Sado master wrestling
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Added: 19 Mar 09
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Duration: 0:02:17
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Description: SADO MASTER STRIKES BACK Akos Piros v Rod Stevens Mature muscleman Sado Master Akos is tied up to a chair. Bodybuilder Rod Stevens arrives and starts to provoke the helpless master. He spits on him, bitch slaps him, kicks his balls, tortures his nipples, so naturally, Akos gets very angry. Akos promises Rod(speaking in German) that as soon as he gets free he will humiliate the bad muscleguy. Rod is laughing and posing in front of the helpless mature man who suddenly gets free and payback time starts. They have a very intense wrestling session, Rod is running away from the master s huge spits. Although Rod is a bit stronger no one can compete with the crazy Sado Master. Rod is trampling on his face for sometime with his very dirty feet, Akos licks the dirt from it, then a naked wrestling session starts between the two. Finally Akos defeats Rod and makes him into a deepthroat sucking from a kneeling surfboard position. Humiliating sex action comes next. Akos makes Rod pay