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Description: On a balcony in full view of Tel Aviv, slender Naor Tal performs a knee-buckling blowjob on massively muscular Morr Foxx. Morr then returns the favor before the pair retreat to the bed of their apartment. Naor spreads his legs wide so Morr can tenderly lick and fondle his tempting sphincter. After intense ass fingering, Morr covers his dick with a condom and slides it into Naors willing butt. Naor is pounded in a variety of positions before cumming across his bod, with Morr shooting his wad into Naor's mouth!
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Description: Michael can't wait to take his own turn with the adorable Naor, chatting with him first about their favorite sexual attributes and gym preferences before pinning him down and feasting on that championship hole. Soon Naor is sliding up and down Michael's long pole with his mouth, gagging until tears come streaming down his face! Michael gives Naor a sloppy, dripping rimjob and plunges in deep from the back. He grabs Naor's shoulders and rides his perfect ass with feverish abandon. Mounting the bottom from above, the legendary Lucas performs an astonishing 180-degree turn. Naor then rides Michael's cock with tremendous buoyancy until they have no choice but to lay down and shoot their loads: a fitting finale for their flirtatious interview-cum-marathon fuck.
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Description: After a long day, gorgeous Naor Tal takes a much needed cold shower on top of his roof. Hottie Jonathan Agassi joins him and begins to suck his hot cock and eat his ass. Naor Tal doesn't wait too long before getting on his knees and deep throating Jonathan's cock. Now that Naor's ass and Jonathan's cock are lubed up, Jonathan bends Naor over the tub and starts fucking his tight hole. The hot fucking continues with Naor enjoying ever thrust of Jonathan's love stick. The scene ends when Jonathan's hot load is shot all over Naor's smooth chest.
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Description: Muscular Lucas Entertainment exclusive Matan Shalev and slim twink Naor Tal begin their scene on the shores of the beach with hot foreplay and making out. Matan stands, while Naor kneels and deep throats all of Matan's thick cock. Naor is placed on his back, feet over head, giving Matan excellent access to the skinny boys pert ass and butt hole. Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi watches from a far, stroking his meat and catching the action from every angle! After rimming and spitting the tight ring, Matan primes Naor's ass with lube and then shoves his fat fuckstick in and gives Naor the ride of his life. The hump in a variety of positions before Naor fires his wad over his body, followed by Matan adds his load to the mix!
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Description: Jay Roberts, Bruno Jones, and Sasha Dov give a new meaning to “scenic route” in this first, sexually explosive scene. Amidst green foliage and a running stream, Bruno Jones swallows every last inch of Jay's throbbing cock. But little do they know that Sasha is looking on from afar, and the bulge in his tight, black Speedo is growing larger with every passing second. When he can't stand it anymore he joins in with the fun, taking both Bruno and Jay's swollen cocks into his mouth, sucking on them until they spew streams of cum all over his face! As the scene shifts, Israeli sex-god Jonathan Agassi is servicing Naor Tal's sleek, 7-inch cock on an open balcony. The more Naor pumps Jonathan's mouth, Jonathan yearns for some action of his own, and they switch positions. Naor laps up every inch of Jonathan's cock, and even licks his stomach and chest out of pure excitement and passion! The scene transitions once more, and Christopher Smeyt's massive, thick, uncut dick takes up nearly the enti
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Description: We first discovered Naor Tal when we were filming the groundbreaking Men of Israel. With his dark features, round bubble-butt, and intense sexuality we knew we had something special on our hands. Naor's passion and insatiable ass blew us away in his first scene with Matan Shalev on the cliffs of Ga'ash Beach. And when we came back to film Inside Israel Naor had matured into a man and did the impossible... became even sexier. The one thing that Naor Tal loves most in life is a big cock plunging inside his full plump ass, so we obliged over and over again. In The Naor Tal Collection, watch all 5 of Naor Tal's scenes where his meaty ass milks the warm thick loads out of 5 massive cocks!