Behind-the-Scenes Clips with Male Porn Models
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Added: 03 Dec 09
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Description: A collage of behind-the-scenes clips of models of gay porn appearing courtesy of NextDoorPass.
NextDoorPass - Mason Wyler & Miguel
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 30 May 09
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Description: From MasonWyler dot com - Mason would like all of you to cum in and watch him get fucked hard by the olive toned Miguel Prange, who is eager to penetrate deep inside Mason's tight ass. These two studs start off by talking on the couch but not for too long, because the next thing you know, their robes are off and they are making out. The two horny guys move from the couch to the bed as Mason lays on his back to get fucked hard. Cum watch and listen as Mason busts a hot nut while he has a fat cock deep inside his ass. Enjoy!
NextDoorPass - DJ & Taj Waters from NextDoorBuddies
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Added: 16 May 09
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Description: It's shower time here on NextDoorBuddies and the two hot young guys that'll be getting down under the warm water will be the 19 year old DJ and the 23 year old Taj Waters. After finishing up their game of basketball, the two studs head to the bathroom to rinse off their sweaty bodies. Once naked and in the shower, the magic begins to happen. First it's a kiss, then a blowjob and then to everyone's surprise, full on sex with Taj slamming DJ's tight ass with his big ramrod. All this and a bunch of cum in this week's update. Enjoy!
NextDoorPass - TommyD & Dylan McLovin
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Added: 02 May 09
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Duration: 0:01:59
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Description: From - TommyD is back and is ready for some more action with Dylan McLovin. The tables have turned and Dylan gets to fuck TommyD's tight little hole. Come and watch these two hunks kiss, fuck and cum all over eachother.
NextDoorPass - Shane Erickson & Christian Wilde
Category: Blowjob
Added: 25 Apr 09
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Description: From NextDoorBuddies: Christian Wilde is back, and he s brought his new buddy, 23 year old Shane Erickson, along for the fun. These two tall, slim studs are all about the cock sucking for this scene. Christian wakes up from a great night of ******, strolls into the bathroom for a shower, and stumbles upon Shane already washing himself. Since they re friends, there s no reason to have to wait while Shane uses all the hot water, so Christian joins him for some warm, wet fun. Enjoy!
NextDoorPass - Alexy Tyler
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 18 Apr 09
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Description: Meet Alexy Tyler. This week, Alexy will be showing off his hot bod and his even hotter cock. That's right, this is another awesome scene, full of rippling muscles, rock hard erections and a massive amount of cum. Alxey is a 30 year old science lab technician. When he's not being nerdy, he's out living up life at the local clubs, hitting on women and men. He loves sex! For this scene, Alexy will be enjoying the crisp morning air while he plays with himself on the balcony. From there, Alexy takes himself into the bedroom, where he humps his down pillow before kicking back under a nearby window and shooting his cum load all over his chiseled abs. Enjoy!
NextDoorPass - Derek & Maile
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Added: 10 Apr 09
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Description: From NextDoorHookups: What a great looking couple we have for you this week. They just don t suck and fuck either; this is a
NextDoorPass - Mason Wyler Solo
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 27 Mar 09
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Duration: 0:01:59
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Description: For this scene, the blonde haired hunk will be doing a bit of masturbation to keep the excitement in his day. Once he arrives home, Mason takes a seat at his computer and puts on some porn to get himself in the right mood. He pulls out his huge cock and starts stroking it while he enjoys the flesh fest playing on the laptop.Mason loves to show off to all his loyal fans and he always wants to make sure he is pleasing all of you.
NextDoorPass - TommyDxxx & Mike Roberts
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Added: 13 Mar 09
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Description: Mike is a 5 11' 25 year old Cancer, with a fat 8 ½ cock. In this sex fest, the two studs decide to watch another scene being filmed in a nearby room, while they suck and jack each other off. It s pretty hot seeing all this action going on at once. This scene definitely has something for everyone. Enjoy!!
NextDoorPass - Steven
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 06 Mar 09
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Description: When Steven told us he had a big cock, we didn t know he meant GIGANTIC! Meet Steven. He s a young, well worked-out restaurant manager from Canada. He s a nice guy who has goals and ambitions. The reason he is trying to get into porn, he says, is because sexuality is something he never had much time to experimented with when young, as he s been preoccupied with his schooling, work and his ****** weight-lifting schedule. He plays guitar and surfs the net when he has some time to kill. Enjoy Steven as he has fun with the baseball bat he calls his cock.
NextDoorPass - Dorian Grey & Patrick Rouge
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 20 Feb 09
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Duration: 0:01:59
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Description: You know how it goes, one thing leads to another and all of a sudden Patrick has Dorian s fat cock in his mouth. To add to that, Dorian bends his friend over and slides his rock hard dick into his ass, dealing Patrick a good pounding.
NextDoorPass - CodyCummings & Jonny T
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 10 Feb 09
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Duration: 0:01:59
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Description: Sit back, unzip and enjoy yourself as Cody puts on a show, then is serviced by the Canadian hunk JonnyT.
NextDoorPass - Cody Cummings & Mason Wyler
Category: Blowjob
Added: 20 Jan 09
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Description: Cody begins to get himself hard, but it s not long before Mason makes a move on him and grabs a hold of Cody s hog, giving it a gentle stroke.