Fuck, Piss and Mud
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Mud Pie The Guys Groomsmen Black Frame
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Mud on the Helmet
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Description: Sgt. Drillhole presents soldiers getting down and dirty in Mud On The Helmet! Who ever knew booty camp training could get so dirty! You'll be ready to enlist, or at least standing at "attention" while watching these military studs fuck and suck their way through the day!
Simon Rodgers
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Hot Gay Sex In The Mud
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The General One
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Description: Stopped and overwhelmed by a patrol Anton gets pushed into the mud. They tie him to a bridge pier. Then they tear apart his clothes, touch his private parts and have sadistic fun with him.
Fucking in the MUD
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Pony Training
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Description: Master Nick and Master Lee demand absolute submission. The confident fearsome men teach their new pony how to ride, sitting on his back, shouting orders at him and beating his naked ass every time he slows or collapses in the dirt. The sub is sweating and exhausted with the weight of the men on his back. The dominant masters kindly let him eat from the trough and add their own special ingredient, unleashing their thick cocks to piss in his oats and water. To be humiliated, ******* and have your face ground into the mud by two confident muscular tops is a privilege for any lucky sub.
Dexters Playspace
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Rick McCoy Jake Dirty
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Description: I am a huge fan of Rick McCoy and based on the response I've received, so are you! On a warm, sunny afternoon before our scheduled shoot, Rick was helping clean up the weeds at my ranch. Wearing a tank top, jeans and sweat, Rick was a fantasy come true. With my hand-held camera recording every move, I coaxed him into stripping down to cool off (it didn't take much convincing). Rick started jacking while sitting on a big piece of wood and when he turned around to show off his cute ass it was covered in mud! Man did we laugh. Rick coaxed me to join him in the mud (it didn't take much convincing). I put the camera down on a haystack and got naked. We played around in the very cold mud like two little piggies. Being outdoors in the sun really turned Rick on and he shot his first load. After cleaning up we hit the bed...only to get dirty again (so to speak). After some hot kissing and sucking, I gladly let Rick thrust his hard dick inside me. Previously, I was lucky to top his tight ass
CazzoClub: Berlin Skin Action
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Description: Gotcha - Uniforms - Rubber - Chains - Fisting - Mud Fucking. At the desolate military barracks a gang of skinheads lives out their sexual fantasies.
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Description: A couple of bad boyz get out of their housing project for some fuck business... in front of our cameras. The find a huge vacant lot full of mud where they re going to pork likes pigs. With 1 dude s cock all sucked up and hard, the sluttier of the 2 is going to get on all 4 s where he s going to lick away at his dude. Straight away, he gets an ass pounding right there on a pile of used tires. Bad boy sex coming from men who like it rough and savage!
Black Man In The Dark
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Description: there are many ways to have fun, here is one you may be havet tryed yet Can you guess from which movie is..
Black Man In The Dark
Category: Horsing Around / Non Porn
Added: 15 Feb 09
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Description: there are many ways to have fun, here is one you may be havet tryed yet Can you guess from which movie is..