Craig Farrel and Delta Kobra
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Description: Aymeric sees the way his partner Craig drools over the new pool boy. He can't blame him, the guy's as hot as hell, but he's a jealous lover and doesn't want to share Craig with anyone. Craig wants Delta, the pool boy, so much, he can't help himself. Thinking his lover is ********, Craig makes his move and the poolboy wastes no time in taking what's on offer. Delta's fat, uncut cock is soon down Craig's throat and deep into his arse, being massaged by the tightness of Craig's ring as he rides the rigid tool. Delta's hairy muscled body is glistening with sweat as he fucks his boss's prized pretty-boy right there on the grass, then it's Craig's body that glistens with a hosing of cum from the rough top, quickly followed by his own sweet load. Laying there, exhausted and satisfied, he's surprised to feel yet another load hitting his body... Aymeric has been watching all the time...
Poolboy Rewarded For Services
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Description: It is everyone's dream to have their own swimming pool, let alone their own pool cleaning boy! Luckily for Andre he has both ! Andre has the added benefit of having special benefits with his pool boy Junior. Once he has done his job of cleaning, he is rewarded in a big way! Over 140 exclusive images of this shoot and 39 minutes of exclusive video!
Jeff Grove and Christian Matthews
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Description: Jeff Grove emerges from his cabana into the glorious Florida morning for a private skinny dip in the pool, but his plans take a turn for the raw and raunchy when he spies poolboy Christian already cleaning up. Never one to send mixed signals, Jeff strokes his thick dick and drinks in Christian, a tall lean dude in this 20s who is always horny. Christian eagerly takes a break from his work to get a taste of Jeff's thick beast of a cock. Christian slobbers all over it and gags on the base as he deepthroats, very much to the pleasure of Jeff. After Jeff tastes a sample of Christian's firm ass, he mounts up and starts barebacking the young stud, ramming his hot hole until he's crying out with pleasure. After fucking the lad deep, raw and hard, Jeff reclines next to the pool and lets Christian finish him off with his mouth, and the younger man eagerly licks up every drop of Daddy's hot cum.
Twink Poolboys Sex Orgy
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Fucking The PoolBoy
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Description: From the DVD "Pool Play. Watch the entire DVD and HUNDREDS more at
Robert and Tyler
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Description: Robert Van Damme is shaving on a sunny morning while poolboy Tyler Sweet nets the leaves out. But Tyler isn't interested in Robert's pool. He's interested in Robert's tool. Tyler jumps in the pool and yells for help, pretending he can't swim. Robert hears the yells, runs out and jumps in to rescue young Tyler. He carries the limp boy out of the pool and into the living room where he begins mouth to mouth. Tyler, already hard in his swim trunks, "wakes up" and grabs the back of Robert's neck. Robert Van Damme kisses Tyler Sweet long and passionately before stripping off Tyler's swimsuit and sucking on his hard cock. Robert kneels on the couch and fucks Tyler's eager mouth. Tyler works Robert's huge, stiff prick sucking it hard and deep. Robert sucks Tyler then eats his young ass out, loving his sweet pink hole. Tyler wants Robert's big cock and gets it big time. Robert plows the lad's ass hard and Tyler loves every thrust. Tyler shoots a big load onto his abs with Robert's cock pummelin
My str8 poolboy
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Description: This is my new poolboy who's turning out to be a lot of fun! Very laid-back and open-minded..Down for anything if he likes you! I got that in the bag! Here is a first of many 2 come!
Donny Wright fucks latino poolboy Juaquin Ramirez
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Description: Its a lazy sweltering afternoon when bronzed adonis Donny Wright and hot pool boy Juaquin Ramirez escape the hundred degree weather by taking a plunge. How long before their suits come off and their juicy uncut cocks come out? Juaquin plays with Donnys perfect cock for a while before they take it indoors. In the cool of the bedroom they take it all the way. Juaquin sucks Donny then Donny eats Juaquins smooth brown butt, then it's time for Donny to fuck Juaquin hard from behind. Donny hits Juaquins spot until hes blowing a load all over the two of them. But nothing compares to Donnys milky explosion! Weve never seen so much cum! Time for another dip in the pool?