3 juli, sounds streching my peehole:260mb.mov
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 23 Feb 13
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Duration: 0:09:24
Tags: bdsm sound urethral estim poppers masturbate

Description: Sounding and erecting my penisshaft. A lot of poppers for extra fun and enlargement..
Stretching my peehole
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 20 Jul 12
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Duration: 0:09:24
Tags: sounds bdsm urethral

Description: 2 sounds stretching my peehole so one day the 11mm will fit ;-)
CBT closeup
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 05 Mar 12
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Duration: 0:14:32
Tags: balls split closeup clamp cbt

Description: Trussing my ball,stretching my peehole, sounding my dick, and clamping my dick and balls with a vice grip, Only effect was slight irritated skin which went away in about an hour. Don't do this everyday.
Kinky leater bear inserting a long steel rod into his dick
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Feb 12
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Duration: 0:01:48
Tags: Bears Metal Steel Rod Cock Cock Hairy Beefy Chubby Masculine Gay Men

Description: You won't believe the shit that these leather bears put themselves through in this video. It starts off with a slave sucking off his master's dick, getting covered with jizz and then getting dunked in a grimy toilet. But the next two are even raunchier. One inserts a metal rod in his peehole while getting sucked off, and then he rams the other's asshole until he comes. This is some crazy shit.