Nicco & Romeo
Category: Latino
Added: 26 Jan 14
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Duration: 0:03:00
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Description: I am not going to lie. I was fucking excited for this scene. Romeo has one of the most beautiful rock hard dicks at Randy Blue, and Nicco has one of the hottest holes. The two were hanging outside in their bathing suits, showing off their gorgeous muscles
Frat Dude Dax Serviced
Category: Straight
Added: 11 Sep 11
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Duration: 0:01:00
Tags: Dax blowjob hazing hazed college young str8 straightfraternity frat college parker

Description: I was really surprised and happy when Dax called me out of the blue to do another shoot. I figured that having Nicco get him off during the hazing scene had freaked him out, but he called and he was ready for more! I got him hard by sucking him off to start and then licked his balls and taint while he shot a moaning load on himself. Straight guys love to have their taints licked…
Dallas and Nicco
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 09 Jun 11
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Duration: 0:05:06
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Latin Brunette Smooth Tattoo Hung

Description: Dallas Evans and Nicco Sky flip flop fuck with Dallas getting to bottom for the first time.
Brett, Nicco & Raphael
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 17 May 11
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Duration: 0:02:54
Tags: Hardcore Latin Smooth Tattoo Hung 3 Way or Group

Description: Raphael Cedano, Brett Swanson and Nicco Sky have a super hot three-way that involves lots of rimming, dick sucking and ass fucking.
AJ Blown By Nikko
Category: Straight
Added: 26 Mar 11
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Duration: 0:01:46
Tags: str8 straightfraternity jerk-off nicco alexander aj straight fraternity college

Description: Today the new Str8Frat pledge-master Nikko got together with AJ. He's a hot 21-year-old college student and a bit of a nerd (sez him) with nice cock and a chill attitude. Nikko wanted a piece of that action! AJ started out stroking himself and then Nikko made his move and started to jack on AJ. He pushed Nikko away at first but then he let himself get jacked a little. Nikko went down on him and pretty soon he was moaning while watching the porn on his phone. AJ told us before the shoot that he came a lot, and he didn't lie. While Nikko jacked him off he shot stream after stream of jizz all over himself - and the couch. Here's that cum shot again in slow motion. After we finished he said he loved his gay blowjob. I KNOW I did!
Justin, Nicco & Shane
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 23 Mar 11
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Duration: 0:04:00
Tags: Smooth Twink 3 Way or Group Anal Amateurs

Description: Nicco Sky and Justin Blakely both get a chance to fuck Shane Fishers hot ass in a three way orgy that you wont soon forget.
Caleb and Nicco Play 'Gay Spin the Bottle'
Category: Straight
Added: 20 Mar 11
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Duration: 0:01:38
Tags: str8 straightfraternity jerk-off nicco alexander caleb straight fraternity college

Description: For this scene I brought Nicco (who'se bi) over to bait Caleb into going gay for us in a game of Naked Twister and Gay SPin the Bottle. They started by undressing each other. Caleb was nervous, but his cock responded by getting hard with no problem. After hot & heavy kissing and a blow-job from Nicco, Caleb next returned the favor by giving Nicco a hand job. It was the first time he had touched another guy's cock. A little nipple play got Caleb even harder - I could tell he loved it! On the next spin Caleb had to lick Nicco's balls while he jerked himself. Caleb was really starting to loosen up and enjoy himself as Nicco brought him close to cumin. Caleb gave his first blow-job, and Nicco said he did a pretty great job too. Caleb was the first to blow his load with a big cum gusher! I made Caleb get down and lick Nicco's balls again and he nutted with huge moans and gasps. Caleb even tasted Nicco's cum...
Alexander & Nicco
Category: Hunk / Big Muscles
Added: 17 Mar 11
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Duration: 0:03:58
Tags: Anal Amateurs

Description: Alexander Kudrov gets his first Randy Blue hardcore video by getting blown and rimmed by Nicco Sky, then getting to fuck his hot horny hole.
Ash & Chad
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 26 Nov 10
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Duration: 0:03:24
Tags: Hardcore Anal Amateurs fucking randyblue

Description: Ash Taylor and Chad Hollon make one hot pair. They have a chemistry that we could all see from a mile away. Ash has been wanting to try some more adventurous things in his videos and with Chad around I couldn't think of anything more adventurous than having Ash rim Chad's hot ass. The look on Chad's face while Ash is buried face first in his rear is so hot, he just totally lets go and gets really into it. His recent video with Nicco proved how much Chad loves to fuck a good ass and when he met Ash he knew he would have to get a piece of that. Chad rams his dick deep into Ash's hungry hole while Ash lets his pleasure be heard. They do a few different positions, each one getting both of them off more and more before they both shoot hot steamy loads and collapse on each other, making out in the afterglow of one hot fuck session.
Brett, Nicco & Raphael
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 10 Nov 10
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Duration: 0:02:54
Tags: Hardcore Latin Smooth Tattoo Hung group threesom

Description: Poor Raphael Cedano. What's a horned up stud supposed to do when he's stuck in the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon? He calls two friends over for a super hot three-way, of course. It doesn't take Brett Swanson and Nicco Sky long to strip out of their clothes and get busy. Brett, who's looking good with his hot muscle jock body, gets to go first as Nicco goes to town on his big thick cock. And that's just to get his throat ready because then Raphael stuffs his monster manrammer deep into Nicco's gullet while Brett rims his smooth ass. It's hard to give too much of a play by play here because this video is full of mouths on dicks and holes, fingers squeezing nipples, and asses getting fucked. Nicco gets the coveted position of being piggy in the middle, but only for a while because Brett just can't wait to get in on that action. Especially because everyone dumps their hot sticky loads all over his chest.
Dallas & Nicco 2
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 29 Sep 10
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Duration: 0:05:06
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Latin Brunette Smooth Tattoo Hung

Description: Nicco Sky and Dallas Evans are no strangers. There was a live show last year in our gym where Nicco got his first taste of Dallas' thick cock and sexy ass. Their first video together gave Dallas more of a chance to experience Nicco's amazing cocksucking skills. And even though they didn't have sex with each other in our last movie, Text, Lies and Video, they certainly had some time to spend together behind the scenes. The chemistry between these two is electrifying and this gay hardcore video between them has been a long time coming. This was going to be Dallas' first time bottoming on Randy Blue and he specifically asked for Nicco. Dallas, who's been letting his natural curls grow out a bit is looking absolutely hot as can be with that horny muscle stud body of his. And Nicco always turns heads with his beautiful smooth honey brown skin, tight muscular chest, six-pack abs and delectable bubble butt. Nicco got Dallas so hot but engulfing his dick that he just had to tap that ass. But n
Chad & Nicco
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 28 Aug 10
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Duration: 0:04:26
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Latin Brunette Smooth Hung

Description: Chad Hollon has been wanting a piece of Nicco Sky for some time. And who can blame him? Why get into gay porn if you're not gonna fuck the hottest guys around. Nicco is a smooth muscular jock with a spicy Latin flavor. He's already shown his incredible cocksucking skills and how much of a hot fuck bottom he is. And Chad couldn't wait to start shooting. They start off with mutual blowjobs, which always sets a hot tone. Then Chad prepares Nicco's hungry hole with a little fingerfuck. Once Nicco is squirming in pleasure and letting out those breathy moans of his it's time for Chad to work his big huge cock into the mix. Nicco can't get enough of it and is practically begging for more and Chad is more than happy to give it to him. After really working his hot ass for a while Nicco gets to the brink and then spews his love juices all over his chest. Chad is so turned on by this that the speed and intensity of his fucking increases until he pulls out, rips off the condom and shoot a thick cr
Diego & Nicco
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 17 Aug 10
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Duration: 0:02:01
Tags: Hardcore Latin Brunette Smooth Hung

Description: It was bound to happen. Nicco Sky has gone all diva on us. Hot off the heels of Text, Lies and Video we find Nicco sunning himself at his new condo with smooth muscular boytoy Diego Sans. But what's a celebrity to do when his hot piece of ass can't even bring the right champagne? Nicco teaches him a lesson by showing him what he's there for. He makes him deep throat his big hard cock and worship his smooth muscular body. Then he goes down on Diego himself getting him so horned up he can hardly stand it. Nicco then buries his huge tool deep in Diego's hungry hole while he plays with his nips and makes sure every part of Diego's body is available to him. And even a top loves to get fucked sometimes so he demands his houseboy to service him by ramming his beautiful dick into that hot bubble butt of his. And when Nicco dumps his load all over Diego's smooth chest he hammers the point home that a houseboy needs to know his place. Two sexy Latino studs in some heavy hardcore gay action. Man
Chip, Nicco and Porter
Category: Orgy/Group sex
Added: 17 Jul 10
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Duration: 0:03:39
Tags: Hardcore Caucasian Latin Brunette Smooth Hung Group Jock Strap

Description: There is no telling what is going to happen when you put three of our wildest, most passionate models together. Porter Wescott had such an amazing video with Trent Davis that people are still talking about it. I love his mix of rugged softness, and the fact that no matter what I throw at him he takes it in stride and goes with the flow. Nicco Sky is one of those guys who's handsome face and hot tight muscular body will get you every time. His hardcore live show with Reese was one for the record books in terms of both content and attendance. And my wild card is Chip Tanner. Always the wild card because you never know what he's going to do. He might be content to play along with the others, letting his athletic muscular body and sweet demeanor be enough. But then again, he might bend over backwards, literally, suck his own dick, or twist himself into a pretzel so everyone else has easy access to his hot cock and hungry hole. Regardless, anything this guy does is going to be stellar, espe