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Description: CBT Electro I hook my leather bound muslce stud bottom to my modified relax-a-cisor in my playroom while I jack him off and he asks for more.
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Description: To view the full length hi-resolution version visit Mount Equinox at mountequinox.com. After spending the afternoon laying next to the pool Fabricio decided to take a quick dip to cool off. Unfortunately, he didn't follow his mothers advice about not swimming after eating and had troubles staying afloat. Fortunately, Felipe was close by and rescued him with a little mouth to mouth. Afterwords he carries our lifeless hunk out of the pool and places him on top of the picnic table for a quick examination. Take notice of Felipe's three tattoos covering his buff muscular tan body, nice beefy chest with six pack abs, 5 oclock shadow and smooth muscular legs. Fabricio feeling much better figures the least he could due to thank Felipe was give him a blow job. Amongst all the other fine qualities Felipe features he is also sporting a nice thick uncut Latin cock and Fabricio has no problems taking it all in. Getting in on the action Felipe goes down on Fabricio's balls while simultaneously strok
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Description: A surfer from sunny Southern Cali has a secret he wants to tell Dirty Tony! He likes to be tied up, whipped, electrocuted, the whole nine yards! His nickname is Monkey (for the antics he pulls in the domination dungeon and biting girls). You could tell he was used to someone telling him what to do in the bedroom. I got this dirty little Monkey to bite a pillow for me in the studio while shoving a nightstick sized dildo in his hole. But it was the smaller silver one that got those big blue eyes really shining. He literally bent over backwards for me. And like a good boy should, got his well-deserved desserts in the end!
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Description: To view the full length hi-resolution version visit Mount Equinox at mountequinox.com. Thomas is the handsome jock with longish hair and blond highlights. Rostislav has the short spiked hair. These boys start with a hot make out session in their underwear. Shortly thereafter Thomas has Rostislav's hard uncut twink cock in his mouth. Rostislav returns the favor and gives our handsome jock a nice cock sucking as well. Thomas has a nice thick cock on him as well as you can see Rostislav's lips stretch as he goes to the base. Thomas loves getting fucked and Rostislav has the perfect twink cock for his willing hole. Rostislav fucks our jock stud bareback. No condoms in this hot fuck scene. Plenty of up close angles showing nice penetration of Thomas's ass as Rostislav rams his hard cock deep into his ass in a variety of positions. Our boys finish off by shooting both their loads onto our jocks smooth muscular torso.
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Description: To view the full length hi-resolution version visit Mount Equinox at mountequinox.com. Ian and Andreson were relaxing after a hard days work with a glass of wine. Ian looks over at Anderson and you can tell from the twinkle in his eye what he is looking for. Our two very handsome young studs wearing business shirts and ties start this scene with a nice make out session. After some nipple play and undressing Anderson has Ian's uncut cock in his mouth and gives our young stud a nice cock sucking. Ian has a nice size cock on him as well as you can can see Anderson struggling to get to the base of it. Ian likes a nice fat cock as well and does a very good job servicing Anderson's cock. Neither of these boys have a stitch of hair on them and both have amazing in shape bodies with just the right amount of muscles. Ian is the first to have his way with Anderson's ass. Nice shot showing Ian's fat uncut cock enter Anderson's ass Bareback. Not condoms in this hot ass fucking between these two be
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Description: When Robert met Devin all they could talk about was chicks. How hot the girls in Arizona were, how much they out-numbered the guys in Chicago, and how much they wanted to fuck a female porn star. Both of these guys knew exactly why they were here and Robert couldn't be happier. Robert started smiling the moment he met the mountain of man we call Devin. Robert boosted up the machismo as soon as he heard Devin's low and powerful voice, but could not keep his eyes off of the muscle bound dude next to him. For a straight guy, Devin sure does suck a good dick (not that yours truly would know), and the way Robert started to moan, I'm sure that meant he agrees. Robert has been on the bottom so many times, he will jump at the chance to climb on top. And climb he did to mount broad-shouldered Devin. Wall-to-wall muscle, two big loads, and two smiling boys; it was a good day in San Diego, a very good day.
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Description: David and Petr are both super hot. Watch huge body builder David ride Petr's hot cock
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Description: Brad came in for an interview a few weeks ago, and told me he had never done anything gay, but might try some guy-on-guy action for my camera. He's in the Navy and we had to black out his **** tag info tattooed across his sexy smooth chest. He has done some ass play with his girlfriend before. So far, his personal best was three fingers during a blow job. He told me last time he was interested in experimenting with guys, but was not ready to take the plunge quit yet. He wanted to practice first, so I took him shopping for his first dildo. Well, three to be exact. The first was a fun little red number that seemed to glide right between those eager cheeks. The next one seemed to concern him at first. But he took it like a champ, although much slower than the previous with a few grimaces and moans thrown in to boot. The next up in size... you are going to have to watch to see how far our tough guy could take big blue up his tight virgin hole. Just a hint, keep on the watch for this stud w
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Description: Devin's no novice when it comes to plowing some hot little ass on my couch. And Micah is definitely a hot blonde piece. He's toned, has a nice thick cock and loves sex, whether you're a chick or a dude. He likes to play dirty, just the way that I like them. Micah and Devin spent a little while talking about chicks and sex. But Devin seemed more interested in pounding the smooth hole that had been presented to him. He's aggressive, and Micah likes to be slapped around. Devin ripped open Micah's jeans and slapped the blonde boy's dick around, getting him good and hard before he started sucking the pink present before him. Not satisfied without getting a taste of Devin's cock, Micha got Devin onto his feet and pulled out the muscle stud's rod. He spent a good while working up and down Devin's sizable cock, swallowing every last inch and begging for more. Devin just kept slapping his new bitch around, letting him know just how he wanted his dick sucked. Finally Micah couldn't wait to get D
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Description: A future star of ultimate fighting turns out to be more of a lover than anything else. Spencer had a smooth warm tan, beautiful strong arms, and a pair of big brown eyes to match his big...well that comes later. Spencer is a MILF chasing twenty three year old California boy with a big dick and a six pack. He swears by the ladies, but doesn't blink an eye when it comes to a beautiful girl with a strap-on. We had a few laughs and Spence had some great stories about fucking a family friend during a block party with his parents within earshot. When it came time to get to business, he was not fucking around. In a flash this fighter's cock was hard and at attention peeking out from under its denim home. It all gets better when the pants come off, a big thick dick and six pack to boot! Young and eager Spence spread his cheeks this way and that for my camera, and I made sure to get ALL of his best angles.But in the end his best work was done on his back, when he almost glued his hand to his po
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Description: Jake Manhole enjoying working over a fuck buddy's ass in a sling back home.
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Description: Another video which I had alot of fun making, don't forget to check out my website & blog dudes. :P*****cutedaveyboy.com
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Description: Our new friend from down under, Rogan, is just as cute as a baby kangaroo. He is full of smiles, nice and furry, and has a rocking body. He go-go dances for cash in the states and is a fitness trainer in Australia. He is only in the U.S. for another month and he is determined to make the most of it. He told me he would have to have a good story for his friends back home, I happen to have a few very interesting ideas. Rogan told me his type was a more fit, muscular guy with dark features, and I happen to have beautiful Fabian waiting in the stable. The two make such a hot couple! Muscles everywhere you look, lots of giggling, and jokes flying the whole time. These boys are both so attractive and exotic the room was on fire! Fabian is tonsils deep on Rogans cock after a smouldering make-out session. Not to be out-done, Rogan is all over Fabian's ass like shrimp on a barbie. There is sucking, fucking, ass munching, and even some 69 action. This is one video for the books people!
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Description: Otto is in a rock band. He's hoping that he can stir up some controversy by appearing in some gay porn. He's not really sure if he's gay or straight. But while he was on the casting couch, he made a few statements that led me to believe he's interested in more than just fucking chicks. In fact, he's says he's kissed a few guy
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