Piss Prison
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Description: Buckets of urine line the floor of the dungeon where two pee-happy big-dicked tops fuck and pump their gimp to exhaustion before releasing streams of piss all over him.
Jack Archer - Solo
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Description: He smiles at me and says he's not shy about showing me. He rubs his cock for a hot second through his jeans before he pops the head out above the waistband and starts caressing gently. Finally, he unbuckles his belt and pops open his fly and a giant pink cock bursts into view. This hirsute stud gets really into stroking, breathing heavily and moaning as his head whips back and forth with pleasure. He lays across the sofa and really gets into the task at hand. Using both hands he teases and tortures his cock, whipping himself into a horny tizzy. Suddenly, a few drops of cum escape the end of his dick. He begins rocking back and forth and grunting loudly as blasts of cum explode from his pee hole, coating his pink rod and head with a semi transparent thick load.
Gushing Jizz
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Description: He continues to remove more clothing - shirt, pants, socks, and boots - until he's completely naked. Once he does, it's easy to see the outlines of his pecs, even though covered in a sexy pattern of chest hair. His crotch is even hairier with a thick patch of hair surrounding a thick cock, and more hair trailing down his swollen taint toward his asshole. He closes his eyes and rests his head on the back of the chair as he begins to breathe heavier. Suddenly his bright pink cock gushes a huge dollop of sperm onto his chest, leaping in a large arc above his fur lined body. Several more spurts dribble from his pee hole before another giant load sprays over his chest and shoulder, with some landing on the green blanket near his ear.
Rimming Before Fucking
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Description: Sean continues to relentlessly clobber Philip's supersensitive prostate while his eyes flip backwards with each connecting blow. Finally when Philip is almost at the point of spilling his spunk-smoothie, he takes a short break and climbs on top of Sean, securing a front row seat at his own explosive orgasm. With the assistance of gravity, he let's the rim of his hole fall all the way down to the base of Sean's pulsating erection and firmly clenches onto it, helping wring pre-cum upwards on it's journey out of his pee hole and into the condom on as he pumps his hips like a butter-churn. Both of them writhe against each other in this ecstatic duel before uncontrollably applying just the right amount of pressure to Sean's trigger and firing load after load all over Philip's chest and neck. The sight of this seriously hot pairing almost has me blowing my own load without even touching myself.
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Description: What a shoot it turned out to be! Once I flipped Sawyer over and started the tugging, he was right at the edge of ejaculating (deja vu ;-). After several minutes of starting & stopping, I realized that Sawyer was in his extreme sexual zone, and a second orgasm was highly probable. I asked. Sawyer said it was possible, so I brought him to his first climax. A quick pee break, and we were right back at it. BOING! Sawyer was hard and cumming a second time within a few minutes of his first. Now, that's what I call being in the zone. Of course, bringing guys to multiple orgasms within a short timeframe is old hat to me. As you'll see on the video, it was a bit of a surprise to Sawyer. I think Sawyer enjoyed himself -- as will you.