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Description: Tommy Defendi has Heath Jordan locked in his arms, holding his muscled, hairy torso close and tight against him. The two men kiss passionately as they rub and stroke each other, letting their hands glide up and down the other's finely muscled body. Tommy runs his tongue and lips down Heath's furry chest, biting and tongueing his nipples gently, before traveling down along his belly until he reaches his crotch. He pulls Heath's snug briefs down and immediately gets busy swallowing down his big cock. Tommy's lips are clamped tight around his partner's hefty tool, sliding back and forth over the entire length and all around the mushroom tip. Heath coos and sighs as he surrenders to the thrilling sensations of having his stiff staff stuffed down Tommy's throat. Now it's time to pay the piper and Heath takes his turn to get his friend off. He opens wide to envelop Tommy's tantalizing tool, grabbing onto the fuzzy nutsac as his head bobs up and down the length of the dickshaft. With the two Trio of Jizzin Dicks
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Description: Cain, Duke and Hollywood get so turned on by Jennatonic that they all get naked with their hard cocks poking out a salute. 3 guys and FOUR loads of cum spray all over their chests and each other. Cain even comes twice, on his own face and then shoots it across the room onto Hollywood's nutsac. Wait till you see these trailer park boys in this cocktackular boyfest!