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Description: Today I found myself in the middle of the Jiraskuv bridge. Switched on the cam and tried my luck with the first dude passing. It was very short and I almost got punched. He got so offended that he pushed me very hard. But luckily right the next young lad was the cutie I was hoping for. Talkative, cute, young and a sportman. Just getting back home from his football training. Took me some time to start the conversation about sex with him. But once I did I knew he is gonna be a true catch for my little private project. Even so shy as he was, he showed me his adorable cock right there on the bridge. I knew he won't go any further there, so I used my “money” trap and got him to agree to go to the park with me. I won't tell you what happen there. Leave it to your imagination Gents. But once again it was a great one.
Robert meets young boy outside
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Description: Robert meets a friend down at the park for a quick suck and fuck. He pulls down his pants and his friend starts sucking his cock while playing with his balls. As the passion intensifies, it isn't long until Robert has him bent over fucking his deep asshole until he unloads a large amount of cum inside of him.
Dorm Buddy Sex Surprise
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Description: Young Cody Parker gives his dorm buddy Ashton Scott a surprise laundry inspection. When Cody finds a dirty spot, he punishes Ashton by making him wear his dirty briefs on his head. Turning things around, Cody gives Ashton BJ training in the parking lot, before fucking him in the back of a truck. There doesn't seem to be any incentive for Ashton to do a better job with the laundry.
Seki Tabuchi - Sexing the Park Boy
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Description: Seki Tabuchi is a cute 18 year old Japanese student. We caught him as he was running around the park, practicing for a University race. After watching this cute twink run in the park and then take off his shirt, showing his sweaty body and 6-pack abs, our camera man just had to see if there was a way he could convince him to show us more. Being that he is a college student in need of cash, it didn't take a huge amount of convincing. This gorgeous boy was soon naked on the bed, letting the camera man show us his beautiful virgin pink asshole, low hanging balls and sizable big cock. After a 'helping hand,' it didn't take much for this sweetie to blow a huge load.
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Description: Today's spot : biggest park in Prague! I chose most busiest crossroad in the park, cause I knew that I will catch some here. After speaking to two guys without any success I started to worry. Said to myself “ Denis, three strikes out, now or never “. So my next move was crucial. After few minutes I've spotted a young dude walking just towards me. From the very first moment I felt relaxed and confident. He had such a nice, approachable personality. We've talked about what he is doing in Prague, what does he do for living, you know the usual stuff. Then I slowly slipped into sex questions. He was from the village so I knew I had to be more careful with what I am asking. But to my surprise he was a exhibitionist. So now the only task is to choose a right amount of cash to offer. P.S. watch the video till the very end, there is a funny surprise waiting for ya! Ciao!
Poppered Sneaker Sex with the Delivery Boy
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Description: Tony Rekins is chilling in his sportsgear waiting for a package and gets to use Asian delivery boy Anthony Kiffeur's hungry mouth and open cunthole to park up his thick monster cock. Poppered up interracial fuckfest for the lads!
Caught Beating Off
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Description: Slutty pig bottom Jayson Park sneaks off into the members only sex room to jerk his cock and play with his hairy hole
Timber's Solo
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Description: Timber spent a lot of time on the phone with us before he decided to come in and show off his lean, muscular physique for the camera. He's an acrobat and performs regularly at one of the local theme parks. That must be how this hot blond keeps himself in shape. Once we started talking, he made it clear that he's doing this to exercise his freedom of expression. I think you'll like what he has to say.
Bareback Brit  Boiz
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Description: Outdoor, open-air debauchery! Casual meetings turn into all-out wild raw fucking! These hot and horny lads don't waste any time going home! Public sex is what turns them on as they quickly escape to the nearest alley or park to fuck and suck each other dry! Gettin' down-n-dirty is what these brits do best as huge uncut cocks ram tight twink holes and cum shoots everywhere! Don't miss a throat-gagging, ass-pounding, cum-squirting minute as these blokes get raunchy, nasty and dirty...bareback style!
Tommy Sem and Larry Notter
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Description: After spending the day in the park with their skateboards, Tommy Sem and Larry Notter head to a quiet, secluded spot where they can chill and relax. The trouble is that both twinks are horny. Each wants something but they're too nervous to make the first move. Larry, however, finally breaks the ice, having already been indoctrinated into bareback sex by his new neighbors. Once they start making out Tommy goes down on Larry and gives him a sweet blowjob. After returning the favor, Larry gives his ass up to Tommy, who does the most natural thing: shove his raw cock in Larry's sweet, raw hole. Tommy pumps Larry full of twink dick before swapping places. Larry dumps a load all over Tommy's ass then Tommy gives Larry a big, tasty cum facial.
Kip Ryker & Dakota Adams BAREBACK in Des Moines
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Description: Meet big dicked Dakota Adams - a brand new porn model discovered by Jason Sparks on his Nation Wide Model Search. He's a bit of an exhibitionist and is not adverse to sex in a park where the thrill of getting caught makes it just that much hotter! He's teamed up with Kip Ryker who is on the Bareback Road Trip and the two of them steam up the screen.
I met a nice guy at the skate park
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Description: We are in a park in Prague or skateboarders and roller-skaters meet. Noah notices how Julien was skating alone. His friend must not have shown up, or he was a beginner who was learning and trying to fit into local community. He keeps looking at others guys. Then he decide to start conversion with him. Hello you're alone? Yes why? Where are your girlfriend ? I don't have any.
Juan XXL hunts Matt Kenedy in the streets of Paris
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Description: After parking his car and putting coin in the meter, Juan XXL spots Matt Kenedy coming and their eyes meet as Matt approaches and walks by. Juan likes what he see's and Matt looks back feeling Juan's eyes on him and keeps walking. Juan starts to follow Matt hoping this may go "somewhere." Just up the street the two men disappear around the corner of the building. Once our cameraman catches up, we find the two of them entering an apartment building. Voila! They didn't even make it up the stairwell before stopping to kiss and once inside the apartment, the kissing continues on the couch. These two men love to kiss and suck on ears and each others necks. The foreplay between them is heavy. After sucking each other's cock, Matt is ready to get down to some serious fucking. From behind the two, the cameraman gives us a great shot of those big smooth balls of Juan's as he inserts his cock and starts pile driving Matt's hole missionary style. Then ***gy style. Just listening to Matt's heavy b
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Description: What would you do if you were this horny dad? He has been trapped in an unsatisfactory marriage with a bitch of a wife for so many years, constantly fantasising about the one thing that he wants more than anything else in the world - a hot young stud to take him in the ass! He meets such a young hottie one day in the hardware store, looking at power tools. After a brief chat, the young guy accompanies the dad out to his SUV. The guys strip off, hidden behind tinted windows while other shoppers walk past them in the car park. The dad goes down on the younger guy, swallowing that sweet cock and loving the musky taste of penis in his mouth.
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Description: Slutty pig bottom Jayson Park sneaks off into the members only sex room to jerk his cock and play with his hairy hole. Clark Longhammer and his Muscle Daddy Dikk Clark walk in and catch Jayson jacking off and fingering his tight, hairy hole. Clark takes over getting Jayson's hole nice and wet with his long tongue. Daddy Dikk holds Jayson down, beating and slapping him, while Clark rams his tattooed cock up Jayson's hair covered ass. Daddy Dikk wets down the bottom slut with a hot stream of piss that Jayson drinks to quench his thirst. Clark gut punches Jayson, sending the piss that has puddled up on Jayson's abs flying into the air. Clark fucks Jayson hard and fast 'ti he blows half his load onto Jayson's cock and deposits the rest up the greedy pig's fuck hole. Clark finally allows Jayson to get off, finger fucking his cum filled hole while he and Daddy Dikk bite and twist Jayson's hard nips. Jayson rewards the two hard working studs with a big creamy load that he is made to eat by Cl
Cop Control
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Description: After a failed raid on a petrol station Toby, a member of the gang, is arrested by the two cops from “Sneaker Sex VI - Cop Control“. After pulling over in an isolated car park the cops remain true to tradition and start giving the lad a hard time. Toby is pushed to the back of the car and has to kneel down to taste alternatively the feet and truncheon of the two cops. Despite tremendous resistance Toby gets gagged with a pair of socks and thoroughly fucked.
Attack in the Cellar
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Description: Skater Benny cruises alone around town in his big car. While pissing by the roadside he picks up Basti, a sexy skinhead, and invites him to get into the car with him. As they park in front of a house he asks Basti to go down to the cellar and wait for him there. Then Benny rings two mates and asks them to take care of him, which they do without fail: wearing balaclavas, cool tracksuit bottoms and bomber jackets, they fuck Basti through all available holes, stick their filthy sneakers into his face for him to lick off and won't let him take his breath through their pungent, sweat stained socks. Then they come all over him and leave him there lying in filth.
Bareback Big Guns: Jayson Park & Dick Disco
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Description: When it comes to power bottoms and slutty little pigs, there are few the likes of Jayson Park. In this scene, Jayson spends time in the dungeon with Dick Disco schooling him on how to be an aggressive top daddy. Regarding hard cocks, whether it's in his mouth or up his ass, Jayson is one hungry power bottom and Dick is about to find that out. From sucking cock to 69'ing, eating ass to pounding ass, Jayson runs Dick through the gambit. "Fuck that ass boy"... "give it to me"... "fuck yeah"... "fuck my ass." Sit back, grab the lube and get a hold of your cock boys, this is gonna be a wild ride! Download the full video here!