Spiros Lianos fat gay man jerking off
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Description: This is Spiros Lianos from Kingston Ontario Canada. He loves sending minors videos of him jerking off.
Stroke It Straight 3 - Zack
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Description: Police officer Zack hasn't been around for some time so when it's time to get jiggy for the camera he's ready to rock 'n' roll! He strokes his cock to the porno then for the finale Zack lets me move in and finish him off, blowing a big, loud and messy load on my tongue. Sweet!
Straight Boy Zack Jacking
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Description: Vinnie's straight roommate Zack was supposed to be preparing for a police academy exam. Instead, he's watching a porn video on the computer. When Vinnie turns the camera on, Zack whips out his growing cock, strips off his clothes and gets down to stroking. Zack works his dick, as screams come from the digital whore he's watching. Getting close to shooting his load, Zack stands up, clenches his ass and fires all over the desktop.
Officer Trent & Petty Officer Tanner
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Description: When Trent's had enough of a blowjob, he takes the slim sailor by the legs and flips him on his back. Tanner willingly accepts the police officer's throbbing member. He moans and grimaces as the full length and thickness of the monster cock penetrates his thin frame. That's not enough for Trent. He pushes the young military man down ***gy style and slams him from behind. He shoves it in hard and makes him grunt with p*in and pleasure at the same time. Trent pulls out and shoves his cock in Tanner's face readying himself for the gushing cum. He sprays rope after rope of thick white man spunk all over the sailor's waiting face. When he stops cumming, Tanner is coated from chin to eyebrow with pools of the cop's hot cum.
Bad Cop, Good Cop-ulation
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Description: Going back to the last “cop shooting,” Derreck takes JD's cum and lubes up Josh Bentley's pink hole. When the “slick prick” asks if they're done, Derreck suggests otherwise, “bend over.” Getting a nice above look at Derreck going all in, the action soon gets real and rhythmic. This BackRoomFuckers.com film could easily be used in the police academy: “How To Get In Your Man.” Derreck has Josh Bentley “ass-ume” the missionary position and truth be told, Josh Bentley's loving the feeling of his “cop-ulation.” “Fuck my ass,” begs Josh Bentley as the “dick” goes on, with his “in-terrogation.” Working now as a “Unit,” Derreck pounds Josh Bentley, but not for information; I think we get the “jizz” of this. It's good cop, being bad, and helping a boy feel good, about being bad. The lesson may be lost on Josh Rodgers, he's just along for the jerk. As Derreck presses Josh Bentley further, the boy gives up the goods, all over the backroom. Derreck then pulls out his “pisto
Tommy Lima In Brazil 2 - Rodrigo, Tommy and Vidal
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Description: The break Tommy got while hiking and watching Adrian and Vasco was enough to get the lead back in his pencil. He finds some old architecture in the jungle that is evidently being guarded by a police uniformed Rodrigo Rodrigo who seems bored as Tommy walks by. Just up the stairs, though, is a horny Vidal Silva tugging on his bone through his shorts. Tommy licks his lips and you know he's thinking exactly what you are, “Somebody ought to be sucking on that.” Being as Tommy has already had an unfair share of huge cock it seems it should be one of us but since we weren't available he gets on his knees and swallows another huge dick. Vidal's cock isn't just big, it's a veiny fucker with that downward curve that helps it go right down your throat. Thing is, it's so fat that it's bigger than any guy's throat could be. Tommy does a respectable job, though. He can, of course, accommodate even this big fucker up his ass and does. When Rodrigo Rodrigo walks up, though, it's hard to tell what kind
Naughty Boy Arrested And Fucked
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Description: This cute twink got arrested, taken to the station and put in a holding room where he was given a full strip search. His clothes were taken off then the guard searched his body, teased his ass then bent him over. Cop slammed his cock deep into twink's tight little butt and fucked him hard.