Blu Thompson's awesome cock
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Description: Kinky redhead Blu Thomson is here to stay. See how the gorgeous and muscular stud. He's playing around the house while assuming some very intense positions in this sexy video. Then he's ready to sunbathe naked and jerk her superb cock before reaching a mind-blowing solo orgasm.
Muscular Redhead Puts Moves on Hairy Twink
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Description: Today in the FratHouse, slender redhead Brek Williams is ready to give his fellow college-mate, furry chested Parker, a private dance lesson and neither of them is ready for the kinds of moves they are about to pull off. The dance instruction begins with Brek demonstrating all of the cha-cha moves. Parker tries to keep up but seems to end up staring at Brek's ass and forgets what his feet are supposed to be doing. Really wanting Parker to get the steps, Brek takes a different approach. They pretend that Parker is taking the girls position as they move across the floor getting closer to each other with each step. Unable to resist the raw ******* attraction between them producing a miasma of pheromones, they both press their lips together and begin slowly sliding their hands across the other's bare and fuzzy torso. Brek continues the trend of dominance and confidently reaches down to fondle Parker's obviously growing bulge. Which just continues to grow until Brek gets on his knees, slide
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Description: Cayden Ross plays a closeted football player who gets fucked by fellow teammate Riley Price in more ways than one. Riley works over his hole then flips and takes all of Cayden's monster cock.
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Description: In 'MVP' Cayden Ross plays closeted football player Lincoln, the Most Valuable Player of the Dodge City Satyrs, who gets pegged by fellow teammate Will, Riley Price. With his dirty secret revealed he takes the opportunity to find out exactly how good his teammate's mouth feels when wrapped against his monster cock. Cayden is pretty skilled at working the pole as well and gets Riley so turned on that he can't wait to ride Cayden's beast. And given the size of Cayden's huge dick it's obvious that Riley's bottoming skills are pretty amazing. But Riley doesn't get to have all the fun. Cayden gets his hole worked over by Riley so hard that his ******istic grunts and groans should have alerted not only the whole team but everyone in the stadium as well. Cayden wraps it up by giving Riley's hole one more workout before dumping his huge sticky load all over his smooth back.
Max London
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Description: We just don't have enough redheads on Randy Blue. I've always had a soft spot for them and when I get a chance to shoot one I'm usually overjoyed. The first time I laid eyes on Max London I could hardly contain myself. Here was this incredibly sexy guy with such a hot muscle jock body I couldn't wait to start shooting. I put him in the gym because he just looked like one of those jock studs I always lust after when I'm working out. Muscle on top of muscle without looking like a full on bodybuilder. I hope he comes back because just thinking about all that big hard muscle already has me excited. And I'm planning on pairing him up with some of the other jocks we have here at Randy Blue, having tons of locker room sex and getting their rocks off while working out. But even without all the other studs around, Max London gives you enough of a cock workout as he lifts those heavy weights, sweat dripping down his smooth chest, all the way down to the firey patch of sexy red pubes. He works hi