Power Play: Scene 3: Wilfried Knight & Lance Navarro
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Description: Wrapped in a harness and jockstrap, hairy Wilfried Knight licks down Lance Navarro’s bod— taking out the stud’s uncut cock and working it up beautifully as side shots capture every gulp. Lance tugs his pierced nips as he gets serviced, Wilfried swallowing the hunk’s big balls and grabbing his chest. Wilfried slides Lance’s foreskin up and nibbles it, a spit strand clinging to his beard. Lance grips Wilfried’s harness as he sucks him back, his lips pulling on the foreskin. He tongues Wilfried’s hole, fucking him with three fingers before sliding his dick inside ***gie style. The top grips Wilfried’s harness from behind, his tight balls banging the bottom’s ass. Lance wraps his arm around Wilfried, pulling him back for a kiss. Soon in a sling, Lance submits—a sounding rod down his dick as the two take turns stroking it, his foreskin sliding up. Wilfried then lubes his hand—his wet, hairy forearm twisting as he fists his mo
Taken and Probed
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Description: Three studs in gas masks bound and fist fucked helpless Lance Navarro.
Lance Navarro
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Description: Handsome, furry *********** Lance Navarro has obviously done this before, as attested to by the feats of genital ****** you are about to witness. Lance stretches the head of his cock, spreading the hole and revealing the Prince Albert hole just below. The
Full Fetish: Men of Recon
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Added: 20 Oct 12
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Description: Got gear? Titan Media brings you the latest twisted kink title, FULL FETISH: The Men of RECON. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Aymeric Deville lead hot and horny gear gods Spencer Reed, Alessio Romero, Lance Navarro, Wilfried Knight, and Shay Michaels in over 180 minutes of piss-spraying, ass- pounding, cum-flying action. Bodybuilder Spencer Reed and the handsome, scruffy Lance Navarro take dark and hairy Alessio Romero through the paces, coating him with piss then taking turns fucking his ass with their impressive tools. Then Alessio gets his revenge, teaming up on Lance with Spencer for some fucking and fisting you’ve got to see to believe. Sultry, hairy-chested Wilfried Knight soaks the shaved-head of Aymeric Deville before fucking his smooth tight ass against a St. Andrew’s Cross, opening him up enough for a massive dildo. Muscle man Shay Michaels submits to ripped David Anthony and his huge cock, in an intense sweat-dripping scene of piss, cum, ass-plowing, and sounding.
Skinny and Black Topping Hairy Bear
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Description: Noah Paris is a young African American with tattoos that strips in bars on occasion. He loves big, hairy, bearish looking guys and was thrilled to get hooked up with Lance Navarro. The guys were playful and giddy when they entered the dungeon, anxious to get it on. Lance made the first move to take the dominant role, but in no time at all, Noah made it clear he was taking charge of the situation. He wanted his 9 inch cock inside of that burly bear cub and there was going to be no debate.
Big Dick Hairy Daddies
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Description: These two had just started dating and contacted me to document what they thought was some strong sexual chemistry between them. Seldom do cameras get to capture the unbridled passion at the onset of a love affair, and they trusted me as the only person that could film it properly. They were perfectly comfortable fucking like rabbits while I just let the camera roll to capture it. Tommy is a combination Leather ***********/top/bear cub/actor/singer/playwrite and Lance Navarro is an up and coming kinky porn star with a hair chest and cute beard. The Bonus scene includes footage of Lance inserting "Sounds" (long stainless steel rods) into his urethra and making it bounce up and down. He instructed Tommy how to do it for the first time to his shock and amazement. If you like big hairy guys with full of passion and cum, be sure to sign up to see more!
Sword Fight!
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Description: Heeey check out these two noodle dicks making out and playing with each other's wet cocks. I don't mind watching a bit of mutual masturbation between friends. I want to rub my taint till I explode all over the screen with these two