Eric and Damin Wild blowjob session
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Added: 25 Jul 14
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Description: Eric and Damin love exploring their hot bodies in this amazing video. See them enjoying a hot blowjob session while assuming some hot poses. They definitely have a lot of oral skill and they keep increasing it on every occasion.
Three gorgeous twinks fuck together
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Description: See Damin, JD and Krist sharing everything they've got in this hot hardcore video. Watch these naughty twinks sharing amazing deepthroat blowjobs and awesome oral sex skills. Before one of them gets his hot ass barebacked balls deep into kingdom come while assuming some very sultry poses.
Beefy jocks enjoy oral action
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Sexy twink gets ass fucked
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Hot twink stud flashes his cock
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Description: Enjoy this hot semi-exclusive video where a muscular ****wink stud flaunts his hot body. See him teasing you with his hard rod of meat as he takes his clothes off and assumes very naughty poses. He's preparing himself for something very perverse, can you guess why?
Horny college hunks exchange hot blowjobs
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Description: Come and meet two very alluring and muscular athletes staring a private party in this sexy video. After stripping off and flaunting their lovely bodies, it's time for them to make out before exchanging blowjobs while assuming spectacularly sexy poses. As the heat goes, those steamy blowjobs turned into wild naughty ass fucking.
Muscular stud wants to provoke
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Super Hot Hunks Showing Off
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Description: Super hot muscled guys love to show off their ripped abs and tight asscheeks. In this video you will them posing, teasing and showing what they have. They grab their dick, and stroke it for you visual pleasure. What are you waiting for? Cum inside and hec out this hot teaser.
Jacob Salinger - Photossesion
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Description: The response to our introduction of Jacob Salinger was very positive indeed. Our KinkyAngels crossover model Jacob Salinger is posing in from of the camera for you with angel's quality that is quite appealing. Get to know more about Jacob as this weeks featured Pin-Up stud exclusively at! The hottest boys in the world, plus daily content updates!
Twink Lovers Having Raw Sex
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Description: Innocent looking twinks reveal their wild side in this video. They get naked and pose in front of the camera and give each other blowjobs before you know it, they're giving each other anal pleasure moaning and groaning till cumshot.
Aroused Twinks Enjoy a BJ
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Naked Shane Teasing & Masturbating
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Description: Naked hottie Shane is here to show you his hard cock. He is posing and showing off in front of the camera, as he grabs his erect dong and masturbates slowly for your visual pleasure. Cum inside and enjoy this hot solo scene and watch as this horny twink cums.
Poolside Heat - Ramon Mendez and Rodrigo Jacques
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Description: Our shy voyeur burly Brazilian Ramon finally finds himself alone in the pool to do power laps. His solitude is shattered by the splash of hot super muscular porn star, Rodrigo Jacques and promptly a battle of the bods begin as to which beauty is hotter. It doesn't seem to matter. The two big-dicked muscle hunks affectionately suck, lick, pose, and kiss each other until they lead each other hand in hand behind a hidden statue nook. We are then treated to Ramon's bubble-boy butt as he prepares Rodrigo's puckered opening. Grasping onto the statue for dear life, Ramon continues to drill his juicy cock deeper into the even juicier ass of Rodrigo. Finally, the lion statue is glazed by the white varnish of their bone-anza and Ramon finally gets what his ear-lier timidness almost prevented him from getting, as they jump into the turquoise pool to wash off their sweat and cum.
Naughty and Nice - Curtis Glendale and Torque
Category: Blowjob
Added: 29 Mar 14
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Description: Curtis and Torque strike a convincing skater pose, dragging in the boards and porn. Both work up nice bulges, as they ¡§get a little comfortable.¡¨ When they strip off their sweaty shirts, Curtis admires Torque¡¦s tats. When Curtis is the first down to his boxers, Torque helpfully strips them off before taking Curtis¡¦s still soft cock into his mouth. We¡¦re rewarded with a nice close-up of Curtis¡¦s horny face while Torque gets more aggressive with his blow job. Curtis gets verbal: ¡§O, yeah, baby. Feels good. You like that? You¡¦re so hot, sexy, and masculine. . . fuckin¡¦ turn me on, baby.¡¨ Maybe if he¡¦d stop talking, Curtis could get hard more easily, but then it might not be as much fun to watch Torque try to work his magic. It¡¦s lots of naughty fun to watch Torque bob on Curtis¡¦s cock with Curtis¡¦s hand resting on his head. And when Torque loses his boxer briefs, Curtis isn¡¦t shy about massaging his ass. Neither dude gets hard easily, but that can be fun to watch. ¡§Put tho
Eryk Gets Railed
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Description: Spitting on his own dick as he pulls out ever so slightly, Fabian drives deep into Eryk's tight ass. Eryk strains to take all of Fabian while he jerks his own red rocket to the pulse of Fabian's pounding. "Flip it," Fabian yells and Eryk hops up on all fours. Eryk reclines with the weight of Fabian on top of him, drilling into his sweet spot. Switching the position one more time, Fabian climbs onto the bed with Eryk. In a pose that could pass for an advanced yoga move, Fabian slides into Eryk sideways, holding Eryk's leg taut in the air. Fabian plummets deeper into Eryk, who clutches onto him. They cradle each other in a rocking fuck of wills, equally giving and taking to their mutual limit. Eryk's cock spasms, squirting sperm puddles of warm milky cream onto his stomach. Fabian follows right after, landing his cock into Eryk's begging mouth. Tongue extended, Eryk laps at Fabian's last pearlescent drop, a deliciously gooey end to an amazing fuck session!
Mount Fuji
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Description: In the school locker room, Fuji gets undressed. As the air cools off his skin, his cock hardens; we've all been there. He just needs to shoot one off. In this video, as Fuji works his meat, and ass, maybe he's not the only one who needs to release? As our hot twink has got a hole that begs to be ridden and a cock that needs a licking, I'd say he's a perfect “gym buddy,” up for any game. “Riding” his hand, his body tightens and releases very nicely in a super sexy pose. If you're not touching yourself right now, you're not seeing what I'm seeing. Thumping his cock against his stomach, he is playing my song. Sitting on a bench, Fuji continues to rub himself in all the right places. Once up on his knees, he's able to “explore” his hole for all to enjoy. Fuji is definitely a bottom with a cock that is as hard as wood; I wouldn't mind “nailing” him. Between tapping his hole and jerking his cock, I'd say this boy was born to please.
Horny jocks fuck and suck
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Description: Watch the horny jocks Blake and Sam meeting while playing basketball. They strike some instant chemistry and then it's time to know each other better in the house. After a hot blowjob, one of them is ready to get his sexy booty barebacked balls deep into a breathtaking orgasm while assuming spectacularly sexy poses.
Alex Lynn Loves Solo Fun
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Description: Alex Lynn is a nasty twink. When he's alone he loves posing while using skimpy outfits, thinking which one will get him the biggest cock. He's a huge tease and he knows how to use her gorgeous booty to get attention. After that, it's time for some solo fun with his huge cock. Can you imagine how horny he must be after that?
Steve Arbor flaunts his cock
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Description: Steve Arbor has something to show you in this hot semi-exclusive video. Watch the horny brunette twink stripping off and provoking you with his amazing body before playing with his spectacular cock in some very intense poses. He definitely is up for something very hot today!
Kenny's Big Cock Christmas
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Description: “Tis the season to be jolly and once you see how Kenny Yama's underwear is fully filled with a toy for all you good boys, you'll be glad it's that time of year. This 21 year old Japanese boy is very hot and photographs really nicely. Wearing his Santa hat, and coordinating underwear, I'm sure we all would like this twink under the tree. As he poses, his cock gets bigger and precum is wetting his undies, along with our appetites. Using some water, Kenny pours it down his tight, ripped abs and onto his bulging “Toot.” Lubing up, this “stuffed Santa” has loads to offer, and just in time for giving. Using a cock pump, this model works his meat into the cylinder and pumps away. I assist with a vibrator; seems like I've become “Santa's helper,” happily. With his eyes rolling back, Kenny starts to really moan and feel all the goodness “man” has to offer; damn what a big package. Working in some sexy close-ups, he is having a blast, but he's not the only one. Using the vibrator t
Aiden and Donavan's pool blowjob
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Description: Aiden and Donavan wanna suck cock on the pool. See the wild blonde hunk and his brunette friend getting their sexy muscular bodies wet in the pool before giving their hard cocks a taste. Then watch them continuing the party indoors as they pound their gorgeous booties into ecstasy with trying some very sexy poses.
Discover Billie Ramos' intense allure
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Description: Billie Ramos is a perverse and alluring hunk. See him flaunting his exquisite body while trying some hot and intense poses all over the house in this semi-exclusive video. He definitely has something special and he's ready to drive you crazy!
Drew Ripped Muscled and Hungry
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Description: For muscle lovers everywhere, we have a special treat for you this week. Meet Drew, a sexy ripped muscle stud. Drew is not only hot as hell, he is also super eager to show off his hot body and bulging assets! This stud is hungry and we get to enjoy feeding his enjoyment as he strips off and poses for us. Check out that amazing ass as he poses in his jock strap, and enjoy the fantasy of Drew having his muscular arms wrapped around you. This is Drew's first ever shoot, but don't worry, if you like what you see you will be pleased to know we have more of Drew coming up in the next few weeks too.
Meet the charming Andy Cortez
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Description: Andy Cortez is a kinky and charming Latino twink who's ready to play with you in this hot semi-exclusive video. Watch him provoking you with his sexy body while assuming some very interesting poses all over the house. Then the party gets much more interesting.