110 in Tuscon: Scene 2
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Description: When his apprentice finds some old porn in the home they're remodeling, bossman Quest thinks they should knock off work for the day. He's thinking he can help his assistant knock off some cream, too. Quest slowly draws the shy but obviously horny young man out. Pearson hesitantly gets his first taste of manmeat and soon has Quest's stub**** face roughing up his cherry butt cheeks, until finally the ****'s takin' a joy ride on Quest's strikingly hard boner, suckin' up every inch and crying for more. He'll be a journeyman in another day or two.
Lovers and Friends
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Description: Lovers and Friends from BijouGayMovies Two lovers --Ron Pearson and Joel Curry -- spend an enjoyable afternoon at a health club getting it on with various members and employees in this film that opens with a well-shot solo session by Curry. Convincing his lover that he needs a bit more ****