Haze Him
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Description: They don't call it Greek life for nothing! At HazeHim.com, these straight college boys are definitely going Greek, both literally and figuratively. This brand new site brings real user-submitted footage of college and fraternity rituals gone wild. Haze Him members get a genuine behind the scenes look at fraternity hazing and initiations, college parties and dorm room pranks, all featuring cute young studs, toned jocks and real party ******s. These guys might call themselves straight, but they sure are willing to suck some cock or take a dick in their virgin asses for acceptance. Group jacking off, stripping, naked games, ******** sex and more, all streaming in high quality video. If you've ever wanted an inside look at frat life, HazeHim.com delivers with never before seen footage.
Jersey Shore Hole
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Description: Glenn, a surfer from the Jersey Shore is blessed by his Puerto Rican ****** with a big Latino cock! Glenn, however, is one cocky Guido! Bold and outspoken he tries to antagonize me throughout the shoot. Shamelessly he boldly squats, opening his ass crack to us while his bouncing cock and balls dangle between his hairy legs.
Gay Pump Action and Felching Festival with Swapping
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Description: Gay couple pumps real hard and shows no holds barred felching and swapping action
After-work jacking
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Description: This is what real men do when they get home from hard day's work. The handsome guy is enjoying some heated privacy in the armchair as his burning dick demands more and more strokes. See him getting totally naked running his hands all over his admirable length. And what a lovely tattooed length that is!
Roommate Wanted Episode 4: The Catch
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Description: When Joseph Rough sees an ad for $100 a month rent, he knows there's a catch. But when Colby Keller answers the door in his underwear, it's less catch than caught. Keller's a novelist looking for a helping hand — and a mouth and ass, for that matter. When he drops his pen, Joseph drops to his knees, and the real work begins. Or is it play? Joseph swallows Colby whole, and it isn't long before he's providing the whole resume. Colby fucks him with creativity of a true artist, and Joseph takes it like someone who's not only got the job, and got the place, but has the work ethic to do it three times a day!
Addict Episode 3: Addicted To Fame
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Description: Even a lifelong addict has to quit sometime. In one of his last scenes before leaving the industry, fame addict Connor Kline filmed this attention grabbing scene with Jimmy Durano. The stunning boys — ripped, hung, god-like — pose for selfies, obsessed with their own obvious perfection. But when they finally notice each other, it's on. Connor dives down on Jimmy, pushing the thick dick down his throat like it's a paparazzo after a shot. Jimmy returns the favor, then spreads open Connor's sweet, pink hole. A lick of the tongue is followed by the slam of his dick. In multiple positions and multiple angles, Jimmy proves that sex is the real fame monster. And if anyone can break Connor of his addiction, it's Jimmy. But before he does, there's a load to blow — and one final shot left.
Brodie Fucks Eric
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Description: Even though Brodie's straight, you can tell by his facial expressions he's really enjoying getting a good blow job from the other marine. He moans and spasms as Eric slurps away happily. Although Eric says he'd rather get his cocked sucked, he knows how to handle the other marine's long barrel rifle. Soon, Private Eric assumes the position and takes the bottom bunk for the first time ever. Brodie knows just what to do and eases his throbbing marine meat into the waiting private's ass. Eric grunts and groans but takes his punishment like a real soldier. After a good long fucking Brodie dumps a giant load on Eric's waiting ass.
An Appreciative Touch
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Description: Sometimes the touch and skill of an older man can fulfill all our wishes, at least for Kairi today. As this BoysStarMovie.com video shows, with age "cums" real appreciation. Meeting at a hotel, the man is here to take care of this boy, in every way. First stimulation of the upper half, then after they undress, true worship of the lower half. Kairi and the guy lie together and fondle one another. Taking in the boy's dick, the man sucks fully and enthusiastically; who wouldn't? Standing over him, the twink begins to react and moan, guiding the man's mouth for exacting pleasure. Slurping for all the flavor, the older man has the boy lie back and relax; his warm mouth and hands continue to please Kairi. Reciprocating to the touch, the boy reaches out and caresses his partner as well. Servicing Kairi brings him close to cumming, as the guy strokes faster. Within a few minutes, the twink has shot his load all over his side and lies before the man, gasping with pleasure.
Caleb and America: Fucking
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Description: America's giant dick is splitting his sphincter and Caleb is enjoying every minute of the pleasure-**** he's experiencing. America wants to take control so he stands up with his cock still plunged inside his buddy. Laying Caleb gently on the table, he begins stuffing his cock deeper and deeper into Caleb's gape. As he's getting pounded, Caleb edges closer to ecstasy. He chest heaves and giant globs of goo pulse out of his dick and coat his hand and stomach. America's also turned on and ready to blow. So he waves his uncircumcised dick in Caleb's face. Wanting to show his buddy how to give a real blow job, Caleb catches the thick jism in his mouth, swallowing and slurping it's salty goodness.
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Description: Real Men Volume 10 - "B.Y.O.B." puts you in the middle of a backyard party with a group of ruggedly handsome, randy older men.
German guy's ass fisted then tortured with hot wax
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Description: This is what's going on sometimes in these huge European apartments and mansions. A real kinkster get-together, no less. Watch as the participants get started with the ambiance lighting a few candles. Then their servant for today is placed on the table and things start getting naughty. Waxing and CBT are on the menu today as the hunks take things slow and explore all their urges thoroughness. And this anal dildo, boy is it big! It's so big several men feel the challenge to try and take it!
Asian Bareback Endurance
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Description: Alex using dildo in Nathan's ass. Both boys are full of all those erotic sex sounds and pleasurable moaning. Alex determines it's now time to replace the dildo with the real thing. Out comes the dildo and Alex plunges into Nathan's ass with his stiff raw cock. The gay bareback sex is at full speed. The boys occasionally stop to piss on each other, then go right back to ass drilling
Picking up that hottie
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Description: The guys were cruising the hood on that sunny day looking for a hot twink who would be enough of a slut to, you know, just go with it and join them in their naughty plans. And they found one! Watch him get wild in the car already, giving some beautiful head and almost making the guys shoot their loads before getting home for the real deal. At home, they just went crazy letting the hung horny boy pound their holes silly. He lasted enough to make both of them shoot their jism all over the place! What a lucky street hookup, really!
Horny and ready for action
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Description: It is time for the doctor to see if his patient is a real twink, horny and always ready for action.
Matters At Hand - Rod Filler
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Description: Rod wastes no time in pulling out his cock and self-sucking on it. His attention to his own piece is a real turn on and Rod finishes off eating by his load.
Private 1st Class Roman Pounds USMC Sam
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Description: Craving to suck some Army dick, Sam ch*kes down Roman's girthy pole, devouring every inch. After g*gging on Roman's stunning manstick, he rips off his camies and takes his own pants off so he can get pounded. Jumping down backwards on Roman's military m*nster, Sam slams his tight hole over the raging boner. Roman taking full advantage of Sam's nice asshole, buries his dick deeper and deeper inside. After giving Sam the railing of a lifetime, Roman pulls out and bursts a river of jizz all over Sam's face, layering him in hot wads of man juice. What an AWESOME facial, from a real live hero!
Real Couples 4
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Description: Four real-life daddy and bear couples let you have an explicit look at their sex life together
Asian Twinks outdoor Sex
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Description: Two smooth and sexy gay Asian twinks are having a naked frolic outdoors in their backyard. They enjoy the erotic feeling of running around naked with the breeze blowing on their balls. But they get horny for some real blowing.
Asian Bareback Action
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Description: Dave fucks his horny buddy Johnson as deep as he can push it in, while the boys French kiss each other. So Johnson's tight little twink hole gets quite a workout but the Asian boy rides it like a real pro.
Breakfast in bed and more
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Description: The boy hasn't been feeling well lately, and his older lover was real worried. Of course he was taking great care of him! Check out how their typical morning went. The boy wasn't even fully awake when the man brought him breakfast - and plenty of loving, too. Well, literally! Way too tempted by this naked ******** Adonis, the older guy just got busy sucking on the boy's tasty meat - and he did not stop till that meat was hard and dripping for real action. Which started right away! The geezer got his butt rammed by the horny, grateful boy who certainly felt better by then.
Dominic Dives Mouth First On To Rohn's Cock
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Description: After a few quiet minutes of jerking, Dominic is the first to take the plunge. He dives head first onto Rohn's dick giving a first class blowjob for a self-proclaimed straight guy. Rohn returns the favor and decides to one-up the firefighter. He bends Dominic over and starts chowing down on tight man-hole. After a good solid tongue bath, Dominic drags Rohn to the sheets for some real man on man fun. Rohn straddles Dominic's cock and rides him until he gets weak in the knees. Dominic then flips his blond buddy onto a crate and the real railing begins. Rohn gets so turned on by a thick cock in his ass and a hunky fireman nibbling on his neck, he explodes with a cry and a big bright stream all over the army crate. Dominic does not like to see anything go to waste. So, he shoves Rohn's head right up to the puddle so he can clean up his own mess. Dominic wastes no time blowing his own load all over Rohn's sweet face, and quivers to let him know just how good it was.
Massaging His Swollen Cock
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Description: Spitting into his hand and grasping his thickness firmly, Ryler begins the real part of the show. Beads of sweat begin to appear on his forehead and run down his clean-shaven baby face calling attention to his deep blue eyes as Ryler suddenly turns around to spread his perfectly round and muscular ass for the camera. Tenderly grazing his taut pink pucker rimmed with a subtle swath of sexy hair, Ryler digitally explores his rectal entrance while continuing to jack away at that big veiny spit covered cock.