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Description: I love when I hear the words, "OK, I'll try to bottom...I guess," and a straight boy flips for his first time on camera. The sexy and tan surfer Mark is FINALLY ready to get his ass railed, with his tight cherry popped by Triston's big uncut cock. Triston hears this and of course is ecstatic to fuck a virgin hole for the first time, especially a stud like Mark. Hot Latino Triston begins with some nice body worship and softly kissing Mark's neck. They quickly become more acquainted with cocks in each others' mouths, sucking and slurping galore. Pulling Triston's throbbing cock out of his mouth, Mark turns around and bends over my couch with his ass in the air, ready for his first ass stretching experience. Triston wastes no time and plows into Mark with his uncut manhood, penetrating deep inside. After a sweaty fuck session, they guys are ready to blow their loads. Mark goes first, while still getting fucked! He gushes out a beautiful stream of white cum all over his washboard abs with
Jimmy Coxxx Massaged
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Description: Webster's dictionary defines erotic as "strongly marked or affected by sexual desire." For me, erotic is best described as walking into a room and finding Jimmy Coxxx naked on my massage table. His body is pure perfection and I couldn't wait to feel his skin as I rubbed oil over his muscles and glided my tongue across his cock, balls and scrotum. I started the massage with his neck and back, working my fingers across his butt muscles as well. I couldn't help but cradle his cock in my hands as I gave him a rim job. Jimmy rolled over and you could've hung a flag on that pole. The coat of oil gave his legs and torso a sexy shine and if you watch closely you'll see Jimmy's legs spread open, inviting me to finger him as I blew him. It was so hot to feel the cum shoot out of him while sucking his balls at the same time.
Covering that boy with kisses and cum
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Description: Lying naked next to this boy is like lying next to a bag of candy! You just want to devour all of him as fast as possible. This is what this horny geezer was thinking about, and not just thinking. Watch him run his mouth all over the boy's most sensual spots, including his tasty toes, his tender neck and of course his soft, wet boypussy. It was too late to stop and pretty soon the geezer slid his thick heavy dick into the tattooed boy's dripping hole. The hole was so damn tight soon the man withdrew and came all over the boy's mouth!
Asian nerds takes 2 cocks
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Description: It was finals week for Ken Ott's local college and he had to really get some cramming in. Already stressed, anxious, and tired, Ken was completely distracted with Phillip Anadarko just laughing his happy big ass off at the TV. After several times asking Phillip to nicely shut his mouth, Phillip came over to rub Ken's neck. Phillip understood how much stress and pressure Ken was dealing with at the moment, so decided he'd just blow him. Ken obviously could use a release because now both heads were throbbing. Phillip decides he wants to take it to the next level and grabs Ken by the hand and pulls him into the room. "Pull your pants down Ken, I'm fucking you." Phillip starts fucking Ken until he squirts and moans. Just when Ken thinks it's his turn, Phillip pushed him back onto the bed and said,"You ain't going anywhere you little nerd, I'm getting Max." Max Summerfield comes strolling in and demands Ken blow him. Max then throws Ken's punk ass on the bed and decides to drill his man hol
Specialist Wolf's Solo
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Description: His cock is at full salute and he gently glides his hand up and down the shaft. He shoves his pants down to his ankles to really let his cock sail in the wind. Finally, he slips off his shirt to reveal a well developed upper body, tattoos and muscles galore. He begins to stroke more furiously as his chest heaves. ***** begins rushing into his face, neck and chest and his balls tighten closer to his body. Grinding the head of his cock rhythmically, his body stiffens. Giant gobs of jizz fly over his shoulder, landing on the green fabric behind him. Several more squirts of cum land on his stomach and chest as he breathes a sigh of relief.
Rough Necks - Cory, Justin and TJ
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Description: Justin is wanking to a porno flick as TJ & Cory walk in and catch him. They make Justin suck their hard cocks then TJ blows Justin. After swapping off on each other TJ gives Justin's ass a rough fucking and Cory takes a turn at it too. TJ and Justin squirt their loads onto Justin's face and Justin lets one loose onto TJ ass cheek.
Eager Bottom Gets His Hole Filled
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Description: Brendan becomes accustomed to the big dick in his ass and takes it deeper and deeper, turning Sam on even more. Sam with his charming smile and his masculine demeanor, shows his insatiable sexual appetite while pounding Brendan even harder as they both get close to eruption. While Brendan is getting railed, he sh*ots hot cum all over his chest and neck, groaning all the while. Then, Sam pulls out of the used hole and busts a nut all over the rel*ctant face of Brendan, releasing his juicy, white cum.
Corporals First On-Camera Stroke
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Description: After a bit of time working on his thick meat, he eases his pants down to his boots. The fur on his white legs creates a soft glow of red. With his stiff dong poking him in the tummy, he reaches down and peels off his boots and completely strips off his pants. Kneeling briefly, his ass cheeks clenched, the soldier continues choking his pink snake. Finally settling onto his back, his body tenses and his neck flushes. He grunts enthusiastically and spews gobs of cum onto his pale abs.
Licking His Spraying Cum
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Description: Leaning over his lap Pauly keeps working Ryler's cock faster and faster until he yells out that he's going to cum. At which point Pauly moves his mouth down to those big sexy balls and keeps licking as white river rapid sprays against the side of his face and drips down his neck while Ryler convulses in ecstasy. Standing up to get his rocks off, Pauly hovers above Ryler laid out on the cot as he furiously jerks an explosive steaming white hot load that coats his chest and flies onto the floor behind them.
Dominic Dives Mouth First On To Rohn's Cock
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Description: After a few quiet minutes of jerking, Dominic is the first to take the plunge. He dives head first onto Rohn's dick giving a first class blowjob for a self-proclaimed straight guy. Rohn returns the favor and decides to one-up the firefighter. He bends Dominic over and starts chowing down on tight man-hole. After a good solid tongue bath, Dominic drags Rohn to the sheets for some real man on man fun. Rohn straddles Dominic's cock and rides him until he gets weak in the knees. Dominic then flips his blond buddy onto a crate and the real railing begins. Rohn gets so turned on by a thick cock in his ass and a hunky fireman nibbling on his neck, he explodes with a cry and a big bright stream all over the army crate. Dominic does not like to see anything go to waste. So, he shoves Rohn's head right up to the puddle so he can clean up his own mess. Dominic wastes no time blowing his own load all over Rohn's sweet face, and quivers to let him know just how good it was.
Max and Connor Flip
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Description: Max wants to show his semi-straight buddy what it feels like to have a sphincter stretching. He knows he's got a massive cock, so he goes slowly at first. Once Conner is getting used to the feeling of having his colon expanded, Max starts to shove it in deeper and harder. As he does, Conner starts to groan louder and louder until he crescendos with a massive explosion of red-headed step***** spunk. His abs and chest are coated in clear stud juice that reaches all the way up to his neck. This pushed Max over the edge. He withdraws his schlong from the pink chasm creating a void where cock used to be. He kneels above Conner's face and glazes his donut with delicious twinky filling. The two chatter about how they're going to miss my place as they make their way to the shower.
Fireman Mikey Fucks Beau's Tight Hole
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Description: Fucking, and pounding, and screwing so vigorously, Mikey set off a 3 alarm blaze. Then Beau gets on all fours to take it ***gie-style. He bites the sheets in pa*n and ecstasy at the same time. Mikey pushes his hairy cock into Beau's tight hole. His hairy chest brushes against the other fireman's back occasionally, letting him know there is man on his tail. Hardly being able to keep his load in Mikey quickly pulls out of Beau's steamy ass and blows his load all over Beau's fresh face. Beau's face is left with streams of cream colored, thick, white cum dripping down to his neck.
Baysian Love Episode 2
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Description: Right where he likes to be, Dax's face is all up in Coda's ass before the bottom hops on for a ride. As Coda maneuvers onto the top's thick cock, both gasp with pleasure. These boyfriends are so into one another; Coda's “fucks” are met with more pounding. Dax's log rams up into the boy's hole. Rolling to their side, Coda moans, “you feel so fucking good;” “awesome ass” replies the top. Shaking every part of Coda's body, Dax is slamming that boy's ass hard, just the way they like it. Slowing the pace, Dax deepens the thrust; Coda grabs his dick and jerks himself as he is “internally” satisfied. Coda whines, “I'm gonna cum,” and shoots up to his neck. Dax then pulls out and spews onto his boyfriend's belly. Spent, the two kiss and wipe up. Unfortunately, Dax has to go on a business trip and can't take Coda; what is a sexy houseboy to do…or is that “who?”
Country Stroll Flip Fuck
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Description: While out walking with his boyfriend, Will is overcome with desire. He drops to his knees and sucks on his lover's dick. Then after a good ass rimming, Will slides in and fucks his boyfriend raw. The boys swap and Will rides his lover cowboy, shooting his cum and licking it off his boyfriend's neck.
Country Bareback
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Description: While out for a romantic country stroll, Will Forbes and his cute boyfriend are overcome with desire and stop for a snog and fuck session. Will drops to his knees and sucks on his lover's tool and some expert rimming from Will lubricates the willing fuck hole enough so he can slip his cock inside. The lovers swap roles and Will rides his lover cowboy, shooting his muck then licking it off his boyfriend's neck before kissing him with his sticky lips.
Black Cock In Twink Holes - Goncalo Morales and Riu Melo
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Description: When Riu Melo starts rubbing Goncalo Morales' cock through his pants, you are immediately aware of the size difference between this little twink and the big black stud who's clearly going to fuck him. Riu's hand looks as if it will barely wrap all the way around Goncalo's fat prick. When Riu wraps his lips around that black schlong, the difference in size is even more noticeable. No matter how much he works his throat, he can't get his nose all the way to Goncalo's pubes. After a good bit of trying to get it all the way down the boy's neck, Goncalo goes for the ass. Riu sits on the big fucker and takes it like a bitch. His whining and moaning only make it hotter that he's getting tore up by this amazing cock. When Goncalo flips Riu over, though, he's fully in control and really gets his dick balls deep up that tight hole. That's enough to get them both shooting spooge all over the place. I still wonder which lucky fuck gets to help clean up these messes on the set.
Raw and Very Rough (Part 1)
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Description: A cub caught Miles with another SIR and ratted him out to SIR Gavin. Gavin drags Miles by the scruff of the neck and trusses the cheating little fuck up.
Gay for Pay Studs
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Description: He fiercely pounds his raw meat, cuming with such intensity that he tags his own neck! His pleasure arc continues, reaching past his face, and onto the sheet. Fabian smiles, reminding America that he'd take good care of him. America, lying back in his cum coma, is too pleased to do anything more than mumble his gratitude. Sometimes it's good to be the loser.
Eagerly Awaiting Tony's Cock
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Description: He slowly peels off his clothes as I watch him fondle himself until I can't resist grasping his meat and working on it myself. Almost immediately he pushes my trackpants down and bends his neck to engulf my super hard cock with his soft, barely legal lips! His mouth feels like transcending to the afterlife with my throbbing hard-on deep inside, as I reach down to continue yanking on his throbbing tool. Finally I get up on my knees and heave rope after salty rope of white lather into his eagerly awaiting mouth. He keeps sucking the remnants from my slick taut piss slit before laying back and bursting a ton of glistening white sauce all over his slender stomach and chest. Have I mentioned that gentleman certainly prefer blondes?
Fabian's Hot Latin Hole
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Description: Chatting it up on my couch, we have super hot Danny the Viking and foxy Fabian. For the first time ever Fabian is actually nervous about what he is about to do. Never in his life has he had a cock in his ass, and when he saw the size of Danny, I thought he was going to jump out of his tighty whiteys. After a steamy makeout session, Fabian mellowed out a little and happily gobbled down Danny's uncut dick like a power bar. I have never seen a straight boy deep throat as well as he did with minimal gag reflex! Danny likes his girls on the ethnic side and super toned and tanned Fabian seems right up his alley. After an hour of the fuck and suck fest the action never waned. These guys were like two hungry ******s at the zoo at dinner time. Getting fucked missionary style made Fabian squirt a massive load all the way up to his neck. Danny got the wise idea to use Fabian's cum as lube. He mopped up the latin boy's load and spread it all over his dick before shoving it back in that tight hole.
Derek Parker Gets Doubled Stuffed
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Description: Paul slides in first, then Timo plunges his cock into the same hole. As they split his boy hole wide open, Derek moans at the top of his voice, begging to be ripped apart. Timo pulls out and shoots a river of jizz onto Derek's beard while Paul continues to rail his ass. Cum begins to ooze, then squirt from Derek's cock onto his fur covered abs. Finally Paul pulls out and paints the other side of Derek's face, cum dripping down his neck and onto his tattooed hairy chest.
Corporal Ryder Licks His Precum
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 05 Jul 14
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Description: James leans back against the bed and squeezes glistening clear fluid from his perfect chubby before dabbing it off with his finger and slowly licking it, getting deeper into his mission. Getting on his knees, James continues to fuck his firm grasp while staring off and fantasizing about all the girl's holes he's plugged up with his fat cock sliding in and out of them. He bends over allowing the camera to peer down into the furry crevice of his ass while he jerks harder before getting back up and reclining on the cot to finish what he started. Jacking faster and faster, he roars towards the finish line, building up momentum until catapulting a gigantic glob of little white solders all the way onto his neck. He follows the impressive explosion up with laying a few more long ropes of jism draped across his brilliant smooth abs. Finally at the end James scoops up a heap of his cum and wipes it across his tongue, as he swallows his load and smiles looking completely at peace.
Cumming After Steamy Bareback Sex
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Description: See some gay on gay bareback sex action, get some steaming bareback one on one action on multiple sexual positions. Watch how they get from getting an erotic blowjob, anal side to side rear action, deep anal penetration on the couch. Witness some lustful and steamy blowjob on various variation which will keep you watching. See some anal rimming and deep penetration. See some man on top on position and other behind the back bareback sex. Watch it up to the end of the clip so see some facial and cum all over, his face, neck and all over his body
Officer Christian, Staff Sergeant John & Private Eric
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Description: Christian is the lucky guy in the middle and grabs both cocks on either side of him and gives the marines a helping hand. Then Christian leans over and starts to suck greedily on Private Eric's privates. The cop slurps and sucks and soon he's joined by John, who begins to suck Christian's dick—daisy chain style. After a good long blow session, it's time for Eric to give Christian a taste of his own medicine. He bends the cop over and starts to fuck him ***gie style. Then it's John's turn to take the cop's ass. He fucks him hard while Christian sucks Eric's dick—taking it from both ends at the same time. He's barely able to handle all of the action as he the muffled moans let us know his ****. Finally, John and Eric have had enough fucking and they're ready to cum. They give the cop a double facial that leaves Christian's face coated and dripping with marine jiz from forehead to neck.