Caravan Boys 2014 - Handjob Adventure 2
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Added: 24 May 14
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Description: - Many of you have asked for more of Carlito, well your wishes have been fulfilled. Carlito with his awesome biceps, his muscular legs and rest of his smooth young muscular body, in all the glory. Nice outside flex footage and handjob with quick cumshot at the end!
Spontaneous threesome
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Description: Alluring Julian is on his own in the garden stroking his massive shaft as he gets caught by two older youths, Alex and Petr. Those two are really turned on by the sight and see a good opportunity for a dirty threesome outdoors. Julian is hungry for their spunk and we get to see him from his best angle...
Peto, Lucio and Edward
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Description: A hot Summer's day in Berlin. The two outdoorsy guys Peto and Lucio have set up their tent in the woods and the sultry heat makes them horny as hell. Their fat morning wood cry out for a "good morning fuck"! While Lucio pushes Peto's swollen cock down his throat, big dicked Edward comes around the corner and nothing will get in the way these three kicking off a kinky threesome. Lucio is happy to be the meat in the middle of this big dick sandwich. Edward and Peto fuck in a frenzy and use Lucio's hairy juice box alternately until all three squirts of hot juice everywhere!
Outdoor Construction
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Description: This week, we head to the construction site for a hot on-location shoot! We meet up with Aussie native Noah, a sexy stud with a smooth body and a massive surprise under his toolbelt.
Country Boys
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Description: Sean is out and about in the countryside when he comes across a hot blond guy and decides to seduce him into a hardcore outdoors fuck. The guy is horny and gay as they come so it doesn't take too much convincing on Sean's part to have him on his knees and sucking cock. Check it out as these two studs take turns slamming their dicks balls deep up each others' tight assholes. Enjoy!
Jan & Tomas' Outdoor Adventure
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Description: Tomas heads down to meet Jan for a fun fuck. Tomas is in the green shirt and will bottom. As the boy explores Jan, the white “top” guy, both are sensing a bit of chemistry between them; it won't be long before there's “more than chemistry between them.” For, you know how this will end, but there's so much more “in the middle,” as Tomas discovers. After pulling off Jan's jeans, Tomas has all of his face in the top's business; seems like that present just keeps growing. After some fine oral skills on Jan, Tomas bends over to present a fine furry ass. Accepting “the offer,” Jan slides in and both relish the grasp. Pounding away, the boys moan, groan and fuck as we enjoy; the close-ups are not to be missed. Encouraging the top to go harder, Jan grabs the bottom's hips and goes “all in.” By the time Jan spews, his large thick load definitely serves to increase the value of Tomas' necklace
We Fucked Hard Bareback Outdoors
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Description: My boyfriend fucking me hard. I can feel his big dick deep in my ass. Bareback, of course
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Description: Not every day I get such a beauty in front of my cam. But then he didn't want to get fucked by me. How can that be? Did't I shave properly that day? Or what was the reason? It's sometimes hard to understand those „straight“ guys. While I was still asking myself those questions it meanwhile started to rain. Great luck. Anyway, so I at least managed to meet this innocent looking 18-y.o. cutie from Ostrava. (Recently I somehow always get boys from other cities, did you notice?) He was so damn shy. Incredible. And clever - he was close to guess what I would use my small videoclip for. It took me some time and money to take his worries and talk him into my „dirty game“.
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Description: And once again, I'm out here, hunting down my next toy. I've tried my luck with young Alex, I had a great feeling but then he turned me down. As you already know, I never give up and I kept trying. I was walking for almost 3 hours, when I spotted a boy with the hoodie on, waiting for a tram. As I approached him I just knew - THAT'S HIM, jackpot! Cute 19yo hulk and he had it all. Simpleminded, no job, lack of funds, girlfriend who was too busy and…. a naughty mind!  After he realized how much money I have on me, a blow job was just a matter of a few minutes. OMG, this lad from Moravia was a real deal. I tapped his amazingly tight ass and he actually deserved more!