Hung Poney Twink Boy Xavier Powell
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Description: Xavier Powell is one of those sexy twinks that we love to see any time he's available. What's new in his life? Well the glasses are new and the reason we haven't seen him in a long time is because he's been with a boyfriend for an entire year. He and his boyfriend are monogamous but they keep the spice in the sex by changing back and forth between top and bottom. Xavier is more often top a) because he has an irresistible, huge cock, and b) because he prefers it. Xavier Powell is 21 years old, is 5'8" tall, weighs 130 lbs and has a 8.5" uncut cock.
Hung Poney Boy Sascha Vistos
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Description: Sascha did his first Squirtz with us almost 6 years ago just after his 18th birthday. Now, at 24, he's pretty much the same boy he was then, active in sports, very shy, still fools around with both boys and girls. Having a girlfriend for several months has him leaning more to the hetero side but he's been with enough guys that he really can't escape his reputation in the village as having one of the most impressive cocks in Montreal. Sascha Vistos is 24 years old, is 5'8
Twink Sucks Hung Poney Boy
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Description: When we try to match up models for duos we usually find that opposites attract. The little ones want the big ones, the skinny boys want the muscle boys and so on. This week was the exception to the rule. When Damien Munroe saw the video of little Xavier Powell in action with Bobby Long, he let us know in no uncertain terms that this was the boy he wanted to be with next. We offered this up to Xavier and when he saw Damien's picture he was on board immediately. So to our surprise we had two skinny, smooth, young twink boys who really wanted each other badly. And when they met that first 1/2 hour before shooting they hit it off right away. In fact they had so much fun shooting the scene that it took us about three times as long to shoot than usual because the two of them were laughing and running off for breaks to be alone with each other whenever possible. Damien was particularly impressed with Xavier's big cock, and Xavier claimed that Damien had a
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Description: Before we shot this scene Lukas Wild and Brody Frost had made out on three different occasions but had never had the chance to consummate the relationship. We could tell that they were both starting to get very frustrated waiting for the big moment. So when we finally put them together in a room, turned on the camera and said