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Added: 07 Jun 14
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Description: I've had a major porn crush on Bravo Delta since I started following/stalking his Vine last fall. A couple months ago I worked up the balls to finally hit him up on Twitter and to my surprise he actually responded and was into me! As fate has it he lives right outside Boston so I was able to get him to hang out one weekend on his way to a Cosplay convention (or something like that...I was kinda bummed he didn't show up in a costume haha). I was wicked excited to fuck around, I'd fantasized about that big dick so many times and I was pumped to see how he fucked in real life without all the studio bells and whistles. Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected which is always fucking awesome. I'm used to seeing him in a more "vanilla" light online so I was shocked when he said he would be into some rough ass play and piss. Needless to say after a few adult beverages I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore his more deviant side.
Enrique Fucks Joey (Part 2)
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Added: 28 May 14
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Description: The two gay asian lovebirds are going at it, and Enrique is trying to take it easy on Joey, knowing he is total Top. Joey is hitting the poppers hard in order to handle Enrique's cock. After a nice easy fuck session, Enrique pulls out and strokes out a hot and hard spurt of cum on Joey's ready and waiting face. The two kiss and Enrique gently cleans his cum off Joey's face with his tongue. How sweet!
Poppered Sneaker Sex with the Delivery Boy
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Description: Tony Rekins is chilling in his sportsgear waiting for a package and gets to use Asian delivery boy Anthony Kiffeur's hungry mouth and open cunthole to park up his thick monster cock. Poppered up interracial fuckfest for the lads!
2 Huge Cocks, 1 Lucky Bottom
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Description: Chris Kohl is a lucky bottom pig. He gets to take two of the biggest dicks he has ever seen in one room. First up is Matthew Singer, a cute boy-faced stud with a 10 inch cock. Matthew stretches out Chris' pig hole with deep penetrating thrusts. The cameras are up close, to catch all of the juicy action as Matthew's wet cock slides in an out of Chris' well lubed hole. Chris has to take a hit of poppers to get ready for O.M.F.G.'s even bigger black cock. When I saw O.M.F.G.'s cock flop out of his jock for the first time, I didn't think it was real. 14 inches of uncut, wrist thick cock was about to be plunged into Chris' tight white ass. You could see the fear on Chris' face as O.M.F.G started to enter his hole. Before Chris could let out a scream Matthew stuffed his big cock in Chris' mouth to keep him quiet. The two big cock stars fucked Chris from both ends, till they each shot off a huge load. Chris gobbles up the cum he has worked so hard to get. Such a lucky bottom!
A Thick & Gooey Load @ 4 min. - No. 104 [10-17-13] .mp4
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Description: I'm back again 4 nights after No. 103. My load is HUGE, and I came after using a popper. I hope you enjoy.....
Greedy holes to stuff
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Description: Skater Tommy and his boyfriend Dennis are looking for a new roomie. When the gorgeuos Rick shows up, both of them give him a special welcoming present. They willingly bend over for him showing their hot holes, which he fucks one after the other. Instead of poppers, the boys sniff his filthy sneakers. It's clear that Rick is going to move in after having a welcoming like this!!!!!!
Love My Cock pt.3 Milked, 420, poppers, porn, verbal, dirty talk, jerk-off, daddy
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Description: Perfect end to a Sunday afternoon extended edge... great day for a long, hard jerk-off with poppers, buttplug, cockring, albolene and my dirty fuckin mind...
Love My Cock pt.2...first hit.  poppers, 420 and porn
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Description: Edge on...Sunday afternoon extended edge... perfect day for a long, hard jerk-off with poppers, buttplug, cockring, albolene and my dirty fuckin mind...
Love My Cock pt.1....420, poppers, porn
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Description: Sunday afternoon extended edge... perfect day for a long, hard jerk-off with poppers, buttplug, cockring, albolene and my dirty fuckin mind...
Brad Fucks TheBoss
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Description: Brad is back and this time wants to bone the boss! He fixes a light in the kitchen when I dive in and pull his cock out of his jeans. I eat his ass and then he tells me it's my turn. He gets turned on by poppers so he has a snort and plows my ass with his fat cut dick. He tells me we should have done this a long time ago. Damn right!
Casey - Unreleased Footage
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Description: Casey chills with a cigarette and we shoot the breeze as I set up the camera and pop in a porno. After he strips down to his boxers I can see he’s breathing heavy (he always gets so excited when he visits!). He grabs his crotch and works his cock thru the briefs until its hard then gets completely naked and starts to jerk it. I help Casey a little with some lubricant then I pull out a tape measure to check the size of his cock (8” x 6”) and that gives me the opportunity to stroke his cock a little. Before he’s ready to bust Casey takes a hit of poppers and soon he dumps a huge load on the floor and the coffee table. After cleaning up Casey dresses and hits the road.