traight Asian Hunk
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Description: Gao Na is a straight 18 year old from Bangkok. He is here today to clean up, show off and make you cum; this Asian boy will also being cumming as well. At, Gao is wet, just the way we like them to end. As Gao soaps up and washes off, his lean toned body is very nice to look at; his full pubes nestle a nice dick within. As he dries off, and wipes away the water, he moves to the bed for a few questions. This student is 5'8” and ready to put on a show. Working himself hard, he tries to get into it and with the director's encouragement, he moans, sort of. As he jerks, his chest reddens and his legs tighten. Zooming in and panning down his body, Gao is a really cute twink. The moans become real. He has a nice sized uncut cock and tries different speeds to get the job done. Stiffening the rest of his body, Gao concentrates on tugging; his balls are ridged as well.
Str8 Guys 1st Gay Sex
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Description: New at, straight guys Jamie and Dean have never had sex with a man before, but both are interested in expanding their sexual horizons. They are put together in a blank room and told to come up with a list of things that they would expect to see in gay porn. It’s now their job to nervously enact all these scenarios while being filmed. This is a challenging situation for the naïve heteros who need some direction as they fumble their way through their first horny male on male sex. Dean takes a surprising liking to licking out Jamie’s perfect arsehole. While Jamie is very hesitant and uncertain when wanking Dean’s cock and sticking his finger up his anus. Once his anus is opened wide Jamie shoves his hard prick up his hole and then gives Dean his first taste of semen ejaculating straight into his gaping mouth.
Restraining Boyish Martin
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Description: Schoolboy Martin wanders into the BreederFuckers studio uninvited looking for information to help him with his class project. Sweet and naïve he expects to be given whatever he needs. He has no idea what sort of seedy perverted activities take place here. He’s offered a demonstration of what happens and before he’s able to stop what’s happening he’s tied and ball-gagged. His nipples are clamped and he’s taught to follow his new master’s lead. His pert ass is exposed and fingered. The boy’s tight ass is broken open as he’s fucked with a dildo on a stick.
Swimmer Locker Room Jerk Off
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Description: At sexy young swimmer Martin is terrified that his dick has been seized by gym employees in the locker room and he’s thoroughly ashamed that their stroking and prodding causes him to grow a large erection. Since the boy is very naïve he silently complies with whatever the pervy clothed do to him. He can’t stop himself shooting his fresh semen all over the manager’s hands and the locker room floor.
Bellboy Cock Inspection
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Description: Naïve Tony arrives at Hotel Crystal desperate for a job. He’s delighted when the manager invites him to fill their bellboy position. He wants to make as good an impression as possible and follow the manager’s instructions. But it makes him very nervous and puts him on guard when he’s ordered out of his clothes and the manager takes a hands-on approach fitting him out in the regulation pants, cheekily handling his cock and ass while he’s at it.
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Description: Eu comendo meu amigo gordao, depois de muita conversa na casa dele. Aproveitei que ele tava deitado dormindo e meti rola. ele não reclamou...
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Description: Kodowanie krótkiego filmu trwa zbyt dBugo, nie mo|na zakoDczy procesy przesyBania filmu!
Boyish Lad Groped
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Description: New at GropingHands, Bobby may have the tough attitude of a straight thug, but he has the boyish face of an angel. He’s like some naïve lad we’ve lured behind a garden shed to cop a feel in exchange for cash to fund his weekend out. As an innocent 18 year old every emotion he feels registers on his face. He squirms and scrunches his face up in discomfort as he feels the first rough and experienced touch of greedy male hands. But he’s full of spunk and testosterone so can’t help himself from growing aroused being so exposed and stimulated.
Dream On
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Description: Sutin languidly peruses a gay travel brochure and closes his eyes to dream of finding his own special one (Kotchkon). Ittipol joins Santipong in the shower and in addition to getting wet the two do each other. Nas has gotten soap in his eyes and gives lazy big-dicked Chua hell for not getting him a towel. After a few catty remarks, Nas is swept off his feet and the two are soon hard at it. You can Dream On, too.
Brincando na findmen
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Description: Resolvi fazer uma festinha gostosa em meu quarto, brinquei e brinquei e até gozei no final. Tão gostoso que resolvi compartinhar com vcs. Adoro fuder mais tudo com jeito de macho, espero que gostem.
punheta gozada na câmera (jack off cum on camera)
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Description: Punheta debaixo do colcha gozada gostosa na câmera (Jack off under the quilt hot cum on camera) P.S.: Meu primeiro vídeo (My first video)
punheta chupeta e gozada do hetero
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Description: henrique na fazenda em maringa com um amigo hétero,chupou gostoso o pau do cara dentro do carro e depois o hétero gozou satisfeito
Brincando na Cam 3
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Description: Mais uma vez me deu um tesão tão gostoso, que resolvi compartilhar de novo com vcs...
Gymnast Ass Play
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Description: Artur trained for years as a gymnast which has given him a lean, finely-muscled body with a strong core. The healthy athletic lad is firmly heterosexual but with his frisky nature he's up for new things. It's exciting to see such an innocent naïve guy tied up and stripped so his strong body is available to whatever depraved sexual things we want to inflict upon him. His nipples are clamped. Then his perfect virginal asshole is teased, fingered and filled with a buttplug. Artur keeps his emotions carefully guarded but after he's flogged, caned and paddled he's moaning as his ass has become incredibly sensitive. See Artur make his debut on BreederFuckers!
Andy  Passive  Dildo  Addict
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Description: ANDYHot amateur Andy is a young lad with handsome, chiselled features that make him look like a naÔve, suburban boy next door. He is in his bedroom chatting on his laptop and from the looks of it he is getting ready for some kind of cyber-action... He grabs his crotch as he types away, seeming to entice whoever is online to join him for some not-so-wholesome fun...Unzipping his pants, he pulls out his long, uncut dick as he sits on the bed with the laptop in front of him. He'll be putting on a live online show and one can only imagine the one watching online getting majorly aroused by now. Andy can see himself too, because there's a huge mirror in front of the bed, and he seems to feed off the erotic scene of his reflection as he starts to beat on his hardening thing.Andy gets totally naked and pulls his cock under him so that the tip rubs his ass, but as he gets harder, that becomes impossible to do so he does the next best thing - he gets a dildo... It turns out that he's a total bot