Photoshoot Romance
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Added: 27 Apr 13
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Description: When JD Phoenix walked into my studio I immediately knew he was a going to be a star. He was so cute and still is. I played my role as his friendly photographer, but what I really wanted was a piece of that ass. Of course I always get what I want.
Boris Fjodorow and Pasha
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Added: 10 Apr 13
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Description: White nights continue in Eastern Europe and, since Pasha and Boris Fjodorow aren't in the mood to ****** -- how can you when the sun it still up at midnight? -- they head out for a photoshoot by the river. They then take it indoors where cute blond twink Boris shows off a nice-sized dick and a big pair of low-hangers. Pasha wants him badly but Boris needs to be romanced first. Kissing is a start and, after passionately making out, Pasha sucks the blond before whipping out his own dick and fucking the twink's face. Boris rims Pasha then fucks him raw before giving up his own cherry. Pasha pounds into Boris deep, fucking the cum out of the blond before spraying his own load of sweet jizz all over the freshly fucked Boris.
Lucio Saints and Scott Hunter
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Added: 19 Mar 13
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Description: Here we have the golden man again (we have long ago joined the Latino fan club; and that IS a club) but it was the first time that our new face Scott came face to face with a real trouser python. Mind you, Scott has appeared on the scene only a few months back and has quickly mastered the art of getting his ass pounded for everybody's pleasure, the boy just has it. Still, I saw his eyes lit up when he saw Lucio's cock for the first time and he effortlessly deep throated him during the photoshoot (we don't employ fluffers anymore, either the models help each other or the crew will gladly lend a hand... ) but I digress... We have Lucio and Scott enjoying each other bodies on the bed - fast forward to the bit where Ross takes Lucio's cock out and starts sucking it - press PLAY - and play he does.. He runs his tongue up and down that shaft, he teases the head and caresses the balls; he downs that monster in one and he gasps for air. Lucio relaxes and really enjoys the view but he is not on
Jack Union
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Added: 05 Mar 13
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Description: Trojan has spotted a new hunk and after having coaxed him into taking his clotehs off in a night club a few day before he arranges a photoshoot. Jack is a bodybuilder and Trojan is a sucker for muscles. Prepare yourself to be treated to a muscle hunk oiling himself up, caressing his hairy body for your pleasure, stroking the meat between his legs for your entertainment and squirting a milky load for your
Morning Erection
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Added: 05 Feb 13
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Description: Every Monday morning I do all my DVD and photoshoot shipments at the postal convenience store just down the street. Jaime wasa new guy and I saw him there a couple of times before we had a conversation. He noticed the DVDs I was sending out, and I’m not one to miss an opportunity. I told him about my photo and DVD work and got himinterested enough to try doing a shoot.
Horny Twink Photoshoot
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Description: From the DVD "Chicken Ala Twink". Watch the entire DVD and Hundreds more at FREE PREVIEWS
Hairy Stud Showing Off and Jerking Man Meat
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Added: 08 Dec 12
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Description: Check out this furry hunk jerking off, posing and flexing with a boner, walking around with hardon, a little piss and alot of cum. See this behind the scenes and photoshoot on ManAvenue - JOIN NOW
Hairy and Cute, Rudy Bodlak Naked
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Added: 10 Oct 12
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Description: You asked for more naked Rudy Bodlak, so we've put this behind the scenes look into him getting his dick hard for the photoshoot, jacking off for the cameras, extra high resolution photos and that powerful cum shot. Be sure to also check out this hot naked hunk in
Straight Hairy Hunk Jerking Huge Curved Dick in Photoshoot
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Added: 28 Aug 12
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Description: Straight and hairy muscle hunk, Jorge Alvarez, gets fully boned up to show off in this amazing raw photoshoot. You guys can't seem to get enough of this handsome guy. Lucky you, we filmed the original photoshoot of this stud as he shows off his amazing body to the world. Watch this sexy naked man get his dick rock hard for the photo session, posing for the cameras while his dick throbs and curves so perfectly. As if the session wasn't already complete as is, watch his unbelievable cumshot as he throws his man jizz all over himself...we even slowed it down for you to enjoy again. JOIN NOW to see this sexy mother fucker get naked and hard for you.
Giant Cock Solo
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Description: American stud Austin Merrick is this weeks BelAmi Pin-Up boy of the week, get to know all of him. This photoshoot was Austin's first time doing this kind of work, and also his first time outside of the US. Our big dicked American newbie showed up half tan, half pale but no matter he looks good from every angle! See what the BIG buzz is all about all week long at!
Muscle Guys Fucking and Sucking
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Added: 20 May 12
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Description: Tomm, our Real Man, debuted on ManAvenue several years ago in his first solo scene with us. Since then, he has been stuffed with a dildo (in Tomm's Toy), fucked by hairy man Peter Johnson (in our Hairy Muscle Flip Flop); fucked by the straight muscled Angelo Cruz (in Meathead and Muscle); sucked by all kind of guys and gets the lucky spot of fucking our cute twink TJ (in Tomm Fucks TJ). See all the unedited scenes with additional / raw footage from these videos and some never seen high resolution photos for each of those associated photoshoots. JOIN NOW to see why Tomm is one of our Real on ManAvenue. Be sure to catch all our muscle guys posing and flexing, showing off their boners and walking around with hard cocks.
Morning Erection
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Added: 17 May 12
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Description: Every Monday morning I do all my DVD and photoshoot shipments at the postal convenience store just down the street. Jaime wasa new guy and I saw him there a couple of times before we had a conversation. He noticed the DVDs I was sending out, and I'm not one to miss an opportunity. I told him about my photo and DVD work and got himinterested enough to try doing a shoot.
Rock Hard Dick During This Muscular Model's Photoshoot
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Added: 07 Apr 12
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Description: This fucking handsome dude stays rock hard during 2 photoshoots...posing and flexing with a boner...then blows cum everywhere. HOT.
Sports: Threesome
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 25 Mar 12
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Duration: 0:05:08
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Description: This is the first movie in our "Sports" month. In this scene, Steven Daigle, John Magnum and Shane Frost have just finished their photoshoot for our upcoming photography book. The three are relaxing in their singlets (they had just finished shooting the "wrestling" look) and have a crazy threesome. The sex is non-stop and Shane Frost gets pummeled from every which way by both of them!
Sports: Parker & Topher
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Added: 24 Mar 12
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Description: This the final movie in our "Sports Month" series, which features products by Swiss Navy. In this scene Topher DiMaggio and and Parker London chill out after their Sports photoshoot. We gave them some flavored lube and let them go to town! Topher kept his football shoulder pads on for most of the scene. It was so hot watching him fuck Parker in them.
Hairy Muscle Guy Shows Hard Dick In Photoshoot
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Added: 09 Mar 12
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Description: this hairy muscle guy's dick is hard before he takes off his underwear...i think he was excited to be getting his pictures taken. he loves posing and flexing while his cock is rock hard...he loves bending over showing his hairy ass crack, too...See his full videos at ManAvenue.Com...