Hungry for Piss
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Added: 09 Sep 14
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Description: The cute trio are hungry to taste cock. A warm mouth around his cock makes Dominik want to urinate, and he pisses into Jason's mouth, while Jason drinks it down. Jason drinks the drops from Dominik's cock end, and Thomas pees into his pal's mouth.
Oiled Ass Cheeks
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Description: While Guy is enjoying his massage, Dan has kinky feelings. When Guy kneels in front of Dan for his back to be oiled, his mouth is near his friend's stomach. He kisses the smooth body, and grabs Dan's cock under his undies. Guy is so relaxed, he doesn't realise what he is doing, as the friend's stroke each others cocks. Dan oils Guy's smooth ass as he continues the massage, then slides his body along the oily back of his twink pal.
Bareback Flip Flop
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Description: The two of them can't keep their hands off each other and with tongues entwined in a passionate embrace, they slowly undress each other and take their time to caress and lick. With cocks hard, they blow each other before the skinhead rims his pals' cute arsehole and shoves his rigid member up his chute. These cuties flip flop and shaft each other with raw energy before both guys blow their pent-up loads!
Black Magic Affair
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Description: Alphaand Chui loves spending time together and having a good fuck. Alpha knows how Chui likes being fuck by his hard cock. He pushes his huge black cock deep inside his pal. Chui gasps each time Alpha drives deep into him. He wants to hear his balls on Alpha's ass. Chui sits on the floor; Alpha slowly lowers his hole onto the long thick shaft of his African friend. The pair loves the guilty secret of their black magic affair; they continue to bareback each other with their delicious cocks.
Raw Twink Flip Fuck
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Description: In a passionate embrace, these cute twinks slowly undress each other and take their time to caress and lick. With cocks hard, the two trade blowjobs, before the skinhead rims his pals' little ass and shoves his raw cock in. This leads to a hot bareback flip fuck, followed by both shooting their cum loads.