r124: Anthony and Kae
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Added: 19 Jan 14
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Description: Anthony and his hung buddy Kae have a jack-off race on the couch, and Kae is the winner. First they swap blowjobs, then Kae strokes his load onto Anthony's stomach. And with a belly covered in hot jizz, Anthony finally cums on himself.
The Mix Episode 3: A Dangerous Toast
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Description: Not everyone's made for the country life, and when uptight friends crash a free-spirited barbecue in "The Mix," the flames really start to jump. A-Gays Race Cooper and Conner Habib aren't happy that friend Felix Warner is getting married to a man they consider little more than a street trade. And those friends! They'll be damned if Felix marries this, this trash! But when Race is caught red-handed making trouble, Blue Bailey makes him take a dose of his own medicine. A little herbal surprise loosens Race up, and with a little prodding he and Blue shake the cabin with a flip-flop fuck that leaves Race laid out … and maybe just lightening up. After all, nothing equalizes like anal!
Luke Desmond and Lyle Boyce
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Description: Donkey Dicked Luke Desmond is bored at work. Checking his colleagues have gone for the day he opens his favourite porn movie. His cock seems to always be hard and taking it out he just makes it harder. Using his own spit as lube he enjoys tugging his huge cock totally enjoying himself. Disturbed by a delivery boy buzzing his office, Luke races to hide his cock and close his porn. He thinks he has got away with it until he accidentally hits play again blasting out screams of pleasure from his laptop! Lyle recognises the sounds, taking a Luke he tells Luke it's one of his favourites. Not sure what to do next Luke asks if he likes "this," showing him his still stiff cock! Lyle doesn't say a word but drops to his knees and services the horny stud's huge cock! Stripping down and bending over the delivery boy Luke works his tongue into Lyle's hole, spitting and licking it recreating one of his own favourite porn scenes! Dropping his trousers and pants but still in a shirt and tie he slips hi
Delivery boy gets a tip
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Added: 02 Jan 14
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Description: It was a nice job though not too easy. The boy got recently hired as a courier so he was in a constant rush all around town delivering stuff and taking packages. The package he took that very day, oh dear lord. Watch him come to that huge older hunk's place with yet another parcel. As the two were dealing with paperwork, they felt they could be dealing with something else entirely. They literally jumped onto each other and soon the twink's mouth was busy with the guy's massive meat. Both hearts were racing as the older giant fucked the boy into the wall in his apartment - almost literally!
Backyard Boyz
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 31 Dec 13
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Description: Race & Preston slide shafts of steel into their cock shafts
Shaun Jones
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Added: 18 Jan 14
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Description: With strong, masculine looks, sexy fit mixed race chav lad Shaun gets a stiffie in his trackies, strips to his undies for throbbing bulge action, then shows off his big uncut cock as he wanks in different positions till shooting a thick creamy jizz load.
The Loser Takes It All
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Added: 14 Feb 14
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Description: Moskito loses at car racing and has to pay his gambling debt by sucking Chris and Patrick and patiently taking it in the ass until their dicks are positively glowing.
Old gay man playing with his black lover
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Added: 02 Feb 14
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Description: These two don't care about race at all, they just care about getting each other off underneath the hot sun! The black guy gets his meal first, going down on the white daddy and running his lips up and down his meaty dick to get him hard. Then it was the white guy's turn to deep throat that long black schlong, drinking his cum when he shot it, and then having the black guy suck and stroke him to orgasm.
Tony & Race
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 28 Jan 14
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Description: Tony has Race ass-up in a sling & gives his hole a pounding
Backyard Boys
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 08 Sep 13
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Description: Carny Race wants a piece of gofer Preston Meatbag" Steel"
Three Way Matinee
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 26 Aug 13
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Description: Best friends, furry Latin hunk Alessio Romero and ebony muscle-god Race Cooper, wrestle each other and winner fucks loser with a ****** vengeance.