Nathan gets Man-handled!
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Added: 02 May 11
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Duration: 0:02:01
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Description: Seeing as our lovable Nathan B simply adores being man-handled by bigger guys I thought is only right to let him have some more fun - especially when Danny R entered the frame and joined our stable of hot studs! I mean, it didn't take a “eureka” moment to know this was going to be an absolute humdinger of a hot, lusty, sex session and man, these guys sure did enjoy themselves before, during, and after the cameras were rolling ;-) Immediately there's passionate kissing and licking as they peeled away their shirts and searched each other's chests with their hungry finger tips. Just as you'd expect, Nathan sets in for some serious Danny worship… slowly he works his hands from his neck down to those lovely firm pecs, and then further downwards to his real target! Danny responds to Nathan's sensual touch by fucking up into Nathan's teasing hands, riding into the massaging rhythm which only increases the powerful feelings coming from his hard cock… and all before Nathan's mouth devours th