Rick Jacking off
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Description: This guy is quite a character. Rick survives solely on his looks, as there's very little going on upstairs. He brought some nelly queen with him to interpret things like, "turn left" and "be still". For a man of his age, he's got a beautiful body and cock, but that's about all he's got going for him.
Stroking His Throbbing Uncut Cock
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Description: Antonio starts getting serious as he works his meat into a throbbing rod, he pulls his pants to his boots and lets his huge hairy balls hang free. Antonio stretches out his long legs and reclines back relishing the feeling of his strong hand stroking his own dick. He pulls his foreskin over his pink head stretching it up and down on the tip. He wets his thick lips and then spits on his cock so his gliding stroke can build faster and faster. Antonio leans back, his body taut and his breath rapid as he unleashes a huge stream of cum the Queen herself would be proud of! Antonio finishes up the job by scooping up the delicious pearly drops and licking his fingers clean. Good show Antonio, we salute you.