Bananas From Brazil 2
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Description: Felipe Herrero looks like a man who means business. He is very handsome, with a thin beard around his face, and he s a rare man who can pull off a hot pink shirt with glamour. He finds the kitchen a mess and starts braying for Rodrigo Jacques, a really hunky beefcake who gets a tongue lashing from the angry boss. But, Rodrigo can work it off to his horny boss by getting on his knees. Rodrigo isn t much of a sucker, but Felipe s long hot cock is just fine. Felipe then sucks, with more passion than his employee. Felipe gets to fuck, but not before he rims Rodrigo s hairy hole for a moment. Felipe is all confidence when he fucks, manly and aggressive. In the first instance of it as far back as Part 1 of this tale, there is flip-flopping! Felipe gets on his back for Rodrigo, who also turns out to be a grand top, smooth and powerful. He plugs away until Felipe cums being fucked and then jolts a bit on Felipe s nuts as the scene ends.
8 Inches From Brazil
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Description: The only way to be sure is to get closer. Finally, Ramón's city-wide fantasies cum to life, when he encounters a hottie in a public urinal. The ass-slapping scene begins with Alvaro Mendez sucking Ramón's fat, juicy cock until they are interrupted by the presence of a second shirtless, cock-wielding beauty. Not just inches, but several FEET of cock are sucked and hardened to prepare for the hole-plugging, hard-fucking that follows. By the end of the scene, white liquid is sprayed all over the slobbering bottom who is left like trash (but with a smile!) on the floor of the public toilet.
Where The Sun Don  t Shine 4 - Torque & Aiden
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Description: Aiden watches porn as Torque naps next to him. Aiden wakes him by grabbing his cock and sucking on it till he's hard, then Torque returns the favor. They switch off a few times before Aiden lubes up a veiny dildo and works Torque's ass with it. Torque takes a jelly butt plug and pleasures Aiden's butt with it then they both blow their loads.
Poolside Heat
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Added: 02 Jun 09
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Description: By scene four, Ramon is walking around the gay hotel stark naked, his humungous uncut rod swinging back and forth like a heavy-weight pendulum. Parrots mimic, ***s bark, roosters crow, and boys play sex games. In fact, an all-out orgy explodes on the sides of the pool when little-white-boy Samuel Jacques licks his lips in lust for super-black-men Felipe Sainz and Duarte Barreto. He has no idea what pounding these two Brazilian beefmasters are capable of until they plug his virgin tight hole with their coffee flavored massive mocha man meat. Like an oreo cookie getting its cream squeezed out of it, innocent-looking Samuel takes both dark boys like an experienced whore. When his eyes float to the back of his head, while getting power-fucked, we know his dick is about to eject its own white cream. The two buff black dudes have to practically peel Samuel off his fuck-chair and throw him in the pool to revive him!
Lance Bennett and Jake II
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Added: 16 May 09
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Description: If at first you don t succeed, try, try again. Lance is SUPER tight and we weren t able to seal the deal last time. This time I warm up his little hole with a variety of different toys. We start out with some anal beads and then move on to a couple butt-plugs with varying degrees of success. After that we try a dildo which he can only muster to get about 1/2 way in. He s a good sport though and so we move on to a slick-looking black vibrator now. It goes in without a hitch and once the 'good vibrations' start Lance is lovin' it. So much so in fact that he insists I give it a whirl. Believe it or not I ve never had anything vibrating up my ass before and who am I to turn down a challenge like that? We pop it in and man have I been missing out all these years! It feels great. One more try for Lance with another dildo and he decides his butt needs a break. Break time is over and after a couple of tries Lance is finally able to relax enough for me to slide in there. I can t bel
hard anal play
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 16 Apr 09
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Description: playing with a nice dildo and plug, with some poppers
e-stim (anal plug & sparkler)
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Added: 27 Mar 09
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Description: Stimming with anal plug, as my anal sphincter contracting, the probe is sucked in and out of my butt hole. Slow motion cumshot at the end of the clip. Let me know what you think, please comment and rate the video.
inflatable toy
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Description: greetings from a newbie...a clip of me training my mancunt...
You love Jack - SHAWN DOUGLAS 2
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Added: 05 Jan 09
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Description: Shawn's got it all... Beautiful dark skin, perfect chiseled abs. Thick uncut cock... And a dildo shaped like a pawn from some kind of gigantic chess set! I guess they do come in all shapes and sizes!
Nicky Blacklock and His Toys
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Added: 21 Nov 08
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Description: Sure, stuffing his super thick 8 inch cock all the way into a transparent Fleshlight is fun... But things really heat up once his favorite butt plug is stuffed deep inside his ass! This fucker is double stuffed and he likes it like that!
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Added: 25 Aug 08
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Description: And in spite of all that, it's his laid-back attitude that really makes Kip shine. Oh, sure... he's confident and cock-sure. But by the time he's laying back on the couch and casually stroking his rock hard cock you almost forget you're watching a video.
Nicky Blacklock
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Added: 20 Aug 08
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Description: His cock is rock hard as he slowly stretches his ass - stuffing his fingers all up in his guts before plugging that hole with a dildo. Then the dirty little skater grabs a rubber jack-off sleeve and uses it to stroke out one of the biggest loads i've seen