Specialist Clark
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Added: 26 Apr 14
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Description: This military stud is built for battle, with a smooth chest and slightly developed musculature. His face becomes more flushed as he really gets into the stroke job he's giving himself. The view of his perky ass is perfect as he kneels, trying to see his subject matter better. His strokes become more intense as his chest begins to heave. He gazes down at his cock and it explodes with a fountain of semen. The white jiz sprays upward, then lands in the matt of pubic hair. Several more spurts leap out of his pisshole and land on his hand while the rest dribbles down his cock.
Footballer Naked Physical
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Description: Charlie is a rising young football star in Mancastle United and an injury might take him out of action for months. He's swiftly unclothed and given a radical new treatment for his thick muscular haunches, but his body needs to be fully prepared first. The oil covering his frame, tight buttocks and pendulous cock shows it off nicely. It's a busy club with different clothed men coming in and out. Athletes have to take it in their stride that they will be fully exposed to multiple clothed men while being treated. The innocent lad finds it particularly sensitive having his pisshole penetrated for a swab, but he fully submits to the experienced professionals and knows he's in good hands.
Sounding Stool
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Added: 22 Oct 09
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Description: The last time I was at the Foundry (Ha, Ha!) I happened upon a straight Fr27 sound... just lying around looking cold & loney; so I brought it home and warmed it up!
Sounds Stuck
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Added: 22 Oct 09
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Description: Sharing my latest sound (a Hegar 8/7mm) with my fellow sound enthusiasts. NOTE: There is an orange 'reflection' near the end of vid... nothing more.
Sounds Solid
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Added: 22 Oct 09
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Description: This is one of my first sounding vids after stepping up from my starter Rosebud Sound set. 'Co-staring' in this flick is a Fr 21/23, stainless steal Pratt Sound. Enjoy and feel free to send comments.