Bareback 6
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Added: 26 Aug 13
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Description: HAMMERED (Bareback 6) is two solid hours (Well, OK, an hour and 58 minutes, to be exact) of fucking, sucking, felching and all the other shit that rutting man pigs do. There's always a surly fucker or two in each scene who gets nailed and hammered. In one scene, two carpenters with attitude are nailed on a piece of plywood and fucking senseless. This video is chock full of cum, big spurtin' dicks, gaping holes, cum suckin' felchers and heavy verbal action. In the first scene, it's Rand Hawlke's first day on the job. As he's delivering a keg of **** to Wolf's Bar, he encounters Bud fucking Kor Newman. "My first day on the job and what do I get? A bunch of fuckin' fudge packers!" Our men don't take any shit, so they nab Hawlke and teach his sorry straight ass a the sling.
Blake & Ryan
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 04 Jun 09
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Description: Blake Riley and Ryan Rockford had such a connection off camera that I had to get them on camera before they started without me.
Bryce and Leo
Category: Blowjob
Added: 03 Nov 08
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Duration: 0:00:55
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Description: Bryce Barrington and Leo Giamani are not only worked out in the Randy Blue Gym, they get worked up as well.