Fucking His Power Bottom
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Description: Fabian is ready to plunge his throbbing Latino dick into Clayton's horny hole. Fabian finally having his chance to plow his huge rod deep into that tight, bubble ass of Clayton's. He gets so excited, ramming his dick straight into the officer's puckered hole. These two could definitely fuck for hours, but like all good times, they must come to an end eventually. Fabian, fucking his power bottom, pulls out his hard cock, unleashing streams of warm cum all over Clayton's tan torso. With man gravy dripping down Clayton's torso and eager to show his own load, huge wads of creamy man juice spray out of his swollen head onto his ripped six pack. FUCKING HOT!
Petty Officer Seth
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Description: Seth is sporting the T-shirt he got while serving in the Army National Guard. The grey cotton is stretched to its limit by his bulging biceps and huge chest. His cock is bulging against the grey fabric as he uses both hands to massage the area. When he finally unzips his spring loaded cock pops out, surrounded by a patch of thick black hair. As he continues stroking, he removes the shorts and shirt completely before sliding his hand down to his ass. First his fingers just tease the hairs that line his taint and hole, circling the purple round prize. He reaches to his side and grabs a large dildo, which he lubes up while fingering his hole. Arching his back, he guides the tip of the dildo to his pucker before sliding it all the way in to the hilt. For a moment, he gives his hole a rest by sliding the dildo completely out and shoving it in his mouth, sucking on it like a nursing b*by pig. He stands and places the dildo on the couch before mounting it and riding it like a h*rse. After his
Hung Petty Officer Nails Private Into Submission
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Description: A favorite pastime of Military men is comparing themselves to each other. Antonio and Eddy are no exception. They compare physiques before agreeing to decide who's stronger by arm wrestling. The bearded Army stud happily unzips Eddy's shorts and pulls out his thick uncut schlong. Slobbering on the tip and savoring the foreskin at first, Antonio can barely wraps his lips around the girth of it. Antonio takes charge of his own dick after a bit and jerks frantically until he exclaims, "I'm about to cum". With his ass still tightly packed with meat, he sprays white ropes onto the pale skin of his flat stomach, gritting his teeth along the way. Eddy continues pumping until Antonio begs to taste his cum and pushes his face right up to the tip of his dick. A giant wad spews out, partially landing on Antonio's tongue, followed by several more rounds of white ammo, landing on the handsome soldier's beard.
Giovanni Unleashes His Massive Load
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Description: Luckily, Dirty Tony gets lots of hot military guys because he is so close to the military bases. And, Giovanni is one of these guys, who is a hot, confident and a sexy airplane pilot for the Army. He is a unique officer, because not only is he a stellar pilot but he is also a fitness trainer to get other recruits in shape. He is also very DIRTY. He has had lots of threesomes with girls and even had a few where a guy was involved, but says they never actually touched...yet. He does admit, however, that he gets turned on when guys or girls watch him on his web cam. Voyeurism seems to be quite popular these days, which is the reason why he is here today! Giovanni takes off his shirt, revealing nice hairy armpits, big muscular pecs and a lightly furry torso. Ready to start rubbing one out, the officer pulls down his pants and jerks his hard cock for the cameras. Getting close to finally cumming, an Tony reaches out to help our naughty military guy. Spraying copious streams of hot cum.
Stretching the Soldiers Tight Hole
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Description: When the cop has given a nice long blowjob, Rex thinks it's time for some anal action. He pushes Trent onto his stomach and starts to pound away at the officer's tight hole. He works him over good, squeezing the cop as he jams his hard cock in. Then, he decides to give it to him missionary style. He pushes his long hardness all the way in, stretching out the tight hole. This pushes Rex over the edge. He pulls out and shoots several streams of white load over Trent's hairy chest and stomach.
Threeway Mizzen Masts
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Description: Two white-clad sailors are minding their own business when a officer accosts them. He wants to inspect their cocks! Once indoors, he them to whip out their mizzen masts - and a threeway sucking and fucking frenzy ensues! In the next scene, a sailor is at a loose end having just come ashore.