Secreto, Jota & Nevah Sei-No
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Added: 06 Sep 14
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Duration: 0:02:30
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Description: The imagination of our artist has no limits. He imagines three mysterious guys with gas masks playing with big dildos, vacuum pumps and expert fists. Secreto Iberico and Jota Moro are very versatile at fisting. You won't see their faces, but will see how they stretch their big holes fisting and punching each other before Nevah Sei-no comes to fist both of them at the same time.
plugging and unplugging my dick
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 28 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:01:05
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Description: inserting and removing a 9mm penis plug repeatedly and I#m pierced.(adds 2;5mm to the thickness.
penis plug hammering
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:00:42
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Description: ah this plug is 11mm diameter and it won't go in - even though I use the 11mm sounding rod (33fr) so I use the sounding rod to try and help it down. no luck and it didn't hurt.
cumming through penis plug
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 08 Jul 13
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Description: after not cumming again for a week and hours and hours of sex with my daddy I geat home and jeark off fully loaded with mt metal toys and explode
Panties Down for the Huge Walrus Cock and Fist
Category: Fisting
Added: 04 Dec 12
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Description: White panties come down for the huge walrus cock dildo and fist hard in the ass and fucked in the cock at the same time by a wide penis plug
Do Me Up The Arse Mate!
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 24 Nov 12
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Description: More cock for your money in Do Me Up The Arse Mate! as ten horny British lads feature in this hardcore gay action feature. These juiced-up young pups have just one thing on their mind - a big fat cock up the arse and one in the mouth. Four hot scenes with two threesomes and two duets beginning with Michael and Martin sharing Phil's hard thick cock - one deep throating him whilst the other sucks and pulls at his sack. A black butt plug and large dildo are brought in to loosen up the lads, and Michael is the lucky guy who receives both whilst 69ing Martin. Liking it so much he leaves it in whilst he fucks his mate's cute tight arses. The next scene finds Trevor and Bob in the shower soaping each others hardening dicks. Trev drops to his knees to take his pal's throbbing penis in his mouth then bends him over to slip his length up his poop chute whilst the water cascades over their slim bodies. The following two scenes are guaranteed to get you reaching for the rewind button too as these
Extreme Ass and Cock Fist and Fuck
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Added: 13 Oct 12
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Description: Extreme ass and cock fucking a penis plug and pumping my cock with a fist hard in the ass then bareback ass fuck with my own pumped cock
Samuel and Gabriel
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 25 Sep 12
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Description: Muscle *********** Samuel Colt comes home bearing gifts: a Fleshjack and a butt plug. He finds his young lover, Gabriel Louis, diligently poring over his textbooks, busy studying for his upcoming exam. Samuel empties the bag containing the gifts unto the bed and Gabriel asks, "What are those?" "You'll find out," replies Samuel as he pulls out his hard cock. Gabriel sucks on his stiff cock, just like his *********** likes it. Samuel returns the favor and takes his time tasting his young boyfriend's hot uncut cock and foreskin. Samuel picks up the Fleshjack and guides Gabriel's cock into it. Gabriel Louis moans in ecstasy. Wanting to join in on the fun Samuel takes turns using the Fleshjack. At one point Samuel guides both of their cocks into the Fleshjack and they fuck it together. Samuel Colt tosses Gabriel's legs back, his ass propped up in the perfect position for him to eat it up. After Gabriel's hole is wet enough he takes the butt plug and gently stuffs it down Gabriel's ass. Now
Penis and Butt Plugs Extreme
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Description: In my ass with a huge anus stretching butt plug and fucking my penis with a plug at the same time widl fun with my cock and ass
Fucked in My Cock and Ass Big Plugs
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Description: Giant Butt Plug and a Penis Plug...In my ass and fucked in my penis at the same time and watersports through the penis plug