Company Bareback Fuck
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Description: A potential employee gets trained in the art of satisfying the company's clients. Customer satisfaction is their #1 requirement, and this employee needs to show his expertise to the boss by auditioning with the office manager. The boss gives instruction while the other two suck and fuck. The boss soon steps in to show how to finish things off with a 3 way bareback fuck.
Officer Christian Gets Fucked By Straight Dude
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Description: Unable to resist the feeling of a hot hole, America bends Christian over, pummeling his ass wide open! America then grabs the Officer's waist, slamming his enormous manstick inside for even more pleasure. Like two ***s in heat, America fucks the brains out of his new toy. As America is pounding away, Christian puts his ass up in the air, devouring his hard on completely. Finally aching to unload, America pulls out, while Christian lies on his back to receive a mouthful of man gravy. Taking it all in his mouth, it gurgles out as America sighs heavily, relieved from this hot and sweaty fuck session.
Tanner Gets His Hole Plunged
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Description: His stiff dick slides into the tight Petty Officer's ass as Tanner grimaces in discomfort. Sergeant Brent doesn't show any mercy as he fucks Tanner harder despite the moans of ****ful protest. He shoves it all the way to the base as Tanner grunts while his guts and rearranged from the inside. When Tanner has had a chance to loosen up a little, he decides to ride the marine's meat like a cowboy. He glides obediently up and down on his meat, giving it a warm, wet place to feel good. When Brent can hold back no longer, he gushes his load over Tanner's waiting face. The streams of white goo coat the sailors face and drip down his chin and chest.
Young soldier caught jacking
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Description: Spending summer in that military summer camp sure was tough. The guy was walking around horny literally 24/7! So many hot guys around. At some point he ended up running away, whipping it out and just going at it. Well, the meanest officer in camp happened to walk by - maybe not even all by accident. Anyway, the boy was too scared and did everything what the officer wanted. Apparently, the officer wanted his huge thick dick sucked - and he also wanted to fuck the tight twink's ass till it was a sore mess! Watch the boy ride himself out of punishment and eat the officer's load to the last drop.
Assfucking recovery
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Description: After coming to Asian twink Arjo's rescue from an injury to his groin, Doctor Vahn and his big dick patient are continuing treatment in the Doctor's office.
Petty Officer Nick's Amazing Jerk Off
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Description: Nick shows off his stunning penis for the cameras and jacks off like a pro. He then gets on top of the couch, eager to masturbate in front his beloved American flag. Thinking that he is getting close to cumming, Nick lies back on the couch ready to bust. Feeling the ***** rush through his throbbing penis, he works his dick even harder, preparing to release his warm load. Bursting out of the swollen head, white nectar pours out, which lands all over his tan stomach. Moaning and convulsing in ecstasy the whole time, he scoops up his own cum and swallows every last drop.