Playing with My Toy
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Added: 21 Mar 10
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Description: Taking all of my butt plug in my ass. My cock gets rock hard from the excitement.
Bo Dean and Dakota Rivers
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Added: 03 Mar 10
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Duration: 0:02:00
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Description: Bo Dean has a tall order in store for him today named Dakota Rivers. Dakota is six feet three inches of sexy! Both guys get down and dirty, sucking on each other's fat cocks. After getting his face fucked by Bo, David has another hole he wants filled. Bo saddles up and plugs David's tight ass with his massive dick. As always, Bo's running on high-octane and fucks David with an intensity no one else can match. Our studs jerk out two huge loads and splatter our bed with their warm seed.
Riding the toy again!
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Added: 01 Mar 10
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Duration: 0:04:27
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Description: I fucking love my new butt plug. I sat on it for a couple hours before I finally jacked off and shot my load.
EMT Spencer
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Added: 18 Feb 10
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Duration: 0:04:18
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Description: Spencer's hairy chest and stomach are too sexy for this EMT. He's been working as a hero in this profession for several years and is planning to become a medic. When Spencer came in for his initial interview, he said he wouldn't try anything with another guy. But, we got him to try the next best thing. Spencer is looking at the video and working on his hard meat when we decide to introduce him to a friend. He's a little apprehensive about it, but decides to give the dildo a try. It's not to thick or long, but it's enough to make the guy a little uncomfortable. He slowly slides the plug into his ass and winces when he feels it going in. When he's worked his hole open a little further, we ask him to try something a little bigger. After a bit of protest, he gives in and starts to shove the larger vibrator into his ass. He's starting to moan as he feels the stretching sensation. Finally we give him super size rubber cock. He manages to jam the head and part of
Hairy Hole Needs Plugging
Category: Straight
Added: 18 Feb 10
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Description: Mark likes girls, all kinds of girls. He also likes to surf, have sex in public and be naked in general. He's got broad shoulders, a nice tan, and fif**** inch ***s from all that surfing he does everyday. Mark also lets it slip that he enjoys a finger in his ass when he gets a blow-job. I wonder if he would go for two. Anyways, I can't wait to measure the muscle in his pants! Mark gets to business and starts pulling his cock and grabbing his balls immediatley. He didn't wait to take his pants off first. Fat cock, big nuts, and a nice hairy hole. I like this one so much I just may have to give him a hand...
penis plug
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 10 Feb 10
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Description: This video describe insertion of penis plug in to my cock
plug (completed)
Category: Toys
Added: 04 Feb 10
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Description: Plug swollen with warm water (diameter max 7,8 cm. along 37 cm). Slowly, slowly it enters nearly completely.
The Best of Black Men 2
Category: Latino
Added: 02 Feb 10
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Duration: 0:02:56
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Description: Ramon is walking around the gay hotel stark naked, his humungous uncut rod swinging back and forth like a heavy-weight pendulum. Parrots mimic, ***s bark, roosters crow, and boys play sex games. In fact, an all-out orgy explodes on the sides of the pool when little-white-boy Samuel Jacques licks his lips in lust for super-black-men Felipe Sainz and Duarte Barreto. He has no idea what pounding these two Brazilian beefmasters are capable of until they plug his virgin tight hole with their coffee flavored massive mocha man meat. Like an oreo cookie getting its cream squeezed out of it, innocent-looking Samuel takes both dark boys like an experienced whore. When his eyes float to the back of his head, while getting power-fucked, we know his dick is about to eject its own white cream. The two buff black dudes have to practically peel Samuel off his fuck-chair and throw him in the pool to revive him!
Plug Play
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Added: 28 Jan 10
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Description: Me playing and stretching outside on a warm spring day.
Category: Latino
Added: 25 Jan 10
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Duration: 0:02:54
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Description: The sex dungeon becomes another scorching dream scene as studpuppy Gomez Cabral and bra-zilian bombshell Castel Lorenzo parades and pose their perfectly chiseled bods for merman Joam das Neves to worship with his heavenly eyes and luscious lips. Obviously stoked to be poked, pro-bottom Joam displays his devotion to the brute brazilian sex pigs with an underwater suck-session that tops all others! At one point, the epic water-orgy blasts into a first-of-its-kind sub-jacuzzi jamboree! Then the moistened man-sticks are sucked dry above the water line as the cute ethnic bottom preps his buddys' chutes for a powerful portuguese plugging unmatched in any previous porn flick. The two tops use and ****** their pretty bottom-boy until Gomez' cali-ente cock finds its way into the vice-like grip of one of the tightest butts in the biz. Then, simul-taneously, the sweet sex seeds detonate like amazonian atomic bombs.
Badpuppy Model Jan Chytil Part 2
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 24 Jan 10
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Description: Jan strokes his large uncut cock, pulling down his turtleneck. Next he plugs his tight hole with a lubed up black dildo, thrushing it in and out.
Strip, Pumpplug, Bound
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Jan 10
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Duration: 0:06:35
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Description: Ich strippe für einen Master vor der Cam, darf mir mein Loch mit einen Plug zum aufpumpen verschließen und Schwanz und Eier abbinden
Dylan & Finley
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 10 Jan 10
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Duration: 0:01:59
Tags: fun UK Manchester Kink Twink Boynapped fetish

Description: There is nothing finer then having two hot [banned word] pups fighting over who gets to suck your cock. Sebastian was the luck crew member who got to play master with the horny duo: Dylan Thomas & Finley Yves. Both pups were napped and put to work after Sebastian tricked them both into bondage at his penthouse in Manchester. One pup has a massive 8-inch cock, the other; a toned, tight bubble butt. Sebastian trained them both before ordering Pup Finley to plug Pup Dylan's very tight hole in a fuck scene that must not be missed.