Boston Miles
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Description: Mike De Marko is showing Boston Miles a few stretches from his gymnast days and Boston's hands naturally wander right to Mike's tight ass. Mike's legs are high in the air and Boston unbuckles his pants and pulls them off, Mike's huge cock flopping out. Boston begins digging his tongue into Mike's hairy ass. He takes turns licking Mike De Marko's ass and balls. Mike lowers his legs and Boston Miles wraps his lips around Mike's hard, fat, huge cock. Mike gets to his knees and Boston stands up and takes his turn at chocking on Boston's dick. They move on to the couch where Boston continues to suck Mike's cock until he flips him over and eats Mike's ass again. He fingers Mike and then sticks his cock in Mike's tight ass, pumping away until Mike rides Boston's cock. Boston Miles flips Mike over and fucks him hard in the missionary position until Mike cums all over his hairy abs and chest. Boston licks it up and kisses Mike, swapping the warm load in their mouths. Boston sits back and jerks
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Caught Fucking
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Description: my ******** in law caught me messing around with another guy, we made an agreement that i would suck his dick if he doesnt tell his *********.