Piece a Boy
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Added: 17 Nov 10
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Description: You'll never think of take-out delivery the same after watching these two hot studs devouring each other in this new video! When Brady Jensen gets on the phone to order
Landon Mycles and Ty Roderick
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Added: 10 Nov 10
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Description: Training for an upcoming race, Landon is getting a final practice in with his coach, Ty. After the run they get back to the locker room for Landon's massage to keep his muscles loose. Ty's massage is great and he starts to really get into it but Landon isn't complaining…
Landon Mycles and Nikko Alexander
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Added: 06 Nov 10
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Description: Landon's wife is always on top of him to maintain his yearly medical checkup. While waiting, Nikko, the Doctor's assistant, comes in to take his vitals and has Landon remove his shirt. Amazed at Landon's body he asks how he too can have a body like that. It's all diet and exercise Landon states. Turned on by what he sees Nikko proposes they have a little fun before the doctor comes in.
Alexsander Freitas & Landon Mycles
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Added: 27 Sep 10
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Description: Everybody wants to fuck in a pool, and Alexsander loves playing with himself in one. His ******** however, likes to swim in them and has told his friend Landon that it's OK to come over to practice his strokes whenever he wants. When the ******** is out, and Alexander has his cock out, Landon finds more than one way to practice his strokes.
Ball Play: Landon Mycles and Jimmy Coxxx
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Added: 25 Sep 10
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Description: Landon Mycles and Jimmy Coxxx are playing catch on a warm SoCal afternoon. After working up quite a sweat, they head inside, but not to cool down. Admiring each others' glistening bodies, they quickly strip down to their jocks. Landon's oral skills are incredible to put it mildly. He deepthroats Jimmy with ease while giving him a sloppy wet blowjob he'll never forget. Jimmy gets on his knees to return the favor and swallows as much of Landon as he can handle while gazing up at his perfectly sculpted physique. Neither stud can get enough so they roll into a 69 suckfest to ensure both get a mouthful of rock hard cock. With their oral cravings satisfied, Jimmy works Landon's hole with his fingers, getting it ready for his thick dick. Landon LOVES the feeling of Jimmy thrusting away inside him. Jimmy works that hole fast and hard bringing both of them to the brink. Both guys jack HUGE loads all over Landon's ripped abs, perfect pecs and beautiful cock.
Landon Mycles & Vince Ferelli
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Added: 18 Sep 10
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Description: Landon Mycles loves his new internship and approaches head honcho, Vince Ferelli, on how to move up the ladder and become a permanent employee. Vince has a few ideas on how to secure a spot at the company and wants to teach him the lesson on how to suck up to the boss.
Chatting with Landon Mycles
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Added: 07 Sep 10
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Description: You gotta love a guy who stays rock hard for the whole time we're chatting.
Jeremy Bilding and Landon Mycles
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Added: 05 Sep 10
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Description: Jeremy Bilding and Landon Mycles are enjoying the summer day while playing some volleyball. The winner of the match is debatable, but what isn't is how hot these two guys are. So what do two hot guys do when they are already hot and sweaty?