Golden Gate Season 5: The Cover Up Episode 3
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Added: 20 May 13
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Description: A nudity rally may be good for politics, but it's a terrible place to get laid. Why not ditch the rally and go to a place where nudity is legal, very legal. NakedSword's blockbuster Golden Gate series continues this week with a story straight from the sick mind of Leo Forte. After locking eyes with porn star Tommy Defendi in the Castro, protestor Logan Vaughn follows him to the Nob Hill for a hosted circle jerk. But when Logan shows up, the circle widens and quickly explodes! Tommy fucks Logan as the gang guest stars Leo Forte, Damien Stone, Blake Daniels, D****** go wild and cover him in cum. We don't think Supervisor Cox would approve, but we don't really care! This is San Francisco, after all!
Straight Foreskin Pegged
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Added: 15 Sep 12
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Description: Hetero man Joel is subjected to extreme bondage at BreederFuckers. His wrists and ankles are tied and a ballgag is stuffed in his mouth. Pegs are attached to his tender pillowy ball sack and the silky skin of his nob. His feet and his inner thighs are caned. His balls are strung up to give clear access so his tight arsehole can be fucked with a vibrator on a stick. Hot wax is dripped on his body so he howls out a relentless stream of expletives. The only solution is to give an old fashioned punishment by shoving a bar of soap in his filthy mouth.
HF100 Jimmy Durano and Calvin Koons in 'Insatiable'
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Added: 21 Jul 12
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Description: Lights up! Body perfect Jimmy Durano and sexy boy Calvin Koons are lip-locked in an embrace. Jimmy stares into Calvin's eyes as he pushes him down his chiseled abs to reach for his perfect tight butthole. Calvin is so turned on and he pulls Jimmy's thick curved cock out of his shorts and makes him a meal. He slobbers all over his nob, spitting and pleasuring Jimmy throat deep. Jimmy moves in and eats Calvin's smooth round bubble butt. Lubing him up with his own spit as to enter him. Calvin saddles up and rides Jimmy, doing all the leg work. He humps himself on this hung Brazilian! The camera angel plunges you deep into the penetration, thick cock and gaping sloppy hole. Position two has Jimmy dominating from behind, but that doesn't stop little Calvin from humping on his rod like a **** in heat. In the end, Calvin is the greedy cum guzzler as streams of white heat jet across his face. Calvin face gets creamed as he moans and squeezes out the last of his own juices before he falls into
I Just Went For It
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Added: 19 Jul 12
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Description: A high-powered executive, Ari Sylvio needed a little break from the office grind by taking lunch at The Nob Hill Theater, a legendary San Francisco institution of sexual depravity. Alone in the dark theater, Ari is enjoying the movie when tattooed British hunk Troy Haydon walks in and starts checking him out. Only one problem: both Troy and Ari are in long-term relationships with other men. But like so many others... they're bored with what they've got. They both find themselves at a crossroads: Do they stay or do they go? As Troy slides into the seat next to Ari, licks his palm and starts jacking him off... it's not too hard to imagine what they both decided. Right off the bat, their sexual chemistry is explosive! Kissing, sucking & fucking in public: not usually the template for a budding romance, but something that afternoon clicked!
Chris Steele Superstar, S03
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Added: 22 Dec 11
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Description: presents scene three from Studio 2000's "Chris Steele Superstar". Chris Steele Superstar features every Studio 2000 scene, gallery, and trailer for Chris Steele, along with some very exclusive content presented in one place for the very first time: Chris' audition videos, a strip tease and jack off from the infamous Nob Hill Theater, a brand new interview, and as an added bonus all-new audio commentaries for every scene.
Hairy Bears Fucking
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Added: 19 May 09
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Description: After getting his big-nobbed dick serviced, hairy bear plows his buddy s beefy ass. Watch these bears fuck!
Big-Nobbed Cock
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Added: 17 May 09
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Description: Hairy *********** jacks his big-nobbed cock. Open wide, guys, this one s a beaut!