r155: Taylor Hazed Bareback
Category: Cum / Sperm
Added: 23 Aug 14
Views: 45
Duration: 0:02:10
Tags: blowjobs handjobs spanking hazing bareback cumshots

Description: Franco and Zander conspire to break in 20-year-old newbie Taylor. They set up him to suck dick, get paddled and take Zander's big dick in a hard, bareback fucking that makes them both blow huge wads of cum.
Erik Finnegan
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 15 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:01:58
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Description: On his way through the techno-Club, Erik observes a bizarre scene: two guys with hard dicks with two young boys in a cage. First, one of the two slaves blows his master's cock, then because of his good behaviour he is brought from the cage - but only to be chained to the wall. With a leather belt, the master hammers his ass while the other slaves remains in the cage. The master puts the red-ass guy in the sling and pushes hard into his ass and his mouth cunt. Finally he squirts on the fuckbottom and the master make him soaked with their jizz.
r152: Bare Play
Category: Cum / Sperm
Added: 02 Aug 14
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Description: Adin likes to please and likes to get fucked, so he's the perfect gift for super horny Zander. He spanks Adin, fucks him bare, and after cumming on his back, shoves his dripping dick deep in Adin's hole.
Frat House Pledge Training
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 18 Aug 14
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Description: It's Rush Week, and frat leader Max baits Dakota into the woods for some pledge training. He coaches his buddy on how to suck a big dick, 69 and deliver a probing rim job. Max uses his monster boner to paddle Dakota's ass, before getting his official anal induction to the frat house. The two then kiss and lick up their cum.
r150: Dirty Boys
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 19 Jul 14
Views: 1687
Duration: 0:03:05
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Description: Warren and Trey get acquainted by drawing from the Bowl of Tricks and doing whatever they pick to each other. After teabagging, toe-sucking, paddling and more, a long deep kiss leads to a blowjob swap and Warren getting fucked in the ass.
r146: 19 and Nervous
Category: Blowjob
Added: 21 Jun 14
Views: 5271
Duration: 0:02:05
Tags: straight gay for pay twinks dares first time experiences

Description: 19-year-old Marc and his new friend Steffan stop over at the Fraternity to earn some coins doing gay stuff with each other. It's Marc's first time with a guy, and he goes as far as can, kissing, getting paddled, wearing cum and shooting his load on Steffan.
Prisoner Number 05092014s2
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 07 Jun 14
Views: 642
Duration: 0:02:06
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Description: Consider for a moment being blinded, with limited audible capabilities, restricted airflow and no way to escape. Sir has left you alone with a boy whose depth of cruelty is an unknown.Today, that boy has decided your ass needs tenderizing... sorry bitch, you're fucked!
r137: Signed Up
Category: Blowjob
Added: 20 Apr 14
Views: 2087
Duration: 0:01:48
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Description: Tex and Linwood draw blindly from a bowl of tasks they signed up to perform on each other for cash. Paddling, teabagging and toe-sucking are all included, but when Linwood passes on a trick, he earns the penalty of being nutted on by someone else. And Milo is there to offer his services!
Prisoner Number 01172014s10
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 18 Apr 14
Views: 1294
Duration: 0:02:07
Tags: workout masks gym CBT paddles caning Iron Lockup

Description: You think your trainer is mean? Try a psychotic puppy workout complete with CBT, tt, ass and thigh caning. No, your sets are not timed, puppy doesn't care if you are winded, go bitch go!
r134: Jason and Milo
Category: Cum / Sperm
Added: 30 Mar 14
Views: 2787
Duration: 0:01:29
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Description: Franco sets up a gay-for-pay game to see how far he can push new straight buddies Jason and Milo. They take a pass on eating ass, but still are willing to teabag, paddle, kiss, spank and dickslap each other. Jason even cums twice, once on Milo and once on himself, before Milo pops off a big nut.
r115: Warren and Kae
Category: Straight
Added: 17 Nov 13
Views: 7863
Duration: 0:01:24
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Description: Straight bros Warren and Kae go gay-for-pay with Straight Fraternity's Bowl of Tricks, including spanking, kissing, rimming and sucking dick.
Farmer Christian Wilde and The Sleazy City Slicker
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 28 Jan 14
Views: 2155
Duration: 0:02:04
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Description: Bryan Cole gets his ass flogged, paddled and fucked by ****er Christian Wilde after trespassing on a ****.
Hung Daddy Loves Pain As He Jerks Off
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Description: Steve is one kinky mature dude, he loves jerking off his big cock as he puts his tits through the ringers with the claps and if he has been a bad boy his ass gets a spanking so the paddle sees quite the action too ;)
Farmer Christian Wilde and The Sleazy City Slicker
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 23 Sep 13
Views: 12446
Duration: 0:02:04
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Description: Bryan Cole gets his ass flogged, paddled and fucked by ****er Christian Wilde after trespassing on a ****.
Tom- Clip 1
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 20 May 13
Views: 6021
Duration: 0:01:32
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Description: Rich starts out with a paddle, but Tom ass feels so nice that he delivers a long, relentless hand spanking on the bare butt, so hard that his own hand turns as red as the model's behind.
Steve Gets Spanked
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 19 May 13
Views: 6885
Duration: 0:02:53
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Description: This threesome gets rough when Steve, Hobe and Sam decide to play with sex toys and paddles.
Sex Toys and Spanking
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 18 May 13
Views: 3916
Duration: 0:02:53
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Description: 3 Aussie amateurs get into some rough play with dildoes and spanking paddles.
Chic Spanks Shawn- Clip 2
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 10 May 13
Views: 4748
Duration: 0:01:22
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Description: Tied to a stool with his ass in the air, fully exposed and vulnerable, Shawn suffers thru a beating with the frat paddle.
Chic Spanks Shawn- Clip 1
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 29 Apr 13
Views: 5013
Duration: 0:01:40
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Description: Chic seems to be enjoying himself as he strips hunky Shawn down and blisters his ass with a relentless beating by hand, leather paddle and strap.
Lex R. and Trevor
Category: Straight
Added: 21 Apr 13
Views: 21191
Duration: 0:01:10
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Description: Hung straight guys Lex and Trevor want to make some extra money and are willing to do a few gay-for-pay dares to earn it. They start by drawing from the Bowl of Tricks, but once the BJ card is drawn, the only game is to get the other guy off.
One punishment for three guys
Category: Twink
Added: 15 Apr 13
Views: 2991
Duration: 0:05:08
Tags: Blowjob Uniforms Masturbation Twinks Shaved Small Cut Skinny Spank

Description: Three straight horny guys get caught and reprimanded after stealing girls' panties and behaving very badly. The teacher reprimands them with a nice little paddling. He strips them down and then teaches them how to suck cock. Turns out it's something they're pretty interested in after chasing pussy all day long.
Mature spankers
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 12 Apr 13
Views: 3147
Duration: 0:04:01
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Description: Two mature spankers disciplining their subs, with canes and paddles, to finally reward them with a taste of masters dicks.
Builders gatecrash spanking Party (Part 1)
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 12 Apr 13
Views: 19260
Duration: 0:01:19
Tags: StraightLadsSpanked Spank Spanking Paddle Ass Gay Cock Cock Punished Straight Boys Lads Slap Cum Cum Dick Spanked

Description: Bailey Morgan and Andy Lee are two builders with a job to do! They are caught snooping round the owners house and are faced with an ultimatum. Get reported to their boss or get spanked by Dr Barton!
Builders gatecrash Spanking Party (part 2)
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 11 Apr 13
Views: 6137
Duration: 0:00:44
Tags: StraightLadsSpanked Spank Spanking Paddle Ass Gay Cock Cock Punished Straight Boys Lads Slap Cum Cum Dick Spanked

Description: Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan face a double spanking from Mr X and Dr Barton. See two straight lads face a touch bare bottom spanking in this fun CP male spanking movie.
Spank Jenga - Andy, Bailey & Liam (straight mates spanking)!
Category: Spanking / Punishment
Added: 10 Apr 13
Views: 9601
Duration: 0:00:53
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Description: Andy Lee, Bailey Morgan and Liam are three straight best friends that take part in this crazy forfeit spanking game! You want to see real like str8 guys spank each other? You will see that and more in this male male spanking video.