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Added: 15 Oct 11
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Description: Mark Getty returns exclusively to picturethis-studios this month for his first ever solo jack off video “Milking it!”. Members of the site will recall Mark from his previous photo gallery in which those crafty picturethis guys got him to submerge himself into a bath full of water – still clothed!! Their cunning plan was as transparent as Marks wet, white underwear, as they translucently clung to his body revealing just how well endowed this sexy hunk is. He even managed to work his impressive bulge to even bigger proportions after that last dripping item of clothing was removed. Choosing to stay dry for his debut movie this month however, Mark certainly turns up the heat on his performance as he works his body for the video camera on a sunny autumn afternoon, very happy to be getting naked and to entertain us all with his impressive hot, hard cock once more!