Fireside Passions
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Added: 10 Jan 14
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Description: Nicholas gets pounded by old flame Dillon by the fireplace
Straight stud fucks first boy ass
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Added: 12 Oct 13
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Description: Drum roll please. Our very first hardcore scene has arrived, and I called on the big ***s for this one. And by big ***s, I mean Nicholas, of course. Anyone who has seen this straight stud before knows he is 220 pounds of muscle with a cock to match. I paired him with Scottie, a bi-curious hottie with a perfect ass. I didn't want Nicholas to be disappointed by his first experience fucking a dude!
Bumfuck Nowhere 2: The Cabin
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Added: 11 Jan 14
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Description: Car troubles have derailed the twink road trip ******* the ****s to rent a cabin for the night. Nicholas Reed is doing his best to salvage the situation by trying to get a fire going in the cabin but without any help from his buddies he finally gives up and heads outside to clear his head. His luck turns when rugged hunk Felix Warner comes to the rescue offering a helping hand to the young blond boy. Felix quickly leads the way back into the cabin but does the horny hot jock have another motive for wanting to get the naive little camper alone?
Bumfuck Nowhere 3: Campfire Sparks
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Added: 05 Jan 14
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Tags: Twinks Jocks Outdoor Camping Muscular Hunks Studs College Guys Blowjob Blonds Big Dick Anal Sex American Porn Stars Helix Studios HelixStudios

Description: Matthew Keading is an anal addict so when hot jock Felix Warner heads back to his tent for the night the horny twink sneaks away with him for a good night fuck. As Matthew and Felix sprawl across the soft ******** bags in the fresh forest air Connor Maguire is back at the campfire with his libido roaring like the rising flames. The mountain man convinces Nicholas Reed and Scotty Clarke to show him their cozy cabin and when Scotty finally falls ****** it gives Connor the opportunity he's been waiting for to lay the moves on young Nicholas.
David Grayson and Nicholas
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Added: 06 Jan 14
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Description: Dam square is heaving with tourists in the afternoon but Nicholas and David manage to spot me and walk towards me. They look better than the pics and clips I saw of them and I cant wait to get them back to mine. The boys get naked downstairs and climb the stairs to the mezzanine bed, which gives me a prime view of both their rumps. By the time I join them upstairs David is already sucking Nicholas's hard cock. David stands up and presents his cock to Nicholas. He gladly fills his mouth with such generous amount of meat and gets facefucked. David pushes Nicholas back on the mattress, puts a pillow under his ass and goes down to lick and prepare his mate's ass. Nicholas has a very tight ass and David fingers him until his hole is loose enough to accommodate his thick cock. David fucks him on all fours then turns him on his back and plowing him deep before literally drowning Nicholas in a massive cumshot across his chest which triggers him to shoot all over his belly.
Bumfuck Nowhere 2: The Cabin
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Added: 29 Aug 13
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Duration: 0:02:54
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Description: Car troubles have derailed the twink road trip ******* the ****s to rent a cabin for the night. Nicholas Reed is doing his best to salvage the situation by trying to get a fire going in the cabin but without any help from his buddies he finally gives up and heads outside to clear his head. His luck turns when rugged hunk Felix Warner comes to the rescue offering a helping hand to the young blond boy. Felix quickly leads the way back into the cabin but does the horny hot jock have another motive for wanting to get the naive little camper alone?
Beefy marine fingered & blown
Category: Straight
Added: 31 Aug 13
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Description: Anyone who has seen Nicholas' videos knows this guy is a prime piece of beef. 5'9. 220 pounds. Big cock. Former football player. The guy is a walking fantasy. So imagine my excitement when he agreed to come back over and let me blow him (for the right price, of course). I laid the stud on my bed and got him naked. He was getting stiff before I even got my lips around his cock. He took one of his giant hands and pressed my head further down on his rock hard shaft. "You should start on my balls and lick all the way up," he suggested. When I did, Nicholas had a big grin on his face. I took my time with him: using my hand to stroke him, rubbing his thick legs and chest, taking him deep into my throat, slipping a finger in his tight ass. When I needed a break from choking on his pole, I threw his legs up in the air and started rimming his sweet hairy hole. Then, wanting an even better view, I got Nicholas on all fours. I spread his beefy cheeks apart so I could really invade his
Bumfuck Nowhere 1: Scotty and Connor
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Added: 21 Aug 13
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Description: Twinks Scotty Clarke, Matthew Keading and Nicholas Reed can't wait to get out of town as they speed away in their red hot convertible for a wild party weekend in Las Vegas. The road trip takes a detour when the boys find themselves lost in the middle of bumfuck nowhere but decide to make the best of their misfortune and hole up in a quaint cabin for the night. Scotty quickly gets bored and decides to get some fresh air when muscle jock Connor Maguire spies the hapless young blond boy. Connor seduces Scotty into following him back to his campsite where they get down and dirty sucking dick, licking ass and fucked all over the tent!
Bubble butt Nicholas gets rubbed and tugged
Category: Straight
Added: 27 Jul 13
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Tags: Str8 straight first-time handjob blowjob massage

Description: Nicholas isn’t a stranger to a happy ending massage, having enjoyed a few while stationed in Japan for six months. Still, he seemed eager and willing to try his first happy ending massage from another dude, which was evident when he took his clothes off and revealed his already growing meat. Once he lay down, you could barely see the massage table anymore, because his broad 220 pounds of muscle practically covered the whole thing. This is a man with tree trunk legs and one of the hardest, roundest asses I’ve yet encountered. I could feel the tension in his neck and shoulders slowly release as I dug into his knots, moving down his back and closer to the mound of Nicholas' perfect ass. I kneaded his sore legs, then oiled up his crack. I moved my hand through his crack, eventually pulling his stiff cock out from under him so I could stroke it as he lay on his stomach. He seemed to like it, repeating how “amazing” it was in his deep, sexy voice. When he turned around onto his ba
Fresh Air Twink Fuck
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Added: 27 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:02:24
Tags: Twinks Outdoor Hunks Studs CollegeGuys Brunette Blowjob Blonds BigDick AnalSex American HelixStudios EvanParker NicholasReed

Description: Blond hottie Nicholas Reed and cute twink Evan Parker bump and grind in the great outdoors. Evan gets hungry after a hike in the woods so he chows down on Nicholas' big hard sausage. Nicholas is quick to take his turn sucking on Evan's ragging boner, and after the all the oral fun Nicholas grabs a tree branch and holds on for dear life while Evan fucks his tight little boy hole. Good thing no was around because Nicholas can not help but cry with joy while Evan is driving his cock deep inside him. The two twinks finish things off by blowing their loads all over Nicholas' sexy little tummy.
Nicholas and Yakkov
Category: Ethnic
Added: 25 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:01:57
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Description: Nicholas, our casually employed photographer, compromised his own shoot this week. He has always been attracted to black and ethnic amateurs, and he just could not resist seducing Yakkov with his camera and then fucking him live on camera for us to see! What a great show they put on, and certainly these two fucking together is far better than just the solo we thought we were getting! Download over 45 exclusive images of this shoot and 15 minutes of exclusive video at Wankoff World!
Nicholas Reed Live
Category: Bareback
Added: 18 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:03:22
Tags: Twinks LiveShows Hunks Studs CollegeGuys Brunette Blowjob Blonds BigDick Bareback AnalSex American HelixStudios AidenSummers NicholasReed

Description: Sexy blond twink Nicholas Reed stars in his first Helix LIVE show. This hot boy next door answers questions from fans and shows off that cute slender body of his. In a last minute surprise smooth stud Aiden Summers drops by the studio and breaks in NIcholas' tight little boy hole, giving him a good hard bareback fucking. Nicholas absolutely loves getting pounded by Aiden, and has the ride of his life on Aiden's rock hard cock. This may be the hottest LIVE show yet!
Antonio and Nicholas
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 11 Jul 13
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Duration: 0:02:11
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Description: Antonio Garcia is a cruel boss, so when Nicolas is axting up he punishes him with a right-royal-rogering and a humiliating facefull of sticky, gooey jizz
Bare Blond Buddies
Category: Bareback
Added: 25 Jun 13
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Duration: 0:02:49
Tags: Twinks Hunks Studs CollegeGuys Blowjob Blonds BigDick Bareback AnalSex American HelixStudios DylanHall NicholasReed

Description: Hot passionate twinks Dylan Hall and Nicholas Reed can not get enough of each other, after their make out session Nicholas sucks Dylan's smooth boy pole. After getting nice and hard Dylan fingers Nichloas' tight little hole until its loose enough to fuck. After pounding Nicholas bareback, Dylan being a true cum slut hops on top of Nicholas' ragging hard boner and goes for a ride of his own. These two Helix newbies really show their stuff in this insanely hot bareback flip fuck scene, you won't want to miss a second of the action.
Corey's First Time
Category: Twink
Added: 15 Jun 13
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Duration: 0:02:53
Tags: Twinks Hunks Studs CollegeGuys Brunette Blowjob BigDick AnalSex American HelixStudios CoreyHaines NicholasReed

Description: Sexy and smooth twink Nicholas Reed and hottie Corey Haynes make their Helix debut in this new scene. These two cum sluts are sure to be stars, after watching this incredibly hot fuckfest you will quickly understand why.
Antonio Garcia and Nicholas Key
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 14 Jun 13
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Duration: 0:02:10
Tags: gay porn fucking sucking

Description: Be careful before you press 'send' that you know exactly where you're sending your dirty pictures to. Nicholas Key accidentally sends pictures of his cute, pale, muscular arse to his boss - Antonio Garcia. Antonio is a strict no nonsense boss, with an ego nearly as big as his uncut cock. He won't stand on etiquette or employment rights, he wants to know who 'the arse' belongs to, he has his suspicions that it's Nicolas, the office 'easy lay', so he marches to his desk, pulls down the hapless chap's pants and teaches him a lesson he'll never forget. Nicolas takes a monumental pounding, he's howling somewhere between pleasure and *****, until Antonio drags him to his knees and finishes the fuck, and suck session with a humiliating face full of cum for poor Nicholas.
Category: Amateur
Added: 11 Jun 13
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Duration: 0:03:01
Tags: amateur anal bigcock blowjob facial gay hairy latina threesome condom first time foreign gagging

Description: Nicholas and I were setup on a blind date and much to my surprise he turned out to be one hot pepper! We both knew that one more cock wouldn't be a bad thing so we picked up Alex, which was in town for Gay Pride week. Alex, overfilled with pride when he took our huge cocks!
Rick, Joey and Nicholas
Category: Bareback
Added: 18 May 13
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Duration: 0:02:13
Tags: group latino interaccial creampie bareback

Description: Nicholas Leoni thinks he has died and gone to heaven. Kneeling between these two hot Latin studs, Rick Romo and Joey, with a mouthful of cock, who wouldn't feel the exact same way? You can almost hear Nicholas wishing for a bigger mouth as you see Rick cramming his mammoth hog in to that little mouth. Rick and Joey really know how to give this piggy bottom a workout while keeping both of his holes filled. Nicholas keeps the boys happy with his tight hole and hot mouth. By the look on Nicholas's face, it looks like Rick is about to split him in half with his monster cock as he seeds Nicholas nice and deep. Joey is quick to act so he can use Rick's hot steamy load as lube to slam his own seed into Nicholas's sloppy hole.
Bareback Party
Category: Bareback
Added: 19 Apr 13
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Duration: 0:02:13
Tags: groupsex orgy oral anal bareback inked rimming spitroast Hot Barebacking

Description: This scene starts out in two groups to make one hot 4x4 of sucking and stroking. Rick Romo is the first to spread Tyson James's sweet little ass. Meanwhile, Joey and Matthew Singer couple in a smoldering 69. Watch boyfriends in real life and studio new comers, Aiden Coleman and Nicholas Leoni, ride, suck, and fuck each other as wells as everyone else in the room!|
Yours to Have - Llucas de Donas and Nicholas Ramirez
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 26 Mar 13
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Duration: 0:05:01
Tags: studs anal sucking fucking

Description: Sporting a cowboy hat, Nicholas Ramirez presents tanned Llucas de Donas with a triangle birthday hat and a cake for his 18th birthday. But, Llucas wants Nicholas instead, and after Nicholas does a fun little striptease for a moment, Llucas gets him. Nicholas sucks the birthday boy first, gulping his dark cock. Llucas then swallows Nicholas' more moderate member before fucking him. Llucas then gets a wonderful final present from Nicholas in the form of a light rimming and a slamming fuck all over the kitchen table until Llucas spews a giant load up his chest.
Kamrun & Nicholas
Category: Black
Added: 26 Mar 13
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Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: Black Condom Hardcore Anal HD Movies Gay Porn

Description: Karun bikes over to Nicholas' to fuck him with his big tool
Bareback Frat 2
Category: Bareback
Added: 02 Dec 12
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Duration: 0:03:00
Tags: bareback frat studs hunks amateur jocks fucking

Description: Julian Robinson (the bottom) and Nicholas Santos (the top) are hanging out in their fraternity room. Julian's laying on the bed when Nicholas walks in only with a towel on. Nicholas drops the towel and heads to his bed. Soon, the two end up in a really hot erotic pillow fight. Shortly after, the two start eagerly sucking each others dick and Julian quick throws his legs in the air for Nicholas's big fat raw cock to pound him raw. These 2 engage in some really deep dicking action and having fun all along the way. They really enjoyed the sex as their eyes gleam at each other. Gee, I wonder if they've had more action since they allowed us to film their hot sex fun.
Nicholas Gets Hazed
Category: Latino
Added: 25 Nov 12
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Duration: 0:01:32
Tags: bondage blowjob Latino uncut straight

Description: The Pledgemaster found Nicholas at the mall and promised him he could make some extra money for the holidays at the Fraternity. The next day he came over after work and agreed to be tied up.