "universal" things, like fucking. These two got to know one another in the green room and both are up for it, or they will be, as soon as they suck each other. For Straight Rent Boys, here's two hot models who; ah, fuck it, they know what to do. Sit back, grab the lube and experience Travis bending Scott over. Download this video and more here!
Jake Riley
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Description: Driving to a park, Eddie and I pick up Jake Riley. He's 21, straight and thinking about doing gay porn. He seems to be clean cut, sincere about wanting some work and nice looking. After getting a peak at his cock, Eddie and I figure he's worth a shot. This Straight Rent Boy says, "yes" to heading back to the studio with us and for $200, he'll do a solo.
Jake & Ryan Part 2
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Description: In the second half of this pairing, Jake and Ryan chat about their fun. Ryan said Jake's fucking was, "awesome;" "fuck that felt good," remarks Jake. These Straight Rent Boys begin with Ryan getting Jake off, orally. When you're this young (and hung) you are always up for some excitement. Ryan swallows Jake, "better than a girl," Jake gasps within moments. Ryan says it's because girls don't have penises. I think its Ryan's "love of the cock" that has this BJ going so well; Jake's cock is a wonder to behold or "bemouth." I interject and let Ryan know that Jake is into ass play, a delightful gleam comes over both boys' eyes. Ryan doesn't hesitate; he licks a finger and dives right in. "Oh fuck," moans Jake; this "Rocketman" is very hard and as Ryan alternates between the balls and the shaft, Jake is driven wild. Ryan starts moaning as well, working his tongue and finger. Jake is in heaven and when I ask Ryan to show us his "digital" abilities, we all agree, Jake's hole is the place to be
Geovanni & Powel Part One
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Description: This week we have two very straight guys, Geovanni, 25 and Powel, 20. Neither has done anything with a guy, ever. Now, as far as pussy, both have some back stories about women that, well, solidify my homosexuality. Eddie considers Geo his, "hero." Please, I've seen this sausage lover in action; I don't think lesbians will be "on the menu" anytime soon. Grab the lube, Straight Rent Boys has got some long meat to beat. Now, as far as what these two will do, as Geo puts it, "I don't cum cheap." For today, I'll have them stroke one another and see how comfortable they are "helping a buddy out." Putting on porn, Powel pops right up; Geo's not far behind. Shit, these two have some big cocks. As they jerk, I have Powel lie across Geo so that we can get a good look at both of them in action. It's not long before Powel's hips thrust up and his slender body tightens; Geo keeps working his friend's cock. Powel then gives out a few, "yeahs" and "oh shits;" then splatters jizz on his groin and Geo'
Spread for Bread: Damien & Nick Part Two
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Description: Alright, with Nick feeling "a bit lighter," he gives Damien a mouth in this part #2 for Straight Rent Boys. Early on, Damien agrees, "yeah, that's good stuff." As the two joke, and "hum" a song, Damien enjoys the suction. Nick then goes on all fours to "hoover;" nice ass and available too. Choking and stroking, Nick has got some impressive skills he is willing to share. "God, that feels good," moans Damien; fuck, I want to be next. Nick's sucking like there is actual peanut butter on Damien’s "loaf." As I pan out and film, we all get "the best of both world;" a spanking good time had by all and Nick bobby up and down. Sitting up, Nick has Damien’s full attention; jerking as he licks the balls, Damien's partner is voracious. Damien takes over tugging on himself as Nick sits close by, attentively watching his buddy's meat. Within a few minutes, both guys are up and enjoying the porn. Damien blows his load all the way up to his neck. Nick says, "he's got another one in him," a
Georgia Peach Fuzz - Brad Stoner
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Added: 28 Jan 14
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Description: Hey guys, I brought in Brad Stoner for our enjoyment. This 18 year old Georgia "peach" is 5'11", 140 and size 10.5" shoe; fuck they "grow 'em" delicious here in the south. Our "**** boy" once jerked off with another guy in a barn but besides that, he's been with girls. For his solo scene, he'll just be touching himself. If you want, contact me on Facebook or Twitter and I'll see if this Straight Rent Boy's up for an expansion in his learning. On the futon and up fast, our bandana hottie gets a "heads up." Hot porn always works on these young ones; fuck, works on us old guys too. Licking his lips and locked on his dick, I think Brad may be a "fast cummer." As his sack reddens and tightens, his head is looking pretty engorged. Lying back, we get a peek at his hairy hole, "speckled with youth;" I hate to say acne. Nine minutes in, he says he's ready; I tell him to try and hold off, but "we'll see" one way or another. Brad manages a bit longer; jerking, he tells me he's, "a shooter." Being
Category: Straight
Added: 12 Jan 14
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Description: Mateos has a one arm “bandito,” his perfect cock. This Straight Rent Boy’s body is a like the cream on top, plenty of cream on top. As he pleasures himself, and us, his moans become more audible and salacious. When he pops his rocket, the hot jizz just keeps heaping upon his chest. Mateos has got what it takes; now if you will excuse me, I’ll go and lap up that rocket “fuel.” Download the full video here!
Category: Straight
Added: 15 Dec 13
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Duration: 0:01:07
Tags: straight guy jacking off solo gay for pay

Description: Eddie and I are headed to the train station to pick up Damien. I actually filmed him some years ago. Watching him come down the stairs, he looks good and seems happy. Letting Damien know what Straight Rent Boys is all about, kinda perks up his interest. Once we're back at the studio, we chat. Damien's been doing, "odd jobs;" he can just add this to his résumé under "services rendered." So if you are into Damien, check us out on Facebook or Twitter. I must say he is very outgoing, talkative and up, or in, for about anything. Being, as he says, "heteroflexible," Damien’s 6', 140 and has green eyes, at least that what Eddie says. Download the full video here!
Angel & Cody Part 1
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Added: 17 Nov 13
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Duration: 0:00:50
Tags: blonds bisexual anal

Description: Well I'm here to rent Cody, explains Angel. This gay guy met Cody on Facebook and wants to play with his "ginormous cock." Apparently Angel's got eyes for Cody's "other white hole" and is up for fucking him. Cleaned up and ready to go, these two "friends" are from the Straight Rent Boys Facebook page. Don't forget to "like" what you see as Angel and Cody will be on the futon today for starters. They begin with some tongue and touching as Angel strips his boy down, pulls him close, and strokes. Angel then goes oral on Cody and has him up fast; "he's quite fervent about what he does" comments Cody. Well shit, I'd say Angel's NOT living up to his name, and Cody loves it. Switching positions and stretching out, Angel has Cody close to orgasm. It's not long before Angel asks if Cody is going to cum; Cody's response spews out in thick creamy globs that splatter his nipple and stomach. Download the full video here!