Devil Inside
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Description: Fisting expert Alberto lays back on the bed for a frantic blowjob from sexy punk Mucdevil.
On The Road Southern California - Tax Archer
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Description: Tax Archer is why we take road trips. He's gonna be a star. He knows it. You (and Joe Serna) are gonna make him one. He's as bold and colorful as the sheets on his Venice Beach hotel room bed. From the get go, Tax makes it clear that he “lives for Venice Beach.” After getting to know him in this session, so will you. When we first meet our new best friend, he's wearing gray cut-off shorts, a sleeveless Vail t-shirt, white socks, and carrying a straight porno mag. It's a good look for him. And for Venice Beach. He could be a marine—or a beach punk. He's got a baby face that's cute and nasty at the same time and gets pretty red during this intense workout. If Tax actually worked out his whole body a little (instead of just his cock and his mouth), he would quickly lose his traces of baby fat, sculpting his natural build (pretty smooth, except for a great trail) into even more of the classic SoCal stud than he already is. You can't live for Venice Beach and be shy, so it's not at all surp
Devil With a Hot Mess On
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Description: Bob and MucDevil fist and fuck one another on examination chair, taking turns working each others quivering holes and rock-hard cocks.
Muscle Disciples
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Description: Muscle hunks Hank Dutch and Brock Hatcher. Brock gets sucked. Hanks ass eaten out. Kank fucks brock.
Huge Cock Fuck
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Description: Horse hung Tony Diamond rails Demetrius in the swing, giving him every last inch of his juicy black cock.
The Fist and the Furious
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Description: Bob and Mucdevil work each other's big cocks. Bob bareback rides Mucdevil's perfect cock, then gets humped like a bitch in heat from behind. No meet is complete without an arm-fucking.