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Twink, Eink and Top
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Description: I'm a Twink and I am a freshman at the local university. One day while walking to class I passed Top and Eink, the local bullies! Everyone knows they are into each other. Well I took one look at their faces and I started running. I new they were going to be into some body else. Namely my tight little Asian ass!
r134: Jason and Milo
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Description: Franco sets up a gay-for-pay game to see how far he can push new straight buddies Jason and Milo. They take a pass on eating ass, but still are willing to teabag, paddle, kiss, spank and dickslap each other. Jason even cums twice, once on Milo and once on himself, before Milo pops off a big nut.
Eryk Gets Railed
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Description: Spitting on his own dick as he pulls out ever so slightly, Fabian drives deep into Eryk's tight ass. Eryk strains to take all of Fabian while he jerks his own red rocket to the pulse of Fabian's pounding. "Flip it," Fabian yells and Eryk hops up on all fours. Eryk reclines with the weight of Fabian on top of him, drilling into his sweet spot. Switching the position one more time, Fabian climbs onto the bed with Eryk. In a pose that could pass for an advanced yoga move, Fabian slides into Eryk sideways, holding Eryk's leg taut in the air. Fabian plummets deeper into Eryk, who clutches onto him. They cradle each other in a rocking fuck of wills, equally giving and taking to their mutual limit. Eryk's cock spasms, squirting sperm puddles of warm milky cream onto his stomach. Fabian follows right after, landing his cock into Eryk's begging mouth. Tongue extended, Eryk laps at Fabian's last pearlescent drop, a deliciously gooey end to an amazing fuck session!
Tommy Lima In Brazil 3 - Esteban, Mateus and Tommy
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Description: Shortly after finding his seat Tommy takes off into the inner sanctum of the stadium. What he finds is a small locker room occupied by Esteban Paes and Mateus Fogaca. The soccer jocks are chatting and it is quickly turning hot as they start to grope each other a little bit. When Mateus notices Tommy spying he calls him out. When Tommy starts rubbing Esteban's shoulder, though, Esteban points to the ground and pulls out a heavy handful of soft cock. Tommy goes to town. Mateus isn't one to pass up a good thing, though, and he pulls his meat out for head before then dropping to his knees to return the favor. Esteban cops a squat on the bench and shows off his big dick. His fat ass-spreader sticks up past his fucking nipples and is almost too big around to grip! He strokes off long enough that I was beginning to think Alexander hadn't been able to convince Tommy to sit down on it. Alexander didn't let us down, though.
Noisy Twink Fucked Against the Wall
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Description: Skater dudes Martin Claus and Rod Malek know just how to pass the time – even when they're out in public they're still always horny and ready to empty their nuts onto each other. Verbal Rod shows off his deepthroat skills and whimpers his way through a hard fuck.
Tate at Club Amateur USA
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Description: Tate is back on the CAUSA massage table for Round Two. Dear gawd, this is one frickin' hot video!As you may have noticed in Tate's debut video, his cock is rather sensitive and when properly played with, it tends to send him into involuntary body spasms -- verging on convulsions. Well, I decided to capitalize on that bit of foreknowledge, and I put Tate through the ringer! Kudos to him for not blacking out from the intensity during the shoot nor *********** at the end of the shoot. :-P As you can see in the associated images before watching the video, Tate was all over the massage table -- back arched, legs extended, legs crunched, toes curled, toes stretched... moaning... gasping... damn-near squealing like a pig. LOL! I know just from editing this vid, I was doubly moist and so horny, I was ready to bite the paint off of the side of the house. Grab a couple of cum towels cuz this video is 46 minutes long, and I'm sure you will need several self-pleasuring sessions to m
Two Boys and The Skater
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Description: When a hot and cute skater passes by Larry and Kevin at the waterfront, he takes notice of them and finds reason to return. They end up in a secluded outdoor area and show the skater what gay sex is all about. He watches Larry and Kevin suck each other for a while then joins in right when the bareback fucking begins.
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Description: Brock first contacted me on my favorite sex & swingers site back in June 2004. We met for a preliminary interview at that time, but due to some professional concerns, he couldn't bring himself to do a video. Upon getting a look at Brock prior to this video shoot, I was quite glad that a year and a half had passed since we first met. Apparently, he has been hitting the gym hard & heavy, today's Brock is quite the compact, little hottie! DAYUM! This was the wildest cum shot I've ever captured on video. My hand and arm were covered with Brock's cum because he was like a water sprinkler going off! LOL! Enjoy!
Blonde Cutie Fabien Rossis' XL Fucking Adventure
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Description: Ripped young dude Robin Few has taken the sweetfaced and filthy minded Fabien Ross to teach him a thing or two about eating ass. Once he's passed the test and gotten Robin's boypussy nice and wet, the tattooed twink gets to fuck his ass bare till the juices squirt.
Don’t Give A Fuck Who Catches Us
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Description: Perfect Touch isn't living up to his name trying to fix his greasy bike out in public in his front lawn, but Picwik is passing by and helps him out by offering him a sticky deepthroat and his hungry ass to take the pressure off.
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Description: UH...MAH..GAWD!!! The facial expressions, grunts, groans, and gasps were phenomenal. Of course, Billy being the ham that he is, could not pass up making faces and mouthing words to the cameras when I wasn't looking. And as we all know, that's what makes Billy so fricking endearing. As I said out loud when I finished editing the video, "dear gawd, that boy is CUTE!" Enjoy Billy in the 150th video on ClubAmateurUSA. I emailed Billy a little bit ago to tell him that I hope he's around for 200, 250, 300, and so on. :-P
Cheaters Episode 2: Old Habits Die Hard
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Description: Even the perfect boyfriend can't pass up the perfect excuse. In NakedSword's Cheaters, Tyson Tyler and boyfriend Landon Conrad are happy, loving… and boring. So when Landon has to duck out for a work dinner, Tyson places an order for part-time fuck buddy Ray Diaz. Ray sneaks in and the two of them take turns working out their frustrations in a furious flip flop fuck that's as dirty as it is quick. Well, maybe not quick enough. As the sweaty session is wrapping up, Landon hears them from the front door… and fears the relationship is finished as well.
Cheaters Episode 1: Revenge Sex
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Description: There are some things you can't get at home. And in NakedSword's Cheaters, that's when you get in trouble. Handsome Vance Crawford has a beautiful wife and a loving family, but "I do" doesn't mean "I won't." Vance's boy on the side is Donnie Dean, but when he drops by for a little workout, he finds the bed taken — by Donnie's ********** party boy boyfriend (Ashton Webber). But that doesn't stop Vance, who gets creative and and fucks Donnie in the hallway. And in the mouth. And in the ass. The sex is so hot, so raw and so fucking good that Donnie can't help but brag. Though Ashton's still **********, Donnie finds a way to throw the affair in his face. But will it be a wake-up call or a call to action?
Blond-Ginger Tatted Stud
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Description: Conner's thick man shaft is screaming to come out from the depts of his underwear. He pulls open the waistband and starts stroking his tool while rubbing his penis' head with his thumb as he completes each long stroke. He pulls off his pants and underwear to his ankles and I can see his nice big balls and sack flopping up and down; which is very mesmerizing. Conner puts on a great show, leaving no body part uncovered. He flips onto his side allowing me to see his meaty ass cheeks and even jams a finger up his tight hairy pink hole. Makes you wonder what else this guy has put up his ass. He returns to his sitting position and continues to massage the length of his diamond hard manrod. After a few minutes he leans back as he passes his point of no return. With a few gasps and moans, Conner shoots out a huge steaming load of semen up his chest and down his stomach. His gorgeous light blue eyes almost peer into your very persona altering your state of mind into one which is filled with lus
Study Group Gangbang
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Description: When the boys get together for a routine study session evidently the last thing on their minds is homework. Tensions begin to rise as group leader Matthew Keading tries to get his classmates to focus on the task at hand but Jacob Dixon and Jessie Montgomery seem to be more interested in studying each other. All five study buddies become hopelessly distracted when Aiden Summers discovers that Matthew secretly moonlights as a porn star! The boys proceed to learn the lesson of a lifetime when Matthew pulls out all the stops for a five-way bareback twink gangbang, sucking off his friends before taking each big dick in turn. Looks like passing marks for all!
Nathan Leon is feeling perverse
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Description: Discover how Nathan Leon passes idle time. The sexy brunette Latino is a gorgeous as he is kinky and while alone, he loves relaxing and playing with his body in this sexy semi-exclusive video. Watch him getting nude before playing with his hard cock for your enjoyment!
Mark Fucks Seth
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Description: Hot and hairy young men on a bed. These are some of my favorite things! Laid back Mark shares his easy-living philosophy with city boy Seth. The boys talk about life, love, and some foot love talk. Seth seems a little more energetic than usual. Maybe it's the straight boy, surfer hottie sitting next to him that ruffled his feathers today. They had passed each other in the halls of the studio, but never formally met. Seth is more than pleased to be set up with this So-Cal cutie. Riled up and ready for action, Seth must have skipped breakfast, because he starts gobbling Mark's hairy hole like a full course meal. Sucking, fucking, ass munching, and two huge pink dicks! I sure love my job.
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Description: I'm thinkin' that Kane is naughty guy in bed (i.e., verbal, nasty, and a helluva lot of fun!). From the time I viewed his profile on my favorite sex & swingers site, happened to catch him on his webcam waving his rather long cock & displaying his pretty pink hole for the camera, exchanged email & phone calls, to him getting naked & plopping himself down on the CAUSA massage table, a total of 15 hours had passed. Ours was a whirlwind romance... lol Apparently, Kane is a new dad, the wife is in the throes of post-partum (where's Tom Cruise's glib opinion when you need it? ;-), and he's online looking for a little fun & stress relief. Luckily for all of us, my path crossed his right at the right time! I say that Kane must be a naughty guy because as you'll soon see, he gets lost in the moment and starts to dirty talk, give direction, and rock & roll his hips -- all things to maximize his pleasure. Good for Kane, and even better for us!
Wolf Wagner and Dirk Berger
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Description: Night in Berlin, Wolf is on his way back to his hotel but he decides to check the area of Tiergarten that was marked in a magazine as a cruising ground. The rain must have kept most of the guys away, but he's seen movement and he decides to wait under a tree. Not much time passes before Dirk walks by, stops and reaches for Wolf's cock. They kiss and exchange blowjobs in the dark, mere metres away from the main road and Wolf end up getting a thick load shot right on his face. Wolf still needs to shoot his load and he's not gonna let go the blond hunk so easily. He takes him back to his hotel and they start all over again. Wolf if first to suck cock, but he took Dirk back because he wants to fuck him. So they play around and taste each other a while longer, swapping blowjobs and rimming before Wolf fucks Dirk on his back and keeps fucking him until he unloads all over his chest and Wolf shoots on Dirk's face.
Pass the Soap
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Description: Studio hunk Ty Roderick and athletic hottie Damon Archer begged to do a scene together and soon as the boys were in the same room they couldn't keep their hands off each other! Damon takes Ty's jock cock like a champ and show's off his agility by putting his perfect ass in the air via a handstand so Ty can lick his hole good and deep. Starring: Damon Archer, Ty Roderick
I Found A Nice Cruising Spot
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Description: Tony is a regular at this place for cruising guys. It's nice today and as always, arriving near the abandoned house, he drops his pants while waiting for a nice guy passes by to get his ass. Tony loves to play the slut, he loves get banged. And it will not be long!
Black Gays Having An Orgy
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Description: The boys from the hood are back! Ricky Parker and his homes are all about having fun. These guys are doing what they love most, *********** drinks and making out. It's only a matter of time before they were all naked and rimming each other's butts and having anal sex.
Dirty Tony Face-Fucks Robert
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Description: Robert told me he didn't mind a finger or a toy in the ass while he was getting down to business, with an ass as great as his, how could I pass this one up? He protests that he is strictly for the ladies, but we all know what happens when the studio door closes. He also said that he didn't mind that I was going to be in the room while he was jerking off. You will just have to watch to see what else Robert doesn't mind me doing to him! lets just say that Robert leaves with an extra wide smile for a guy that said he would never do anything with another man. Did I mention thats its good to be back...very, very good.