Ass Attack: Scene 3: Josh West & Thor Larsson
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Added: 20 Dec 13
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Description: With a massive bulge aching to burst out of his Neoprene pants, Josh West is kissed by tall Thor Larsson, their hairy chins grazing. Josh sucks the salt-and-pepper stud's uncut cock, nibbling his foreskin and spitting on it before repeatedly deep-throating it—his face and neck bright red. Thor spits on Josh, shoving his fingers into the sucker's mouth. The two switch, Thor worshipping Josh's monster as he gets slapped and spit on. The two stand and kiss, a stream of spit bridging their mouths and then falling to the floor between them. Thor bends over, getting eaten and finger banged before Josh shoves his manhood inside, a low shot capturing the thick beast penetrating deep—Thor's ass lips puckering for more when the top pulls out. Thor grunts loudly as he gets reamed, Josh's balls banging his ass. Josh then dildo-fucks the bottom, ordering him to sit on it. Thor rides the thick dildo like a pro—then sits on Josh's fist, the hairy forearm soaked in ass juice. Josh fi
Potty Training Your Bear
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Added: 12 Dec 12
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Description: Barrel-chested muscle bear Bronson is laying on the floor, chained to a toilet wearing a neoprene hood covering his eyes. Race Cooper pees in the toilet, then bends down to give Bronson some cock-and-ball torture. After some sucking and rimming in the bathroom, Race leads his submissive bear bottom into the dungeon for some serious fucking in the sling. In real life, this is Bronson’s very first experience with role play and kinky fetish sex.
Fort Troff Cock Sling + Neo Gear
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Added: 15 Jun 10
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Description: Check out our hot new Cock Sling (+ our badass Neo Gear) in our latest demo (everything is available at
Getting fucked bareback in chaps
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Added: 08 Jun 10
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Description: Me getting rimmed and then fucked bareback while playing in some neoprene chaps Hockey Player Scores with Surf Boarder
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 15 Jan 10
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Description: Max loves the way his pal, Kyle dresses up in his hockey helmet, jock, hockey shorts and sweaty jock. It makes his fat uncut cock perk up and drip precum. They trade long sloppy blowjobs rubbing neoprene against hot smooth skin. Soon he's begging to be ass***** by Kyle's fat Irish cock! Not long later, the cum covered duo begin to lick each other clean!
Dan & Clayton
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Added: 17 Nov 09
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Description: Nothin' makes Dan hornier than when he sees Clayton in his lacrosse outfit. He loves to show off his bulge and his tight, fit bod in a neoprene wetsuit. He strokes his hands all over himself, getting horned inside his suit, all while watching Clayton get suited up. Suddenly Clayton is on him, wrassling him to the floor. The two guys are in a seething mass of sweat, precum, spit and gear. They suck each other's young uncut poles, swapping off. Soon Clayton is begging for Dan to pound his tight boyhole, plunging into his guts, fucking him. Soon the guys will cream their hot loads of spunk, all over us. Just you watch.
Construction Worker / Skin Diver Fuck
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Added: 03 Jul 09
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Description: There s nothing hotter than getting sweaty in a a neoprene wet suit and rubbing yourself all over your buddy. His toolbelt gets you all hard and it shows through the suit so you rub it to make it bigger and harder till it s dripping with a layer of sweat and precum. When the heat is almost unbearable, strip down and lick each other clean sucking your buddy s thick uncut boy-dicks and giving up your sweaty hole to your mate in his construction helmet.